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ABERNATHY, WILLIAMS - Researching Williams and Abernathy families in Dinwiddie Co. VA. Charles Williams born 1735/38 in Dinwiddie Co. and Elizabeth Abernathy born about 1735 also there. I do not have marriage date. Their children: Priscilla, b. ca 1762, Fredric b. ca 1755, David, b. ?, Joel b. ca 1764. Pricilla married James Bowden Sr. 29 Oct 1785 Granville Co. NC. I need parents of both Charles and Elizabeth. Any other information will be appreciated. Thanks

Dec 31, 1996 - 16:37 - From: - Suzanne Sowell

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ELDER, TOWLER - I seeking the parents and/or siblings or William ELDER. He was born c 1773 in Dinwiddie County, VA. He married Nancy Marie TOWLER They had 12 known children; Thomas, Martha Amanda, George, Benjamin, Sallie, Robert T., James, William B., Monroe B,. John Wesley, Henry Lucius, and Mary Jane. They moved to Rutherford County, TN before 1820. They then moved to Gibson County about 1830 where William and Marie died.

Dec 29, 1996 - 21:38 - From: - Jim Bowman

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BOND - If you could give me any information on : Thomas Baker BOND born July 9,1787 Eng died May 11, 1854 [listed in the 1830 Census, Petersburg]listed in the Blandford Cemetery 1844 interment records as parentage for Elizabeth Littegow wife: Elizabeth Pope Bond born Jan 21,1798 died Aug 5, 1842 Thomas Holton BOND born Sept. 22, 1824 died Feb 5, 1901 wife: Mary Roper Bond born Nov 26,1834 died Aug10, 1914...it would be much appreciated. They all lived in Dinwiddie,Petersburg VA.Listed in the Blandford Cemetery inscriptions

Dec 26, 1996 - 11:44 - From: - Richard Bond

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RIVES, KING - I am seeking info on the families of Robert Charles RIVES and his wife Ann Eliza KING of Dinwiddie, county. Robert was born 1814 and died 1887. He was the son of Thomas RIVES and Frances THWEATT. Ann Eliza KING was born 1816 and died August 20, 1879 in Dinwiddie. Was Ann KING the daughter of Miles KING? Robert and Ann KING RIVES had 10 children, Virgil, Thomas Francis, Charles Manson, Robert Thweatt, Alice, Mary King, Harriett, John Elizabeth, and Virginia RIVES. Any dates or info greatly appreciated. Will share what I have.

November 14, 1996 from Linda Cliborne


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OLD - My ancestor, Thomas Old, son of John Old of Raleigh Parish, Amelia Co., and son-in-law Jordan Reese lived on White Oak Creek near his brothers until approximately 1807. Is there way to determine where on White Oak Creek, Dinwiddie County, the original property was located?

October 28, 1966 from William Old

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FERGUSON, FUQUA - Seeking information about our ancestors who lived in and about Dinwiddie County. Edmond Ferguson born about 1760 in Dinwiddie County. He married Elizabeth Fuqua born 1762 in Prince Edward County. They were wed on April 23, 1782 in Cumberland County. Their children were Joel, Benjamin, Edmond, Ryal, James, Polly, Nancy, Judy, and Thomas 1789-1874. Thomas was born in Dinwiddie County, according to our records. We seek the name of Edmond Sr's parents, and any data available on Elizabeth Fuqua, or the descendants of Edmond sr and Elizabeth. Joe Ferguson\OR

October 24, 1996 from 75463.3020@compuserve.com (Joe Ferguson)

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ROCHELL, ROCHELLE, ROTCHEL - William Rochelle / Rotchel / Rochell died in 1714, leaving a will. mentioning wife Elizabeth and sons, Ralph and William. All owned land in Prince George Co. and Dinwiddie Cos. --- Would like any help with this surname, I have much info. on this surname with allied families in surrounding counties. Always happy to share.

October 23, 1996 from GLJG91A@prodigy.com (Sloan Mason)

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ROCHELLE, STOKES - William Rochelle married Laurel Stokes and had the follwing children: John b.1743 - Mary b.1745 - Cecelia b.1747 - Winefred b.1749 - Sarah b.1741 - George b.1752 - Wm. Stokes b.1754 lived in Dinwiddie Co., would like to share info. on any of these families.

October 22, 1996 from GLJG91A@prodigy.com (Sloan S Mason)


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SPAIN - I have discovered many Spains in Dinwiddie Co. in the later 1700. Believe my husband's ancestor _______Spain, whose wife was Jemima_______Spain, were in that part of Dinwiddie which became Mecklenburg Co. I am looking for the first name of the gggreatgrandfather, and the maiden name of Jemima. They named their oldest son Royall, so wandered if she might have been a Royall. Another son was Nevil (Nevel), could that have been her name? We have little informaiton on the background of this couple. Hope some- one out there has the link.

Jeanne Spain
1319 Janwood Drive
Plano, Tx 75075-7228

October 17, 1996 from Jeanne Spain


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BOISSEAU, DOE, GREEN, GREGG, KEENE, REED, WATSON, WICKE - George Alanson Watson (1859-1918) Danville (Pittsylvania Co.) son of John Thomas Watson and Anne (Nannie) Green. Need any info onl this line. wife of G.A.W. was Sallie Ross Keene (1865-1940); her parents were John Thomas Keene & Mary Virginia Doe. Patrick Henry Boisseau (1850-1932) Danville; and wife Susan Deane Wicke (b 1862 in Louisville, KY; d. 1936 in Danville) John Thomas Watson (1885-1954) m. Mary Wicks Boisseau (They were my g.parents; he was Attny Gen. of Fla) Will share with anyone researching these lines. Patrick Henry Boisseau is supposed to have been born in Petersburg Va (Dinwiddie Co.) on 17 Oct 1850. , son of Benjamin Hatcher Boisseau b. 10 Oct 1818 and m. to Matilda Ann Gregg (b. 10 May 1820, d. 31 Dec 1861. I have no proofs of these dates; they were listed in a historical magazine as far as I know. I would appreciate any info on how to get the needed documentation; would also like to write to anyone else working on this line.

October 14, 1996 from stiller@norfolk.infi.net Anne Stiller

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BRITTINGHAM, MEREDITH, NEWCOMB - My grandfather Meredith Augustine Newcomb was born in Petersburg,Va in 1876. His parents were George Bailey Newcomb and Mary Veredeline Meredith. The family appears to have appeared in Virginia about 1793. Grandfather married Emma Brittingham about 1900 and lived in the Petersburg area until 1915. Any information appreciated.

October 12, 1996 from ken.newcombe@mail.ghbbs.com Ken Newcombe


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COUSINS, INGE, PRITCHETT - Any information on Joseph, John, Joshua D. (Sr and Jr.). Lt. John, b. 1740 Dinwiddie co, was commissioned 22 Feb 1779 Brunswick co., in the Virginia Militia and later in Greensville co., qualified for his commission 22 Aug 1782 in the Greensville co Militia. He was appointed Sheriff 15 Oct 1794 of Greensville by Commission of the Lt. Governor. He posted Sheriffs bonds for Two Thousand Pounds. Would appreciate any information about him and/or his wife, Elizabeth, and children. His son Joshua was my GGGGrandfather.

Joshua D Sr. married Elizabeth Cousins. Joshua D. Jr. married Elizabeth M. Inge. After Joshua D Jr. died in 1847 Eliza came to Texas 1857 & settled Grayson county, Tx. She was my GGGrandmother. I would welcome email or written correspondence on anything on these relatives. They lived in Chas City, then Prince George and finally settled in Brunswick 1720 - 1800. Sometime in early 1800's they moved to Pittsylvania county.

September 21, 1996 from TaBearC@msn.com (Jan Pritchett-Good)


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LEFTWICH, QUARLES, WITHCHER - Am trying to prove parents of John Banks Quarles, b. 1815 m. Mary Ballard Withcher 12 Feb 1844. I believe them to be David Walker Quarles who married Anna Leftwich in 1812. (Jesse Leftwich is Anna's father, and Anna had a sister named Indiana. John Banks Quarles named one of his daughters Indiana Leftwich Quarles.) John served in the War Between the States in the 6th VA Cavalry, 2nd Co. E as did his first son David Walker Quarles. His second son was named Jesse Leftwich Quarles. John Banks Quarles was constable of Campbell Co in 1850 as shown on the 1850 census records, plus I have a copy of the court record naming him constable. He lived in Bedford Co and is buried in Campbell Co, but his death was not listed in Virginia records. The Quarles family cemetery is in Smith Mts, Bedford Co. but he is buried on what was his son Fitzhugh Lee Quarles' farm. Fitzhugh settled his estate. His grave has a UDC marker on it but the UDC couldn't help me as they don't keep family information. They couldn't even tell me who submitted him for the marker. Neither can I find a will or place of death for David Walker Quarles. Once you are in those mountains it is hard to tell when you have left Bedford Co and come into Franklin Co. He also lived or had relations that lived in Dinwiddie Co as per my 1st cousin who is helping me do research in Virigina. He lives in Bedford Co. I grew up in Danville VA, Pittsylvania Co.

John Banks Quarles is my 2nd-great grandfather, his son James Coleman Quarles is my great-grandfather, James Quincy Quarles is my grandfather and my mother was Clarice Elva Quarles, daughter of James Quincy Quarles. Thanks,

September 20, 1996 from jheywood@metrolink.net (Janice Heywood)

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LITTLE, WOODS - I am looking for information on my 3rd greatgrandfather, Samuel Rufus Woods, who died in Petersburg VA. He was born 5-12-1839 in AL and died 4-02-1865. He was married to Sarah Anne Little <b 10-28-1836 d 9-01-1882 both in Durant MS. If you have any info on him or his parents Please Email me!!!

September 18, 1996 from dabear@iamerica.net Debbie Bass Foley

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PROCISE, PROSISE - Thomas Prosise was born in about 1710 in Bristol Parish. Children and land transactions in the 1730 to 1750 timeframe. My direct ancestor Grief Daniel Prosise and family moved from Dinwiddie County, VA to Marion County, IL after the birth of his son Flemin Harvey in 1829. Am looking for any documentation and connections.

September 14, 1996 from 104600.2013@compuserve.com

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HARDAWAY - Seek information on Thomas Hardaway died Dinwiddie County 1795. Is there a will?

September 4, 1996 from betty@netpathway.com Betty Kirkland

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ABERNATHY, GIBSON, GRAMMER, ROSIER, ROZAR - Looking for information on ancestors or siblings of Elizabeth Abernathy Grammer and John Grammer who were married in Dinwiddie Co March 29, 1792. Elizabeth was born about 1774 in Virginia. John was born about 1770 in Virginia(?) John died August 10, 1840, in Morgan Co, AL. Elizabeth died 1852, Lawrence Co, MO. Their children were named: Peterson, Leonard, Polly or Mary, Eliza, Martha, William. Family and descendents are known to have been in AL, KY, MO, TN, AR, OR, TX. Also seeking information on surname Rozar/Rosier, ggg-grandmother Martha Rozar / Rosier and Elizabeth Rosier Gibson were first and second wives of John Campbell Grammer, grandson of John Grammer.

August 25, 1996 from Durward and Alice djackso2@QNET.COM


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CHRISTY, HUFF, MONTGOMERY - Conrad Christy b. 1709 Ireland, d. 1776 Dinwiddie Co. VA, m. Helen Montgomery b.1714 Ireland, d. 1774 Dinwiddie Co. VA, known children: Elizabeth Christy b. 1748 VA, d. 1800 NC, m. 1766 NC to Daniel Huff.  Looking for more info. on Christy & Montgomery families. Thank You.

Jul 8, 1996, from baubo@calweb.com Becca Pascoe

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JONES - I am searching for any information concerning my great-great grandfather William F. (Foote?) Jones born 1808 in Virginia. This search has been a real stone wall for me. He was born in 1808. I believe he may have been born in Dinwiddie County, Va. For no other reason than his next door neighbor in Arkansas was Thomas A. Jones b. 1820 And I found both names in an early census in Dinwiddie Co. They did not reside in the same household in VA. But their ages were about the same. I suspect that they were brothers, but have no reason to other than they named their children after each other. Thomas A. Alex?) Jones. I will much appreciate knowing who their parents were and whether any other information exists.

August 17, 1996 from dcarty@ofo.astate.edu David T. Carty

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FENNELL, HITE, NICHOLS, RICHARDSON, RUSSELL, STOWERS - Looking for ancestors of my grandparents. Mattie (Martha?) Richardson, b.c. 1880-85, possibly southeastern WVA or southwestern VA. Her father's name was Oscar Richardson She married Andrew Stowers 1896-1905. Andrew B. Stowers (b. 4-1879) was descended from a William Stowers born in 1736 in VA. It is believed he is the grandson of a John Stowers born in Massachusetts between 1680 and 1692 and who emigrated to Westmoreland Co., VA, where he died. He was married to a "Frances" and his father name may have been Joseph Stowers.
Elizabeth Nichols, b.1853, was the wife of George Washington Stowers (father of Andrew B. above). GWS was born 5/10/1842 and died 2/2/1932 in Cabell, WVA. He served in the Union Army in the Civil War. I would like to know more about Elizabeth Nichols. Her mother's maiden name was Russell and her father may have been a doctor.

Blanche Hite, my paternal grandmother, born in VA c. 1880s. She married a Benjamin Fennell, who was a shoemaker, and also farmed tobacco in Dinwiddie County, VA. Family lived in the Petersburg-South Hill area south of Richmond until World War II. Of the 10 children (8 boys and 2 girls) 7 moved to Baltimore, MD in the 1940s. I have been trying for several years to discover the identies of my great grandparents and other ancestors in the Hite/Fennell family. Anyone have any information on any of the above?

August 13, 1996 from Sandy Broda sbroda@psc.state.md.us

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