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Abernathy, Charles E. Sergeant 2nd Company H, 9th Regiment
Abernethy, John Jeremiah Captain Westmoreland's Co., Infantry
Avery, John W. Company I, 12th Regiment
Barker, B. W. Home Guard
Barnes, F. H. Petersburg Artillery
Barnes, William Henry  
Bass, S. P. Company A, 41st Regiment
Beville, William James Company E, 32nd Regiment
Bishop, Alfred Company H, 59th Regiment
Bishop, William W. Company H, 9th Regiment
Blankenship, Leroy G. Sergeant, Capt. Jeffreys' Co., Artillery
Boisseau, Robert Hardaway 4th Sergeant, Capt. Epes' Co., Artillery
Bridgman, George Harrison Company G, 53rd Regiment
Bridgman, J. W. Capt. B. J. Epes' Co., Artillery
Bridgman, W. B. Company H, 9th RegimentBrintle , John S.  
Bristow, Samuel Company B, 53rd Regiment
Brough, C. C. Company B, 53rd Regiment
Brough, James A._ Company B. 59th Regiment
Brough, John W. Company B, 53rd Regiment
Bryant, John W. 2nd Company H, 59th Regiment
Cabaniss, C. A. Company G, 53rd Regiment
Cabiness, John M. Company E, 53rd Regiment
Chandler, Robert B. Company B, Smith's Battery, Artillery
Chappell, George Boardman Troop H, 13th Regiment, Sussex Light Dragoons
Cheely (Cheeley), James C. Company F, 12th Regiment
Clark (Clarke), Zacheus Capt. Epes' Co., Artillery
Clarke, John D. Company G, 53rd Regiment
Clary, William B. Company B, 41st Regiment
Coleman, E. M._ Murray's Battalion
Coleman, Winfield S. Capt. Junius Alen's Co., Artillery
Connelly, Gustavus Company B, 53rd Regiment
Crowder, Urias Company A
Crowe (Crow), John T. Troup D, 6th Regiment
Crowe, Upton Benjamin 53rd Regiment
Dalton, R. H Company K, 21st Regiment
Daniel, R. E. Company G, 21st Regiment
David, W. R. Company D, 3rd South Carolina Troops
Davis, George Lafayette Company B, 53rd Regiment
Davis, Hezekiah Gilliam Company B, 53rd Regiment
Davis, Peter Company B, 53rd Regiment
Dean, Alexander Capt. B. J. Epes' Company
Dickenson, Henry D. Captain, Company K, 18th Regiment
Drinkwater, C. W. Company G, 18th Regiment
Duane, David Colson Sergeant, Company K, 53rd Regiment
Dunnavant, James A. Company D, 25th Battalion, Infantry
Eanes, W. S. Company G, 41st Regiment
Eckles, James W. Company G, 18th Regiment
Elam, Alexander Capt. B. J. Epes' Co., Artillery
Elder, Edward Morris Company F, 2nd Regiment, Artillery
Elmore, John W. Company B, 59th Regiment
Epes, Branch J. Captain, Johnston Artillery
Feild, Dr. Hume Assistant Surgeon
Ford, John W. Capt. B. J. Epes' Co., Artillery
Ford, William E. Capt. B. J. Epes' Co., Artillery
Fowlkes, James E. Company C, 53rd Regiment
Gallion, Tilman G. Gilliam's Company, Artillery
Gibb, John A. Company G, 53rd Regiment
Gill, C. C. 6th Regiment
Grinstead, William T. Company H, 44th Regiment
Hall, John S. 2nd Company H, 9th Regiment
Hardy, Rodolph C. Capt. B. J. Epes' Co., Artillery
Harris, Charles M. Company G, 1st Regiment
Harris, John Y Company E, 53rd Regiment
Hawerton, James W. . 2nd Company H, 9th Regiment
Hawkes, James A. Jeffress Battery, Artillery
Hawkins, Charles F. Company H, 9th Regiment
Hawkins, Thomas Henry Company B, 53rd Regiment
Heath, Leo Teamster, Ordnance Dept.
Heath, Robert T. Company C, 44th Regiment
Hitchcock, Thomas R. Company I, 14th Regiment
Hogwood, John Company B, 53rd Regiment
Howell, Edward W. 34th Regiment, Infantry
Hudgins, Branch P. 53rd Regiment, Infantry
Hudgins, Richard Romalus 53rd Regiment
Jackson, John Winfield  
Jones, B. T. Company B, 23rd Regiment
Lanier, Charles H Company E, 56th Regiment
Leonard, Theodore S. Captain, Company D, 13th Regiment
Lewis, J. L. 53rd Regiment, Infantry
Mathews, M. J. 59th Regiment
Mathews, W. W.  
Mayer (Meyer), John Company B, Conscripts
McKenny, John Samuel 53rd Regiment, Infantry
Minetree, R. B. Company H, 9th Regiment
Mitchell, William H. Company F, 12th Regiment
Moody, A. J. Smith's Battalion
Moody, R. B. Company F, 32nd Regiment
Moore, Henry L. McGregor's Battery, Artillery
Morris, James Leonard  
Munford, William H. Company D, 16th Regiment
Nunnalley (Nunnally), Armstead 2nd Company H, 9th Regiment
Perdue, Benjamin J. Company B, Hood's Battalion, Infantry
Poole, Isaiah Wesley Company D, 13th Regiment
Ragsdale, Bracy Hester Company K, 3rd Regiment
Rainey, D. F. Company F, 32nd Regiment
Rainey, James Thomas  
Rash, C. N. Company F, 56th Regiment
Rawlings, Edward J. L. H. Archer's Command
Rawlins, Edward Jolly Company B, 53rd Regiment
Reames, Robert Laborn Company B, 53rd Regiment
Reames, Stephen E. Company B, 53rd Regiment
Reames, William Laban Capt. Epes' Company, Artillery
Reams (Reames), Robert H. Capt. Epes' Company, Artillery
Reese, W. L. Petersburg Reserves
Reeves, Stephen Corporal, Company A, 5th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
Riddle, J. R. Company G, 13th Regiment
Robertson, Fitz Orman Capt. Epes' Company, Artillery
Royal, George B. 12th Regiment, Infantry
Scott, John L. 5th Battalion, 9th Regiment, Artillery
Scott, Joseph Alexander  
Shelton, Joseph L. Captain, Company D, 44th Regiment
Simmons, Henry Company A, 13th Regiment
Southall, J. W. Company G, 1st Regiment
Southall, John W. Company D, 9th Regiment
Spain, Gustavus 0. Company E. 13th Regiment
Spiers, William J. Company D, 13th Regiment
Stewart, Cannon  
Stewart, Kennon Johnston's Company, Artillery
Tally (Talley), William H. T. Capt. Epes' Company, Artillery
Tatum, Alexander Company C, 18th Battalion, Artillery
Thomas, Patrick H. Company G, 53rd Regiment
Thomas, William S.  
Tucker, A. G. Virginia Reserves
Tucker, John M. Captain, Company B, 41st Regiment
Tucker, Robert W. Company F, 1st Regiment
Vaughan, Asa Jordan Company H, 56th Regiment
Wallace, William A. Company H, 44th Regiment
Walthall, Stephen H. Company D, 5th Regiment
Warren, John . 5th Battalion, Volunteers, Artillery
Washer, William E. Company F, 12th Regiment
Watkins, John E. Company B, 3rd Battalion, Reserves
Watts, A. M. Company A, 4th Regiment
Webb, Alexander 0. 9th Infantry
Wells, Charles Coleman Capt. Epes' Company, Artillery
Wells, David F. 2nd Company H, 9th Regiment
Wells, Freling Huyson 2nd Company G, 41st Regiment
Wells, M. A. Major Wilson's Battalion, Artillery
West, James T. Company G, 18th Regiment
West, Thomas B. Company G, 18th Regiment
Wilkerson, James Henry Edward Westmoreland's Company
Wilkinson, Richard A. Company E, 53rd Regiment
Wilkinson, W. S. James R. Branch's Artillery
Williams, Joseph Sylvanius 53rd Regiment
Wills, B. C. Reserves
Wilson, J. W. Company K, 14th Regiment
Winfield, John F. 13th Regiment
Wright, James L. Troop G, 5th Regiment

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