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 Blandford Cemetery


Also see additional burials submitted by family members and not included in the WPA index.


At this point, we only have the index completed.  It should be noted that we already know this index is not complete based on family records provided by others.  If you have family members buried at Blandford, please let us know and they will be added.  I will next link the index to the actual image pages and lastly, we hope to get all the inscriptions transcribed.  If you would like to help by transcribing one or more pages, any help would be greatly appreciated. There are 400 pages of inscriptions covering over 4000 actual tombstones.  It has long been my ambition to get the complete WPA inscriptions online.  Even a casual review will show there are many errors but without checking each tombstone, it is not possible to tell if these may be typographical errors or actual errors made at the time the tombstones were carved or simply variants in spellings. For my own transcription errors (and there are many) please do let me know when you find an error between the index and the inscriptions and/or page numbers..   They will be corrected as quickly as possible. I never see my own errors so I depend on researchers to keep me straight. Do take a look at he early postcards I purchased on e-Bay showing the church as it appeared in 1927 and a photo of the interior of the church during the same period. Don't miss the "Then & Now" photos showing identical perspective photos, the first taken in 1865 and the later taken in 2006


- A -

Acken, Growell L. 3812
Adams, Capt. Thomas 1823
Adams, Elizabeth Withers 1822
Adams, Emily F. 3502
Adams, Leveanna 2397
Adams, Lucy 3501
Adams, Minerva A. F. 3319
Adams, Roger Atkinson 1821
Adger, Nannie W. Paul 815
Adkins, J. W. 1103
Adkins, Joseph 934
Adkins, Luc y 991
Adkins, Wm. L. 462
Alexander, David 1423
Aldridge, Alexander 307
Aldridge, Mary A. T. 307
Aldridge, Bennett 3139
Alfriend, John 386
Alfriend, Marcellus 33
Alfriend, Maria L. 32
Allen, Adelis 638
Allen, Andrew J. 638
Allen, Charlotte C. 1633
Allen, Edward M. 1050
Allen, Elizabeth 637
Allen, Louis Wesley 3009
Allen, Ludwig W. 710
Allen, Sarah E. 3283
Alley, Amanda H. 1819
Alley, Robert M. 1819
Alley, Lena A. 1665
Alley,. Lillian Edlar 1412
Alley, Louis Burns 1666
Alley, Martha L. 3523
Alley, Martha R. 1411
Alley, Mary L. 1667
Alley, Paulina Ann 1811
Alley, Samuel Benjamin 1810
Alley, Sarah A. 668
Alley, William E. 3951
Alsop, Walter D. 1841
Alston, Sarah Joseph 3420
Anderson, Benjamin F. 762
Anderson, David 5
Anderson, David 27
Anderson, Cameron 8
Anderson, Duncan Cameron 7
Anderson, Elizabeth Jane 1039
Anderson, Martha A. 763
Anderson, Wm. Cameron 6
Andrews, Ellen V. 2963
Andrews, Richard B. 2963
Andrews, lama L. 1029
Andrews, James E. 487
Andrews, Virginia H. 487
Andrews, T. J. 487
Andrews, John 2676
Andrews, Martha H. 4068
Andrews, Reuben B. 1555
Andrews, Susan A. Booker 1556
Andrews, Susan Virginia 2677
Andrews, Wesley G. 1028
Angerman, Henry B. 3415
Angermanl, John L. 3416
Anthony, Junius T. 3927
Appleton, Richard 906
Archer, Aleb Newton 783
Archer, Alfred Sydney 1145
Archer, Lucy A. 1145
Archer, Allen L. 850
Archer, Lucy Robertson Floyd 850
Archer, Allen 782
Archer, Col. F. H. 784
Archer, Martha Georgiana 785
Archer, Sallie E. 852
Armstead, Elizabeth Allen 1800
Armstead, Fabrian 805
Armstead, George R. 1674
Armstead, John C. 1801
Armstead, John Clayton 807
Armstead, Eleanor Virginia 807
Armstead, Harrison Keen 807
Armistead, John G. 807
Armstead, John R. 1675
Armstead, Lucy Ann Fanny 1673
Armstead, Mary Lecock Keen 808
Armstead, John Clayton 808
Armstead, Mary Susanna 3586
Armstead, Virginia 806
Armstead, Tillie Ann 1797
Armstrong, Ashbel 361
Armstrong, Ann 2422
Armstrong, Elisha J. 362
Armstrong, Luc y J. 362
Armstrong, Erastus  369
Armstrong, Mary Ann 369
Armstrong, Ezenah 363
Arrington, Alice Watson 363
Arrington, Richard Turner 681
Arrington, Bettie Plummer 674
Arrington, Sallie Falkener 675
Arrington, Samuel P. 2654
Ashbrook, Ketury 3365
Ashbrook, William H 3364
Ashley, Chas. R. 171
Atkinson, Alice V. 2020
Atkinson, Adelaide A. 2021
Atkinson, Catherine 2018
Atkinson, Clinton Clifford 4081
Atkinson, Ella L 3361
Atkinson, Francis M 3572
Atkinson, James 4080
Atkinson, John H. 2019
Atkinson, John Wynn 2017
Atkinson, K. 0. 140
Atkinson, Linda Mays 4082
Atkinson, Maggie C. 2013
Atkinson, Mary Holden 4079
Atkins, Virginia R. 1346
Atwater, Epenetus Reed 590
Atwater, Borman 593
Atwater, Sarah Reed 589
Atwill, Y. M. 541
Atwill, Rev. William H. 543
Avent, Charles H. 4008
Avent, Roger W. 583
Avery, Ann Maria 226
Avery, James Smith 227
Avery, John P. 1690
Ayers, James 2048
Ayers, James Riley 191
Ayers, Virginia Jackson 192
Ayers, Maria V. 2048
Numbers shown refer to number attached to the actual transcription in the original survey. As the transcriptions are done, they will be linked.
Source:  Works Project of Virginia Historical Inventory. Transcriptions made by Bettie B. Powell, Dorothy G. Pilot & Mamie B. Fraser, 1936-1937 Note:  There are over 4000 inscriptions in this collection so this is a long term project.   I do hope to have the index online shortly which I hope will encourage others to help with the transcriptions. If you find a name in the indices that you would like to know more about, I will gladly send the page(s) via e-mail if the researcher will transcribe the page and return for posting. 

1999-2006 Nola Duffy, Carol Morrison or individual contributors. No portion of the data available here may be reproduced for further publication without express consent of the original contributor.