The John Y. Bristow Family Bible*


This is the Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated out of Original Greek and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, published by the American Bible Society, instituted in the year MDCCCXVI. It is a very thick volume, being about the average size of the family Bibles of the period. The front of the Bible has been torn entirely off, but the back is still intact, and is covered with fanct? brown leather. The print in the Bible is very easy to read.

Family record in the John Y. Bristow Bible:


John Y. Bristow and Caroline M. Williamson was married August 15th, 1841.
William H. Williamson and Caroline Bristow was married Nov. 12th, 1863.


John Y. Bristow born June 15, 1814.
Caroline M. Bristow born April 22, 1818.
Martha A. Bristow born July 13, 1841.
Charles Y. Bristow born December 8, 1842.
Francis 0. Bristow born December 26, 1845.
John Y. Bristow born Jan. 8, 1848.
Adelia C. Bristow born Nov. 28, 1852.
Emma C. Kirkland born Oct. 12, 1858.
John R. Kirkland born Lay 6, 1861.
Charles W. Kirkland born March 8, 1864.
Rosa H. Kirkland born Oct. 21, 1866.

Marriages and births:

F. O. Bristow and Sallie E. Sterne was married April the 9th, 1868.
Otelia Bristow born Jan. 18, 1874.
Augusta C. Bristow born Aug. 2nd, 1875.
William O. Bristow born May 18, 1881.
J. W. Matthews and Otelia Bristow was married July 31, 1895.
Bessie E. Matthews born May 6, 1898.
Leonard F. Matthews was born March the 10th, 1901.
John Y. Bristow and Molly O. Raney was married December 23rd, 1875.
John E. Bristow was born Jan. 24, 1876.
James E. Bristow was born Nov. 1877.
Moses O. Bristow was born April 28th, 1884.


John Y. Bristow died July 28th, 1852. Leonard F. Matthews died July 2, 1901. Mollie O. Bristow died May 4, 1884.

SOURCE :WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION OF VIRGINIA HISTORICAL INVENTORY Research made by Dorothy G. Pilout, Southerland, Virginia, April 12, 1937.


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