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Dinwiddie Grays, Virginia Infantry, Company C, Third Regiment,




Pryor, Roger A Colonel Gray, William G. 1st Sergt.
Mayo, Joseph, Jr. Colonel Haddon, Joseph. F. 1st Sergt.
Pryor, William H. Captain Barnes, Richard M. 2nd Sergt.
Griffin, John C. Captain Jones, William F. 2nd Sergt.
Lewis, Thomas J Captain Lewis, William M. 3rd Sergt.
Orgain, Henry E. Captain Potts, George W. 3rd Sergt.
Scott, Thomas B. 1st Lieut. Poyner, John V. 4th Sergt.
Powell, Albert I. 1st Lieut. Keys, Edward T. 1st Corpl.
Scott, Washington T. 1st Lieut. Wells, William J. 2nd Corpl.
Brown, James E. 2nd Lieut. Vaughan, Charles T. 4th Corpl.
Cummings, George W. 1st Sergt. Jackson, Ashton A 4th Corpl.
Cummings, Caleb H. 1 st Sergt. Smith, Albert T. Corporal
Brown, William I. 1st Sergt.    


Barnes William T. Jackson, G. T. Shepherdson, Samuel P.
Boisseau, William E. Keys, Alexander Smith, Albert T.
Brooks, Ira W. Lewis, Robert A. Smith, Washington
Brooks, Joseph N. Lewis, Thomas, Jr. Spiers, William J.
Brough, George T. Maitland, Robert Stell, Clark E.
Chappelle, William H. Meredith, Lucas L. Sturdivant, Edmund F.
Crowder, John N. Mitchell, Daniel B.  Thorne, William T.
Crowder, William M. Mitchell, Robert F. Tomlin, William A.
Dabney, Benjamin E. Moore, James L. Vaughan, Alexander
Dabney, John P. Osborne, John W. Waller, William G.
Driver, John Perkinson, William E. Wells, Albert A.
Edwards, William B. Puryear, Mathew J. *Wells, B. E.
Franklin, Benjamin E. Richardson, Joseph L. Wells, John T.
Gaskins , Henry Roffe, William L. Westmoreland, David P.
Hall, James W. Scott, W. F. D. Williams, Richard H.
Hall, Thomas Sheffield, John R. Williamson, George H.
    Williamson, William S.

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