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Virginia Cavalry, Company I, Third Regiment, Volunteers



Johnston, Robert Colonel Major, Robert Samuel 3rd Sergt.
Goode, Thomas F. Colonel Jones, Caius J. 3rd Sergt.
Owens, Thomas H. Colonel Thweatt, Thomas 4th Sergt.
Feild, William M. Lieut. Col. Orgain, Thomas W. 4th Sergt.
Adams, William A. Captain Bishop, J. Winfield 5th Sergt.
Fitzgerald, Edmund 0. 1st Lieut. Thweatt, Francis F. 1st Corpl.
Rogerson, William H. 2nd Lieut. Frayser, John L. 1st Corpl.
Hill, Berryman J. 2nd Lieut. Cousins, Henry 2nd Corpl.
Bourdon, Joseph H. 2nd Lieut. Meredith, James Anderson 2nd Corpl.
Neaves, Hadrian A. 3rd Lieut. Spicely, William H. 3rd Corpl.
Perkins, Edward L. 1st Sergt. Dance, Alexander A. 3rd Corpl.
Perkins, James O. 2nd Sergt. Johnson, Thomas B. 4th Corpl.
Boisseau, Richard E. 2nd Sergt. Young, John E. 4th Corpl.


Abernathy, James A. Greenway, James Powell, Eugene C.
Allen, Sidneyham Dudley Griswold, Richard W. Pritchard, Frank
Barner, Drury J. Hargrave, Isham E. Richardson, William H.
Barner, John R. Harmon, John W. Rives, Thomas F.
Barner, T. J. Harrison, Thomas L. Rives, Virgil Alfonso
Bass, William C. Hawkins, William J. Roney, Henry P.
Bishop, B. C. Hayes, Junius Roney, James N.
Bishop, B. E. Hill, Powhatan. Scott, Peter H.
Bishop, W. W. Hill, Rowland Scott, W. T.
Blankenship, Edward I. Hitchcock, John F. A. Skinner, George W.
Blankenship, Joseph G. Hobbs, T. H. Smith, Elijah
Boisseau, Robert G. Howerton, James W. E. Smith, G. W.
Booth, Thomas B. Hyde, Richard H. Spencer, Robert M.
Bourdon, Thomas Castleman   Hyden, Moses B. Spiers, Benjamin H.
Brown, Richard W. Jackson, Joseph F. Stable, William H.
Cabiness, Thomas S. Jackson, Robert G. Stone, Robert T.
Cairns, Thomas J. Johnson, Benjamin W. Stith, John A.
Chappell, James M. Jolly, B. J. Sturdivant, John W.
Chappell, George W. Jolly, C. P. Sydnor, Louis R.
Chappell, Oliver W. Jolly, William H. Tanner, M. W.
Chappell, Thomas J. Jones, Francis A. Taylor, J. E.
Claiborne, George Keech, C. A. Thomas, H.
Cleaton, T. J. Maddax, T. C. Thompson, J. E.
Cleaton, W. D. Meade, D. A. Thweatt, Archibald
Connally, William D. Mitchell, Green L. Thweatt, Francis Fitzgerald
Crittenden, John T. Morris, William E. Travis, E. W.
Crowder, Thomas Nunnally, Robert Tucker, John H.
Crump, John L. Nunnally, W. F. Webb, W. A.
Cunningham, John E. Nunnally, William A. Wells, Algernon S.
Davis, B. J. Orgain, Albert M. Wells, Flournoy W.
Dodd, R. V. Orgain, H. E. Wells, James A. P.
Doyle, C. P. Parham, Marvin D. Wells, M. P.
Doyle, Cornelius Watson Perkins, George P. Wells, Robert D.
Doyle, William F. Perkins, George W. White, Joseph L.
Elmore, R. A. Perkins, Richard H. Williams, James A.
Eppes, Andrew J. Perkins, T. A. Williams, Thomas D.
Eppes, Robert S. Perkins, William E. Williamson, K. Emmett
Ford, Benjamin W. Pinchbeck, William I. Worsham, Patrick H.
Gibbon, Charles Pool, Adolphus P. Wynn, Richard L.
Gibbs, Samuel P. Pool, Edwin T. P. Wynn, William G.
Gill, Charles C. Powell, Albert Theodore Young James B.
  Powell, Edward T.  
Though many men in this list served in Company A, Third Regiment, and Company A, Second Regiment, their names all appear on the official roll of Company I, Third Regiment.

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