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Lee Life Guard, Virginia Infantry, Company K, Sixteenth Regiment, Volunteers



Weisiger, D. A. Colonel Malone, William T. 1st Sergt.
Branch, James R. Captain Carter, Joseph L. 2nd Sergt.
Couper, John 1st Lieut. Browder, John J. 1st Corpl.
Hamlin, William B. 2nd Lieut. Tyler, William R. 2nd Corpl.
Martin, Melvin A. 3rd Lieut. Armentrout, Preston 3rd Corpl.


Aldridge, George T. Holly, George Richardson, Benjamin W.
Anderson, Benjamin S. Johnson, William B. Robertson, James B.
Anderson, John R. Johnson, William H. Scott, Walter T.
Anderson, Thomas B. Kelly, Dennis Shardinghaus, Francis
Anderton, Isaac A. Kelly, Patrick Short, Benjamin
Andrews, Irby Kelsey, William M. Simpson, George
Beasley, John H. King, William T. Smith, Sherwood
Butler, Lorenzo Lewis, Winfield Spain, Edward 0.
Carmichael, Archibald Maddera, Wager W. Steward, Algernon
Cate, James Maddera, William E. Steward, William T.
Clayton, James Maloney, John D. Tench, James R.
Connelly, Thomas Mayes, John W. Tench, William H.
Cooper, James H. McCarthy, Patrick Totty, Eli
Couper, George Miller, Samuel C. Trent, George
Daley, Cornelius Mitchell, William Webber, George
Dunnivant, William Moore, Robert W. Webber, Peter
Eastwood, George W. Nugent Thomas E. Wells, Augustus
Elder, Paul M. Perkins, Edward G. Wells, Berryman T.
Fendall, Joshua C. Peters, Robert T. Wells, Giles
Franklin, Benjamin A. Pollard, George W. Wells, T. J.
Gay, Decatur W. Pollard, William H. West, William A.
Handyside, George Reynolds, William Wilkinson, John J.
Hargrave, John H.    

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