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Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia


This is just the start of a collection of over 600 photos taken by Ken Schultz and Margaret Gagliardi during recent visits to Blandford Cemetery and submitted as a gift to the thousands of descendants of those buried in this historical cemetery. More will be posted daily so do bookmark and come back soon. We will do the tombstone photos alphabetically  with additional pages of photos of Blandford Church and long range views of the cemetery.  Together, they will provide you with a virtual tour of the area. If you have photos you may have taken of your own family tombstones, please consider sharing them with others.  


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Aldridge, Bennitt Alexander, David Alexander, David 2 Armstrong Monument Armstrong Monument 2
Armstrong, Ashbel Armstrong, Erastus & Mary Armstrong, Ezeriah Armstrong, Ezeriah 2 Armstrong, Lucy
Armstrong, Waity Atkinson, Alice V. Atkinson, Catharine Atkinson, John H. Atkinson, John Wynn
Photos   2006 by Ken Schultz and/or Margaret Gagliardi

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