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Lafayette Guard, Company D, Twelfth Regiment, Infantry



Jarvis, William H. Captain Brister, James C. 2nd Lieut.
Beasley, William E. 1st Lieut. Badger, William E. 2nd Lieut.
Leath, William C. 1st Lieut. Cameron, William E. Lieutenant
Winfree, Barnett 1st Sergt. Coleman, Henry T. Corporal
Farley, James M. 1st Sergt. Williamson, Vines C. Corporal
Slaughter, Ferdinand 1st Sergt. Johnson, John C. Corporal
Bishop, Robert E. 1st Sergt. Mendis, Samuel P. Corporal
Blankenship, James 2nd Sergt. Stringer, Daniel Corporal
Pool, John W. Sergeant Fowlkes, Joseph Corporal
Dejarnette, John T. Sergeant Roach, Charles D. Corporal
Coleman, Joseph H. Sergeant Crowder, Wesley Corporal
Beach, Joseph 1st Corpl. Faison, William P. Corporal
Dance, James 1st Corpl. Scroggins, John H. Musician
Dawson, Nicholas 1st Corpl. Charles, James L.  Musician
Vaughan, Robert 0. 3rd Corpl.    


Adams, St. Lawrence Johnson, John C. Slaughter Ferdinand
Beasly, J. S. Lamb, William Slaughter William H.
Brammer, William H. Lewis, David T. Smith, James
Chandler, Alexander Lewis, Thomas J. Spence, John L.
Charles, James L. Lewis, William Spivy , Charles S.
Clarke, John H. Longworth, James Spivy (Spyvey), Henry C.
Clarke, Thomas J. Lufsey , James Stringer, Daniel
Clary, John H. Lufsey, Lucius Stywalt, Henry
Coleman, Henry T. Lufsey, Thomas Stywater, William E.
Coleman, John H. Marks, Robert A. Talbot, John W.
Dance, Thaddius McNamara, John F. Tatum, James
Dawson, Nicholas Mitchell, John W. Thompson, Henry C.
Day, George W. Norwood, John H. Traylor, Alexander
Day, Henry Nunnally, Edward J. Tucker, Albert
Gallion (Gallian), James Oliver, James Turner, Joseph T.
George, Benjamin B. Oliver, William H. Vaughan, John J.
Goodwyn, Peterson H. Parrish, James H. Watson, John J.
Green, Charles Payne, Richard A. Watts, William G.
Griffin, Thomas Pollard, John W. Wells, Henry
Hall, Isaac Pugh, John J. Wilson, John H.
Hawkins, Benjamin Reichwin, Richard P. Winfree, Christopher
Heath, Leonidas G. Royal, Peter Winfree, Harrison
Hollingsworth, James Satchfield, John W. Winfree, Jerome
James, George H. Scoggins, John H.  
James, Thomas Sheverson, Richard  

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