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Virginia Cavalry, Company K, Fifth Regiment



Pate, H. C. Colonel Cross, J. F. 4th Sergt.
Pannill, Charles Captain Coleman, John W. 5th Sergt.
Howlett, Henry C. 1st Lieut. Hubbard, D. C. 5th Sergt.
Dunn, James A. 2nd Lieut. Bledsoe, E. T. 1st Corpl.
Green, Lucius 2nd Lieut. Early, W. H. 2nd Corpl.
Perkins, James W. 1st Sergt. Edmunds, Henry 2nd Corpl.
Farley, John P. 2nd Sergt. Rogers, Joseph 3rd Corpl.
Nunnally, B. W. 3rd Sergt. Pugh, J. F. 4th Corpl.
Saddler, W. E. 4th Sergt.    


Anderson, Edward Dyson, W. B. Pugh, James A.
Bacon, W. S. Eanes, Nelson Purdie, A.
Barham, Thomas Farley, George M. Read, James B.
Barksdale, J. N. Ferguson, R. P. Rogers, Joseph
Bass, E. T. Fitz, J. L. Rogers, M. E.
Bishop, C. M. Folks, Frs. L. Royston, T. M. (or W.)
Bishop, I. (or J.) S. Fox, J. B. Saddler, W. E.
Blankenship, P. E. Franklin, James R. Sanders, Edward
Blankenship, W. E. Galloway, Gustaves Seay, S. M.
Booth, W. S. Gates, Thomas J. Shell, John
Brayden, David Gentry, C. H. Slaughter, W. B.
Brayden, William Goodwyn, W. H. Smith, N. A.
Bryant, Roland Haden, L. D. Spain, J. T.
Carver, T. J. Harwood, H. L. Stevens, Alexander
Chandler, E. E. Hensay, John Stevens, W. W.
Charles, R. F. Howlett, J. P. Tatum, W. A.
Clary, P. L. Howlett, R. T. Tatum, W. W.
Clements, William M. Hunley, Daniel Thompson, T. H.
Coleman, J. W. Inman, J. H. Todd, R. S.
Cook, Robert A. Jones, Henry Tolly, Robert
Cross, J. F. Keys, Robert B. Wakefield, Sylvester
Crowder, Collin Keys, William L. Warrington, Alexander
Dance, Robert King, J. T. Wells, John
Dance, Robert C. Lawrence, W. T. Westbrook, Joseph
DeWitt, William Newson, J. W. Whitehead, George W.
Didlake, G. B. Nunnally, E. H. Williams, Samuel
Dillon (Dillan), W. H. Marks, Merrill Winfree, Cristo.
Dixon, John McNorwood, James Wingfield, R.
Dowden, J. W. Perkinson, E. N. Wiseman, Irwin R.
Dumas (Dumus),James A. Puckett, James M. Womack, John T.
   Pugh, J. F. Wood, W. E.

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