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B. T. Scott Family Bible

Inscription:  Presented to Walter I. Scott by his devoted uncle, Berrimond Scott.
  Berrimond T. Scott was married to Martha E. Brown 23rd. December 1845.
  Francis Vaughan was married to Lulie Brown 20 December 1881.
  Geo. I. Brown was married to Mary J. Goodwyn. 22nd. November 1843.
  Married on the 5th of April 1870 by the Rev. Thomas Diggs-James E. Brown and Pattie F. Haddon.
  Francis B. E. Vaughan was married to Iowa Brown 24th November 1875.
  John Yulee Harris was born March 31st 1846.
  John T. Brown was born the 20th of November 1852.
  Berry T. Scott born August 8th, 1813.
  Iowa Brown was born June 10th, 1858.
  Jas. E. Brown was born November 17th, 1840.
  Pattie F. Brown mother of Lottie Eppes Brown born Jan. 29th, 1843.
  Peter E. Brown was born April 1st, 1853.
  Lulie Brown daughter of William H. Brown was born November the 25th, 1860.
  James T. Brown was born nay 20th, 1855.
  P. E. H. Vaughan was born April 16th, 1853.
Note inserted says : Several other members of the Scott family are recorded here but they were born after 1860.
  Berry T. Scott died December 3, 1874.
  Iowa Vaughan died October 11, 1876, aged 18 years and 4 months.
  James E. Brown died April 5, 1877.
  Geo. I. Brown died December 2, 1876.
  Mary I. Brown, his wife, died October 24th, 1878.
  Martha E. Scott died December 14th, 1878.
  Chas. W. Scott died May 14th, 1881 aged 10 months.
  Sarah E. Scott died October 23rd, 1004, aged 2 years, 7 months and 18 days.
  Thomas D. Scott April 1924.
  Thomas F. Scott died March 7th, 1880
  James E. Brown died _________
Inserted note says:  The other records here were of those born since 1860.

Source: Works Progress Administration Historical Inventory. Research made by Dorothy G. Pilout, Sutherland, Va. Nov. 16, 1936. Bible was owned at the time by Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Scott, Dinwiddie, Virginia



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