Ministers' Returns of  Marriages Performed in
Dinwiddie County 1832-

Dinwiddie, Virginia

Sorted by Groom's Surname


- S -

Sandifer, Turner Traylor, Mary A.  11 Oct 1838
Satchfield, Isham B. Williams, Lucy Ann 20 Oct 1835
Satchfield, William Jackson, Mary Ann 28 Sep 1836
Scott, Berryman T. Bown, Martha E. 23 Dec 1845
Scott, Robert Sr. Thompson, Sarah B. 17 Jan 1843
Scott, Simon Andrews, Sarah Ann 3 Oct 1835
Seymore, Edward More, Mary not given
Skinner, Richard J. Lunsford, Mary J. 28 Sept 1840
Slate, John W. Roney, Elizabeth T. 7 June 1837
Slaughter, George Moore, Mary V. 4 July 1849
Slaughter, Thomas Lewis, Francis B. 2 June 1841
Smith, Albert T. Lee, Martha P. 8 Nov 1848
Smith, Dr. Edwin Harvie Anderson, Miss Anne G.  14 Nov 1844
Smith, William V. Thompson, Mary W. 5 Oct 1848
Smithson, Green Tea Davidson, Sally B. 22 May 1840
Southall, Zattue W. Davis, Elizabeth 22 Dec 1836
Spain, Albert E. Spain, Susan P. 12 Dec 1850
Spain, John B. Reames, Nancy 26 Dec 1833
Spain, Richard Harman, Mary Ann 6 Mar 1833
Spain, Robert H. Starr, Louisa 25 Feb 1836
Spires, Joseph Wells, Nancy 24 Dec 1841
Stancil, Samuel C. Darby, Mary E. 13 Mar 1852
Stell, Peter Perkinson, Julia Ann 15 Sept 1834
Stell, Robert Browder, Ann 20 Dec 1836
Stell, Shadrach Perkinson, Eliza 26 Mar 1833
Stell, Shadrach Perkinson, Eliza 26 Mar 1833
Stell, William Coleman, Martha 17 Aug 1833
Stewart, Edward R. Grant, Tany R. (C) 19 Oct 1835
Stewart, William T. Ruffin, Nancy 24 Dec 1833
Stone, William A. Rose, Mary J. 11 Dec 1850
Stone, William B. Goodwyn, Miss Mary P. 8 Oct 1850
Strachan, Alexander G. Boisseau, Mary G. 7 Apr 1830
Sturdivant, Edwin Rogers, Sariah H. 22 Jan 1845
Sturdivant, Henry Hawkins, Lucy M. 19 Dec 1833
Sturdivant, Henry Hawkins, Jane 5 Mar 1840
Sturdivant, Joseph Elliott, Mary 4 Feb 1830
Sydnor, John T. Meredith, Elizabeth E. 22 Dec 1835
Sydnor, Joseph Meredith Mary U. 1 Mar 1837
Sydnor, William young, Martha A. 17 Dec 1833

- T -

Talley, Richard A. Ford, Ann Eliza 7 June 1849
Talley, Thomas Eanes, Nancy 18 Aug 1818
Temple, John Cross, Rebecca - Jan 1845
Thacker, Henry Tucker, Elizabeth Ann K. 18 March 1845
Thacker, Milton Elyson, Emma  A.  G. 10 July 1844
Thomas, Frederick Valentine, Agnes 7 Nov 1818
Thompson, John Stith Crowder, Martha A. 30 May 1839
Thompson, William F. Cousins, Mary Ellen 31 Aug 18-
Thrift, Jacob S. Evans, Arianne 9 Jan 1841
Thrift, Joseph B. Hawks, Ann T. 11 Dec1844
Thrift, William C. Tucker, Harriet J. 6 Sep 1841
Thrift, William T. Bristow, Ann C. 20 Feb 1851
Thweat, Allen Sutherland,  Nancy M. 1 Dec 1818
Thweat, James M. Rives, Elizabeth N. 19 Jan 1830
Thweat, William Fraser, Caroline 7 Nov 1849
Trotter, Isham A. Watts, Louisa 6 Nov 1832
Tucker, Daniel Jackson, Francis 1789
Tucker, James G. Tucker, Holly C. 8 Mar 1848
Tucker, John W. Spain, Nancy - Dec 1844
Tucker, Richard G. Abernathy, Mary E. 23 Nov 1835
Tunstall, Francis T. Reames, Nancy 17 June 1834

- V -

Vaden, John W Wales, Harriet P. 8 May 1849
Vaden, Paige Harrison Gunn, Susanna C. 9 Apr 1835
Vaughan, James Williamson, Elizabeth J. 21 Dec 1837
Vaughan, James W. Tally, Martha 4 Dec 1834
Vaughan, Peter E. Michie, Louise A. 4 Dec 1851
Vaughan, William Brown, Mrs. Ann C. 17 Oct 1850
Vaughan, William H. Vaughan, Ann E. 15 Jan 1844
Source: These transcriptions were done from the index compiled by Mrs. Sallie E. H. Short from ministers' returns as found in Deed Books I-VI (reels 1-4) and Marriage Book (1849) 1850-1867. The dates on the cards (the date of the minister's return) and the date of the marriage may differ. If you find any errors, please let me know See original cards at LVA

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