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Dinwiddie County, Virginia Families

We are looking for any family histories we can find regarding Dinwiddie Co. related families.  If you have an old family history, early letters with lots of family data, or know of a source that is not subject to copyright restrictions, let us know and we will make every effort to post is for the benefit of all. 

Harper family notes.
Gill, Roland B. Autobiographical Sketch for WPA, 1936
Green Rives of Dinwiddie County and his Descendants - Book by John R. T. Rives. 
Samuel W. Simmons, The Pegrams Of Virginia And Their Descendants;  (Atlanta Georgia, 1984)

We worked with Dr. Simmons when he was doing the research for this book and Winona Solomon, our co-host was especially helpful. Dr. Simmons was very proud of his family and ancestry.  There is a lot of information in the book that may be helpful to others and the book touches on many of the early families of Dinwiddie Co. We still need to link the index to the pages but it is all online. Enjoy!

The Stell Family of Dinwiddie and Adjacent Counties, Virginia contributed by Reiley Kidd, MD
Tucker Family Research
  This includes an extensive database of Tucker family research by Carol Morrison.

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