Ministers' Returns of  Marriages Performed in
Dinwiddie County 1832-1836 - Recorded in  Deed Book I

Dinwiddie, Virginia

Sorted by Grooms's Surname


- D -

Dabney, William Sydnor, Julia A. R. 2 December 1834
Dance, Alexander A. Williamson, Elizabeth 6 April 1848
Dance, Richardson H. Gilliam, Elizabeth C. 5 March 1833
Daniel, John Andrews,Cressy 10 April 1845
Daniel, Reuben Crowder, Lovely 26 December 1849
Davis, Edward A. Williams, Milly 19 February 1835
Davis, Hartwell Williams, Ann M. 14 November 1833
Davis, Stephen Elder, Susan P. 26 January 1842
Delaney, William T. Spain, Martha A. E. T. 25 March 1849
Draper, Charles Withers, Louisa M. 6 November 1832
Driver, John Wells, Mary T. 11 December 1849

- E -

Eanes, Ammonett Honeycutt, Ann 13 March 1838
Edmonds, Nicholas Moody, Mary Ann 6 March 1833
Edwards, John H. Thrift, Mary Ann 23 May 1850
Edwards, William N. H. Jackson Susan E. 8 june 1839
Elder, Austin C. Kirtland, Eliza Ann 4 January 1838
Elder, George Davis, Martha A. 2 June 1843
Eliot, Nathaniel Branters, Elizabeth 27 December 1838
Ellyson, James F. Roffe, Jane E. A 17 January 1848
Evans, Batty H. Young, Ann H. 29 April 1830
Evans, Batty H. Ledbetter, Susanna M. 27 August 1844

- F -

Feild, Theophilus A. Thweatt, Lucy O. 7 May 1840
Fenn, Allen Scott, Martha F. E. 3 August 1836
Fisher, James W. D. W. Mitchel, Harriet A. E. 15 December 1845
Fisher, Pleasant H. Reames, Mary P. 14 February 1843
Fletcher, Matthew M. Scott, Martha H. 21 November 1833
Foard, Joseph M. Spain, Ann E. 13 December 1838
Ford, Jeremier Tucker, Ariadne E. 5 November 1850
Foster, Xavier S. Ledbetter, Lucy Ann 24 November 1836
Fraser, Alexander Shackelford, Dicey 1789
Fraser, Frederick R. Rogers, Edna S. 18 ? 1834
Fraser, Robert B. Wainwright, Martha C. 17 December 1840

- G -

Garrett, James W. Anderson, Miss Mary S 15 March 1848
Gibbs, Freeman Miles, Dorothy 20 December 1843
Gibbs, Robert Miles, Jane W. 1 December 1841
Gibs, Peter D. Young, Sarah 22 November 1838
Giles, Thomas Peyton Branch, Elizabeth E. O. 7 July 1838
Gilliam, Thomas B. Foster, Julia A. 18 October 1847
Gittman, Andrew Crew, Ann 31 December 1845
Gittman, William W. Polan, Harriet J. 27 November 1849
Goggin, James Medlin, Susan 30 November 1843
Goodwyn, Algernon S. Lewis, Adeline D. 23 December 1847
Goodwyn, Dr. John P. Greenway, Martha E 8 November 1849
Goodwyn, William H. Williamson, Harriet L 1 May 1833
Grammer, John H. Wells, Martha J. 5 December 1849
Green, Henry G. Browder, Sarah T. 11 November 1835
Green, Shadrach Heath, Sally N 13 November 1832
Grigg, George W. Lewis Ann E. 11 April 1836
Grigg, Humphrey C. Tucker, Mary A. B 3 September 1850
Grigg, Joseph W. Tucker, Indiana F 19 December 1849
Grigg, Williamson B. Niblett, Mary A. L. 16 December 1841
Source: These transcriptions were done from the index compiled by Mrs. Sallie E. H. Short from ministers' returns as found in Deed Books I-VI (reels 1-4) and Marriage Book (1849) 1850-1867. The dates on the cards (the date of the minister's return) and the date of the marriage may differ. If you find any errors, please let me know See original cards at LVA

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