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Seay Family Bible
Transcribed and Submitted by William Moreland Bishop, Jr.


Abraham Barns Seay was born March 23rd A.D. 1787
Susan Moffett was Born December 1st A.D. 1795
Thos M. Seay was born December 10th A.D. 1816
Prunetta Ellen Seay was born July 23rd A.D. 1818
George Washington Seay was born January 10th 1821
John Burwell Seay was born January 18th 1823
Robert Seay was born December 19th A.D. 1824
Martha Susan Seay was born April 16th A.D. 1827
Robert Moore Seay was born September 27th 1828
Charles Abraham Seay was born April 18th A.D. 1831
Emily Rebecca Seay was born September 7th A.D. 1833
Mary Ann Seay was born October 24th 1835
James William Seay was born March 24th 1839
Catharine Elizabeth Seay was born March 26th 1841

Susan Eliz. Thos. Zachary was born October 22nd A.D. 1843
George Thos. Zachary was born April 25th 1845
William Daniel [could be Darnel] Zachary was born April 1847


Abraham Barns Seay and Susan Moffett were married August 1st a.d. 1815
Prunetta E. Seay was married to William J. Zachary of Nottoway County October 15th A.D. 1839
Mary Ann Seay was married to William B. Bishop May 9th 1855
Martha Seay was married to Joseph Payne, Oct 1859
Emma R. Seay married Rev. G. B. Allen April 11th 1867


Abraham B. Seay died January 24th A.D. 1869 Aged, 82 years 10 months and one day, buried in Petersburg
Susan Moffett died Oct 10, 1881, buried in Petersburg
Thos. M. Seay died April 17th A.D. 1844, aged 27 yrs 4 mo & 7 days
Prunetta E. Zachary died July the 11th A.D. 1855, aged 36 yrs. 11 mos. & 19 days
George Washington Seay died Dec 29, 1904
John Burwell Seay died 1872 date not recollected
Robert Seay died Feby 18th A.D. 1825, aged two months and one day
Martha Susan Seay died June the eleventh, 1896
Robert Moore Seay died January 1894 [year unclear]
Susan E. D. Seay died May 28th A.D. 1852, aged 18 months
Charles Abraham Seay died in New York, August 1911
E. R. Allen 3/9/09 at 9:30 P.M., 154 High St. Petg
Mary Ann Seay [Bishop] died Feb 11th 1876 at Healing Springs, Bath Co, Va.
James William Seay died July 15th 1910 in Petersburg, buried Blandford cemetery, Petersburg, Va.
Catharine Elizabeth Seay died January 9th A.D. 1863, aged 21 years, 9 mos & 13 days
Susan Eliz. Thos. Zachary died July 8th a.d. 1855, aged 11 yrs, 8 mos & 16 days
William Daniel [Darnel] Zachary died 1869
Martha Seay Payne died June 11th 1896

1. This information from the Bible of Abraham Barns Seay and Susan Moffett was transcribed verbatim from the original Bible pages in the possession of the submitter.
2. Other known sources for this family only show a few of their twelve children.
3. According to the 1850 Federal Census Abraham B. and Susan Seay along with five of their younger living children were living in the southern district of Dinwiddie County, VA. In the 1840 census the family was living in Nottoway County.

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