Ministers' Returns of  Marriages Performed in
Dinwiddie County 1832-1836 - Recorded in  Deed Book I

Dinwiddie, Virginia

Sorted by Grooms's Surname

Maitland, James Wells, Mary 29 Feb1844
Malone, William Johnson, Charlotte 17 July 1833
Martin, William N. Newbill, Virginia H. 20 Nov 1850
Mayes, Abraham Jackson, Ann H. 18 Oct 1832
Mayes, Daniel J. Hardaway, Ellen A. A. 6 Nov 1851
Mayes,  Edward L. Hawks, Mary A, 6 Sep 1848
Mayes, Joshua Eanes, Frances V. 25 May 1835
Mayes, Stephen F. Lewis, Susan A. 12 Aug 1846
Mayes, Stephen M. Sturdivant, Judith P. 18 Dec 1834
Medlin, Archibald Hawkins, Matilda 19 Sep 1842
Mems, William M. Crow, Mary 27 Nov 1845
Meredith, Charles W. Chambers, Mary T. 14 Dec 1836
Meredith, Robert E. Barnes, Caroline 10 Feb 1842
Miles, Benjamin Clay, Martha A. 21 Dec1841
Miles, Isham B. Peebles, Martha Ann 5 Jan 1848
Minetree, Robert Lewis, Elizabeth 19 Oct 1848
Mingge, James J. Porch, Nancy 23 Dec 1835
Minggy, Robert Wynn, Mary 17 July 1848
Mitchell, John J. Spencer, Mrs. Mary Ann 17 Dec 1846
Moody, China Sandifer, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1833
Moody, Samuel W. Perkinson, Adelia A. 7 Jan 1852
Moore, William F. Bishop, Rebacca A. J. 9 Sep 1840
Muir, John A. Not given * to Feb 18-
Muir, William A. Cousins, Carolie F. 27 Nov. 1850
Neblett, Robert N. Gilliam, Mary Eliza 22 Dec. 1852
Nicholson, Lewis C. Roland, Ann E. 17 Oct 1850
Morris, James H. McCaleb, Harriet S. - Sept 1845
Nunnally, Joseph Parsons, Julia Ann 21 Feb 1839
Nunnally, Obadiah Nunnally, Sally H. 28 Jan 1839
Nunnally, Obadiah Parsons, Martha E. 1 Dec. 1841
Nunnally, Samuel Rawlings, Susanna 17 Mar 1834

- P -

Parish, James T. Williamson, Elizabeth A. 15 Oct 1840
Parsons, Henry Parsons, Mary Ann 24 Sep 1835
Parsons, Thomas T. Wells, Mary Emeline 4 June 1835
Parsons, William Williamson, Virginia G. 20 Dec 1848
Perkins, David Abernathy, Elizabeth 20 Mar 1850
Perkins Robert B. Wells Mary A S 4 Feb 1851
Perkins, William S. Perkins, Mary E A 18 Oct 1848
Perkins, William T. Major, Ann R. 16 Nov 1852
Perkinson, Jeremier Clarke, Elizabeth 25 July 1844
Perkinson, John W Stowe, Elizabeth 20 Mar 1839
Perkinson, William Stow, Martha 15 Dec 1836
Pettus, John J. Hudson, Eliza 31 Jan 1852
Pettus, William H. Cox, Mary E. 20 Mar 1849
Phillips, Jno.  W. Hitchcock, Jane R. 6 Jan 1842
Pillien, Wiley Minggee, Dolly 23 July 1845
Pinchbeck, Robert Manlove, Mary E. 26 Jan 1837
Pinchbeck, William J. Abernathy, Antoinette 26 Feb 1849
Polan, Benjamin F. Crowder, Malvina F. 21 July 1842
Pellan, Thomas Pellan, Sarah A. 30 April 1838
Pellan, Thomas N. Crowder, Mary 19 Nov. 1838
Pool, Henry S. Winfree Elizabeth M. 15 Sep 183-
Pool, John W. P. Moody, Susanna 31 May 1849
Porch, James W. Lewis, Amanda G. 7 April 1841
Potts, George W. Vaughan, Mary E. 17 Dec 1851
Potts, William B. Butler, Charity S.  1 Feb 1845
Poynor, John Edwards, Martha 9 Dec 1841
Pritchett, Peter R. Coleman, Sarah 20 Dec 1838
Pritchett, Richard F. Simmons, Mary 6 April 1836
Procise, Thomas D. Roland, Rebecca M. 6 Feb 1833
Prosise, Samuel H. Reames, Emily Ann 8 Nov 1840
Prosise, William Wells, Moriah 2 Dec 1818

- R -

Reade, Robert F. Adams, Harriet B. 31 Dec 1846
Reade, William S. Adams, Lucy Jane 26 Nov 1846
Reames, Green L. H. Crowder, Maria J. 29 Dec 1835
Reames, Winfield J. Hoy, Elizabeth D. 6 Oct 1842
Reese, Edwin J. H. Hawks, Henrietta B. 8 Feb 1838
Reese, Herbert Burnet, Mary Ann 22 Aug 1850
Reese, John Lamb, Mary A. F. 20 Nov 1839
Remes, Stephen Reames, Emeline 18 Nov 1839
Rice, Samuel T. K.. Ross, Mrs. Mary S. 10 Oct 1843
Richardson, John Elder, Caroline 19 Feb 1840
Richardson, John M. :Coleman, Sarah 21 Dec 1836
Richardson, William E. Pool, Harriet F. 16 May 1839
Rideout, Giles Wells, Rebecca Jane 22 Dec 1847
Rives, Robert C. King, Ann Eliza 28 Jan 1835
Rives, William Wells, Dionysius R. 27 Nov. 1830
Roberts, John Holliday, Emaline F. 19 Dec 1850
Robertson, William H., Jr. Shore, Elizabeth Rebecca 15 Sept 1852
Rogers, Daniel Daniel, Mary M. Jane 17 Nov 1835
Rollins, Devereux Caudle Mary A E. 12 Mar 1848
Rose, Peter E. Rose, Rebecca 13 Oct 1850
Ruffin, Wm. T. R. Esq. Cocke, Miss Ana M. D. 22 May 1832
*according to information in the Epps Society Papers, she was Margret Cousins.
Source: These transcriptions were done from the index compiled by Mrs. Sallie E. H. Short from ministers' returns as found in Deed Books I-VI (reels 1-4) and Marriage Book (1849) 1850-1867. The dates on the cards (the date of the minister's return) and the date of the marriage may differ. If you find any errors, please let me know See original cards at LVA

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