Dinwiddie Co., Virginia


CRAFTON - Looking for information on KERENHAPPUCH CRAFTON. She married JAMES CRAFTON. She died 1815 at age of 100? James died 1779. Would like information on them or other Craftons who lived in that area.

Jun 23, 1998 - 21:11 - From: - Sally Heird

LEE - Looking for information on my ggf, James Henry Lee born somewhere in Virginia 8/14/24. Thank you.

Jul 1, 1998 - 08:03 - From: - Robert S. Lee

THOMPSON - Charles THOMPSON is my ggggrandfather born in Dinwiddie County VA June 1760. He was a Revolutionary War Veteran (Pension Records) Virginia Line. I am searching for his ancestors. Have information to share about his descendents in Northampton Co. NC and in Dickson Co. Tennessee.

Jul 11, 1998 - 02:33 - From: - Mildred BATEMAN Perry

PATRICK - I am seeking information on William Henry PATRICK, who appears in the 1870 Dinwiddie County VA census with a family of Jones. He was born 22 Sept 1840 to John and Lucy BOHANNON PATRICK of York Co. VA. A carpenter by trade. He was a 2nd Lt. in Co. I, 32nd VA Inf. CSA. I am interested in his life and family after 1870. Thank you.

Jul 16, 1998 - 14:40 - From: - Ginni SIEVERS

SPAIN - I am looking for any information concerning a Joseph Allen Spain who married Maggie Beasley. All we know about Joseph is that he died sometime around 1903-1905. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Maury Cemetary in Richmond.

Jul 20, 1998 - 18:31 - From: - Nancy Spain Jackson

BELL, TUCKER. WYNNE - I am seeking information on Joseph Tucker BELL and his wife, Winnefred, who lived in Dinwiddie from 1796-1806. Joseph T. BELL was a son of Benjamin BELL, Jr. and grandson of Benjamin BELL, Sr. and Martha TUCKER, daughter of Joseph TUCKER and Lucretia WYNNE. He came from Edgefield County, S.C. where his grandparents had moved prior to the Revolution. The BELLS had lived 5 miles south of Petersburg before moving to S.C. Joseph T. BELL was undoubtedly living with relatives. I am interested in who the relatives were. I want to find the maiden name of his mother and his wife.

Jul 22, 1998 - 10:45 - From: - Francis C. Gill

GRAMMER, ABERNATHY - Searching for information on the Grammer-Abernathy line. My GGGgrandfather, John Grammer, b. ca. 1770 married Elizabeth Abernathy, (b. ca. 1774/75)) in 1792 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. John is reportedly buried in Morgan County, Alabama. I just returned from Morgan Co. searching for some record of his burial there, but found nothing. John and Elizabeth's son, John, b. ca. 1810, married Sarah (no surname). It was their son, Peterson Henderson Grammer that I descend from. Peterson married Mary Ann Massey Evans in Lincoln County Tennessee and after her death ca. 1873, Peterson married Spicy Ann Cobble and they came to Cherokee County, Texas. My grandfather, T.W. Grammer, was the son of Peterson and Mary Ann. Would like to exchange info with anyone interested in this Grammer line.

Jul 24, 1998 - 16:30 - From: - John Thomas Grammer

MITCHELL - MITCHELL, John Henry, was born in Petersburg, Dinnwiddie Co., VA in 1742-0r 1748. According to records I have found, this John Henry died in 1771. Also, a John Henry MITCHELL died in Oglethorpe Co. GA. in 1804. This second Johm Henry was father of Thomas Hardaway MITCHELL, who was born in Dinwiddie Co., VA in 1793. I believe there were two John Henrys because the first would have been too old for a son born in 1793, even if the records didn't show he died in 1771.I would like to find someone with information to help me clear up this confusion. Who was John Henry 1's wife? When and where was John Henry II (or Jr.) born? Did John Henry 1 serve in the revolution? Who was John Henry 1's father and mother? If anuone has any helpful information, I would much appreciate it. Bill MITCHELL

Jul 24, 1998 - 23:36 - From: - William G. (Bill) MITCHELL

MURPHY, MCQUOWN - Am looking for information on Jane McQuown Murphy, married to Benjamin Franklin Murphy. She was killed in Dinwiddie in 1889, leaving a daughter, age 5, Goldie Pearl Murphy.

Jul 25, 1998 - 01:06 - From: - Kay Clark

SISSON/M - Interested in any info on the Sisson/m family, in the area from late 1600s thru late 1700s. The given names we have are Tom, Steve, William.

Jul 29, 1998 - 21:22 - From: - Joe Sissom

MANLEY - Richard James Manley was born in Dinwiddie Co. 1808. Moved to Ga. Would like info. on parents and names.

Jul 30, 1998 - 07:56 - From: - Cynthia Goodman Padgett

WELLS - Freeman WELLS of Henry co., VA who married Martha COMBS in Halifax co., VA 19 Mar 1798 is a close relative of Reuben WELLS who married Tabitha MARTIN. Both witnessed the deed of gift from Matthew to his father Abraham WELLS in June 1789. What is the relationship between these men, and the other Dinwiddie WELLSes?

Aug 3, 1998 - 15:34 - From: - Betty Ann Wells

SMITH - Looking for info of Willaim Smith poss. Quaker from Dinwiddie Co. Va. born abt 1720, sons William and Leonard born 1740 -50 later moved to Union Co. S.C. Any info appreciated.

Aug 6, 1998 - 12:15 - From: - Michael L. Smith

SMITH - Looking for any information on Edward, known as Ned, SMITH. The notice of consent to marry from his wife's mother says that he was from Dinwiddie. After he married he lived in Sussex. This is all I know.

Aug 9, 1998 - 20:41 - From: - J. Sam Drolet

GIBBS, MAWREY, PETERSON - Looking for information on family of John and Holly GIBBS (1810 census- 1850 tax records) in Dinwiddie and Petersburg. Ann Eliza GIBBS(circ 1810) married James MAWREY (1828-29). She inherited property on Water (Old) St, in Petersburg from Peter PETERSON who died circ 1814. Any information on any of these families would be appreciated.

Aug 11, 1998 - 09:44 - From: - Charlotte Kirchner

PERKINS - Seek info Baker Perkins and Lewis Perkins. Born James City Co., Va. Moved to Dinwiddie Co. after the Revolutionary War. Seek parents, sibs, wife, and children. Will exchange info -- Thanks -- Cary Young Adams

Aug 23, 1998 - 08:38 - From: - Cary Young Adams

COOPER - Looking for information on Edmund or Edmond Cooper, listed as taxpayer in "Virginia Tax Payers 1782-87". Or any information on Coopers or Masons.

Aug 28, 1998 - 18:48 - From: - Charles V. Cooper

TURNER, WHEELHOUSE, CLARK - I would like to make contact with Dinwiddie County folks who might be related to the Turner, Wheelhouse, and Clark families who left Dinwiddie County in 1833 and went to Bedford County, Tennessee.

Aug 30, 1998 - 22:29 - From: - Hoyte Cook

REESE - I am looking for documentation for the parents of Isham Reese, whose dates are 1748-1816, born in Dinwiddie County, died in GA. I have one report that states his father was Hugh Reese and his mother was Lucretia Chappell, but I have no proof. Can someone help me? Thanks, Martha

Sep 1, 1998 - 20:53 - From: - Martha Jones

TURNER - Looking for information about Vines TURNER, was5 yrs old in the 1830 cencus taken at Dinwiddle County. Would like to have names of mother and father and birth date. Anything will be appreciated.

Sep 3, 1998 - 14:14 - From: - Eugene H. TURNER

KECKLEY - I am looking for the owner of the slave James Keckley who met the slave Elizabeth Hobbs in 1840 when she worked for the Ann Garland family in Dinwiddie Courthouse,VA. Eventually James and Elizabeth married in St. Louis in 1852.

Sep 4, 1998 - 14:23 - From: - Ann Lieberson

LUNSFORD , SCOTT - Looking for a marriage between a LUNSFORD , and a SCOTT from 1775 to 1800.

Sep 6, 1998 - 19:37 - From: - David Richardson

ALDRIDGE - Looking for info about Thomas J. Aldridge born in 1847 in Dinwiddie County. Siblings were William, Charles, James, Mary, Lucy, Ted, and Eldon.

Sep 7, 1998 - 09:37 - From: - Helen Peterson

PRITCHETT - I am searching for information on Joseph Prichett and his wife Mary who showed up in area records in 1705 and 1716 and for his son John Pritchett and his wife Lucy (possibly Lucy Brooks) who lived in Dwindle Co Va he was born in 1716 and died in 1804.

Sep 9, 1998 - 20:17 - From: - Cornelia Amiri

SCOTT - I am seeking any information on Lucy (Lucie) Scott Born Feb 1835, I believe on the Laural Branch Plantation. She died June 22, 1902 in Washington D.C. Lucy was most likely a slave on the plantation.

Sep 13, 1998 - 21:27 - From: - Ronald L. Simms

YOUNG - Does anyone have any information on a Nathan or Nathaniel YOUNG who lived in the Petersburg area, Dinwiddie County Virginia in the ca 1750-1790 time period. I'm trying to possibly link him up with my ancestor James YOUNG of Cumberland Co., KY. James married Sarah (Sally) Breeding daughter of George and Rachel Cassidy BREEDING, on Oct. 6, 1789 in then Lincoln County., KY. James had a least two brothers, Robert YOUNG and Thomas YOUNG, and maybe a sister who married a BAKER, all who lived in the Cumberland County, KY area in the 1780s-early 1800s. Willing to share information.

Sep 17, 1998 - 21:04 - From: - Cheryl Sale

MCCARGO, CALDWELL, FITZGERALD, LIPSCOMB, CARDENS - I am looking for relatives related to the Fitzgeralds, Lipscombs, Caldwells and McCargos. These families lived in Mckenney, Halifax, South Boston, Scottsburg and in the beginning Pittslyvania. Sincerely, Velma A. McCargo

Sep 20, 1998 - 00:31 - From: - Velma A. McCargo

URQUHART - I am searching for marriage/cohabit records for Slaves? How can I get the information. Name, address. and telephone numer. How much will it cost? I would really appreciate.

Sep 21, 1998 - 21:30 - From: - Jeanette Scruggs

AUDERS,/UDAS - Request information on Audas, Auders Ann Audas, Charles Augustus Auders may have lived on or near Wales property.

Sep 22, 1998 - 14:25 - From: - Frances Norris

RIDLEY - I am seeking any possible information about the late George Ridley whose family resided in Dinwiddie VA. I am his grand-daughter Courtney Maury my mother, his daughter is Paula Headen. My family is in Philadelphia, PA. George Ridley had a relationship with my Myrtle Headen about 65 years ago. I am interested in finding any living relatives.

Sep 22, 1998 - 19:51 - From: - Courtney Maury

PRYOR - Seeking any information on the family of Roger Atkinson PRYOR, b. in Dinwiddie Co., 19 Jul 1828, to Theodorick & Lucy (ATKINSON) PRYOR. At the time, Theodorick was a lawyer; after 1854, he was pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Petersburg. Roger was a journalist, Congressman, Confederate general then private, lawyer, and eventual NY Supreme Court Justice.

Oct 1, 1998 - 13:07 - From: - Matt HARRIS

PRYOR, ATKINSON - Seeking any information on the family of Roger Atkinson PRYOR, b. in Dinwiddie Co., 19 Jul 1828, to Theodorick & Lucy (ATKINSON) PRYOR. At the time, Theodorick was a lawyer; after 1854, he was pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Petersburg. Roger was a journalist, Congressman, Confederate general then private, lawyer, and eventual NY Supreme Court Justice.

Oct 1, 1998 - 13:08 - From: - Matt HARRIS

MANN - I am looking for information on my ancestors and am starting with my grandfather and grandmother, Joseph D. Mann and Maggie MIller Winfrey Mann, who lived in Petersburg, VA. Please send me any information. Thanks Elizabeth Ferguson

Oct 13, 1998 - 23:03 - From: - Elizabeth Ferguson

WATKINS, PARHAM, RANDOLPH - Am interested in information on William Watkins, son of William Watkins and Eliza Randolph Watkins, married to Nancy Parham, and died in Dinwiddie Co. in 1860. One of his children was Virginia Watkins, who married Edward Cousins of Chesterfield Co. on March 24, 1851.

Oct 14, 1998 - 10:13 - From: - Rowland L Matteson

BOWLING/BOLLING - Seeking any information on Benjamin and/or Dorthea BOWLING (aka BOLLING) who were twins b 1 June 1734 in Petersburg, DINWIDDIE COUNTY, VA according to several sources (GENDEX listing, etc.) Is this true? Family tradition has it that they both were the ch of Major John BOLLING and Elizabeth Blair BOLLING??? Are there any existent records that would prove or disprove??? Would be happy to exchange information on this family forward, since I have little on going back. Benjamin Bowling (aka Bolling) and his wife, Patsy Phelps BOWLING, were my ggggg grandparents on my father's side. Thanks!!!

Oct 18, 1998 - 11:21 - From: - Dennis M. Neil

JOLLEY/JOLLY - James JOLLEY/JOLLY was b. 1776, Dinwiddie Co., VA, "on Big Stanley Creek." Would be interested in hearing from anyone with information on his parents or family left in the area. Where is Big Stanley Creek? Thanks, Barb

Oct 22, 1998 - 04:59 - From: - Barbara B. Waters

COCKE - I need information on Richard A. Cocke b. about 1832 VA, married "M.A.R.," and had kids: Peyton Andrew, Mittie, Elizabeth. Peyton Andrew Cocke b. 1864, m. Carrie Bell Deering. Please email Ralph Rodriguez at (Rrod49@aol.com)

Oct 24, 1998 - 21:43 - From: - Ralph Rodriguez

ALLISON - Looking for info on one John Allison listed in the 1810 Census of Dinwiddie Cty. Our John Allison Sr. and his line ( m. Elizabeth Davies and Isabella Adams) married with a number of families whose names also listed there (Davis, Pegram, Pryor, Rogers). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Oct 30, 1998 - 09:39 - From: - Lydia Allison

HILL, DAVIS - searching for descentants of Richard Hill born bet 1864 and 1866. Married Mollie Hill. Moved to Petersburg, VA. Served in the Spanish-American War. ALSO SEARCHING DESCENTANTS OF Haley M. DAVIS AND Alice Epps DAVIS. hALEY WAS BORN IN NOTTOWAY COUNTY. Moved later to Petersburg, VA

Nov 3, 1998 - 15:12 - From: - Sandra Brown

STABLER - I am trying to do a better job on my ggg grandfather, Edward Stabler, who died in Dinwiddie County in 1785. He was a Quaker and gave the property upon which Gravelley Run Meeting House was located. He likewise was buried in the Granelley Run Meeting Cemetery. In August I did rather "spontaneous" on site serach for these locations in Dinwiddie County without success. At lease I found Gravelley Run - but not much more than that. I'd appreciate any help from anyone familiar with the locations. Thanks ahead of time. John Tallman Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Nov 4, 1998 - 09:06 - From: - John Tallman

ELDER - I am searching for information on Daniel Elder and his brother, Lucius. Frances Sawyer married Lucius in 1816. She reportedly married Daniel before this and he died. Lucius died in 1819. I have no information on the origins or family of these men except that they were Methodist and lived in Dinwiddie Co.

Nov 11, 1998 - 16:11 - From: - Fran Taylor

GREEN/GREENE - I'm looking for any information about slaves using the surname "green or greene" in Dinwiddie or surrounding parent counties, my ggrandfather's name was John Greene, who married Patty. My grandfather was born around 1887,so my ggrandfather and his wife Patty were likely born slaves. My grandfather who's name was Waverly Greene was guitar and bango player,his trade was saw milling(rumor has it very good).He was one of the few Black men who read,write,add and subtract in early 20th century Dinwiddie. White landowners would ask his opinion on the price of lands,he could survey by looking at it.He married Laura Crump.

Nov 14, 1998 - 10:10 - From: - Wanda D. Carter

VADEN - Looking for information on John Vaden born unknown married 8-12-1785 Died in Dinwiddie County, Va. married to Hanna Nunnally. I have names of siblings but need dates and marriages. Thanks in advance all information will be shared Georgia

Nov 24, 1998 - 01:20 - From: - Georgia Vaden

LEWIS - Looking for any information on Katie Lewis, she was born in Dinwiddie county on Jan 6, 1885. I know that her family died at an early age, and her and her brother was the last living when she married Edward Hugh Clayton. Edward and Katie lived in Chesterfield from that point on. If anyone is researching Lewis family in Dinwiddie, would love to hear from you to help get this line straight. Thanks, Lori E. Haden

Nov 29, 1998 - 11:29 - From: - Lori Haden

HALL - Am looking for information about Hugh Hall(1733-1771) and wife Mary Dixon(1735-1788) their children included William Hall(about 1760-1819) William Hall married Sarah Sasanett (about 1760-1821). I need any info on William or Hugh Hall. I am direct descendant of both. Thanks for any help. They all have connections in Dinwiddie,Brunswick, and Prince George counties in Va.

Nov 30, 1998 - 09:09 - From: - Charles Kearney Hall III

HARDY - Mary Elizabeth Hardy born abt 1837 in Dinwiddie Co. Married David Andrews of Dinwiddie Co. Would like to know who her parents were.

Dec 2, 1998 - 23:12 - From: - Nellie Ashby Collins

KEITH, JONES - I am researching the KEITH family that lived in Dinwiddie Co in the late 1700s. My g-g-g-g grandfather, Rev. Daniel KEITH, (1759-1824) was probably the son of Cornelius KEITH and a descendant of the Rev. KEITH who came to VA from Bermuda in 1617. On 5 Feb 1781, Daniel m. Rosa Corbin (b. 1781) and in 1782 the KEITH family moved to Montgomery (now Carrol Co) and then again they moved to Surrey Co, NC. Daniel and his family and his brother, Rev. George KEITH, moved to Grayson Co, VA. In 1817/1818, Daniel and Rosa KEITH moved to Jackson Co, IN with their family and their daughter, Prudence KEITH JONES and her husband, George JONES. I would appreciate any information on the KEITHS or the JONES families. I have extensive info on the Jones descendants.

Dec 21, 1998 - 21:50 - From: - Dori Bruns

GASTINEAU/GASTINUE - Looking for any info on the Gastineau family in Dinwiddie Co in the late 1700's, early 1800's. The name is misspelled a lot, such as Gastinue. Please e-mail. Janie Budd

Dec 22, 1998 - 12:10 - From: - Janie Budd

LOCKE - Looking for any data on James Locke and family living in Dinwiddie County in late 1700's and early 1800's. Please e-mail Janie Budd

Dec 23, 1998 - 11:00 - From: - Janie Budd

FITTS, STUDIVANT - Any info about a Henry Fitts and wife Susannah Studivant middle 1700s in Prince George Co,now Dinwiddie Co.They were planters and moved to Warren Co NC around 1773. Their ancestors were from the James Island area.

Dec 23, 1998 - 17:49 - From: - Douglas C Fitts

BURGE, HALL, PALMER - Am researching William BURGE Sr.,b.abt.1760, d.Oct 1830 Dinwiddie Co., VA, marr.22 Dec 1785 to Rebecca Hall; Thomas Peterson BURGE b.1790 VA, d.9 Feb 1870 Muhlenburg Co., KY, marr.26 Feb 1817 to Eliza A. PALMER b.1802 VA, d.1881 Wilson Co., TN; John Wesley BURGE b.Apr 1839 Wilson Co., TN, d.15 Nov 1902 McKinney, Collin Co., TX, marr. Julia A.(?) b.Oct 1837 VA, d.1914 McKinney, Collin Co., TX; John Wesley BURGE Jr b.1872 KY, d.1944 McKinney, Collin Co., TX, marr.17 Mar 1890 to Lizzie McFelea; William Thomas BURGE b.23 Aug 1891 McKinney, Collin Co., TX, d.22 Sept 1967 Dundee, Archer Co., TX, marr.27 Nov 1912 McKinney, Collin Co., TX to Lucy Emma TAYLOR b.1 Sept 1894 McKinney, Collin Co., TX, d.11 Nov 1982 Electra, Wichita Co., TX. Will gladly exchange info on these families.

Dec 30, 1998 - 18:36 - From: - Fred Downs

CLARK - Need parents of Bolling Clark, b ca l785 and m in Halifax Co., VA Polly/Mary Atkinson, d/o John Atkin son 20 Sept. l805. They came with the Atkinsons to Williamson Co., TN. Polly is listed in the l850 Census of Davidson Co., TN, but Bolling is not listed after l840 census. According to family research, no proof, the following are siblings of Bolling Clark, b. ca l785 Mary, b 3 June l795 m Wm. Houston; Nancy m Joe Henson; Elizabeth m George Woodward; Martha m Elijah Ward; Agnew m Richard Phillips; Ranie m Dave Osborne; Joseph; James and Cage. The father was James Clark. Info came from a family Bible and now Bible is long gone. As the Pegrams, Woodwards were from Dinwiddie Co. and were living in Davidson Co. (now Cheatham C0., TN) with the Clarks, then there might be a chance that my Clarks were from this county also. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Martha Clark Cooke, 3l2 River Oaks Rd., Brentwood, TN 37027, e-mail mccooke1@juno.com

Dec 30, 1998 - 22:49 - From: - Martha Clark Cooke

RAPPOLD - Looking for any information on Johann(John) Michael Rappold.I know he lived in dinwiddie co from 1860-1870.He mother Marie Magadeline and his 2 brothers Johann Leonhard and Johann Georg stayed in Baltimore city.Johann M was born in 1830 in Schrozberg Germany(Wurrttemburg).They arrived in the USA about 1845.Any additional information would be appreciated.

Jan 9, 1999 - 23:18 - From: - Lynn Smith

RATHER - Samuel Rather died in Dinwiddie in 1774. Had a wife named Anne. I am interested in learning any info on this man or family. My main interest is in which country did he originate. Any info will be appreaciated.

Jan 14, 1999 - 19:08 - From: - Terrie Kennett

ANDAS, AUDAS, ANDUS, ROLFE, ROCHELLE - Would like information on Manasseh Audas, Manasseh Andas or Manasseh Andus who lived in Dinwiddie between 1816 and late 1800s. Manasseh was married first to Permelia Smith in 1935 and to Ann Rochelle sometime after 1850s. He had a sister Elizabeth Rolfe (husband Reuben) and a sister Ann or Nancy Ann (husband John R. Ruffin). He lived at one time on Cox Rd. Any information on these families would be appreciated. Thanks Frances Norris Fran@aol.com

Jan 17, 1999 - 17:01 - From: - Frances Norris

DINWIDDIE - I am trying to locate any information about Endora Dinwiddie. I believe Dinwiddie county is named after her family. Endora Dinwiddie is my Great Great Grandmother. Any Information would be of great interest to me. Please Email me if possible at michael.smith@eskan.swablack.af.mil

Jan 20, 1999 - 04:33 - From: - Michael F. Smith

REAMES, HEATH - I am trying to find information regarding my father and mother's side of the family, but for right now I will concentrate on my father. His father was Walter Everette Heath and his grandfather was John Nathan Heath. We think John Nathan came from Sussex Co., but not sure. My grandmother's name was Willie Anna Reames and she was married to Walter Everette. No one knows anything about my great grandfather's wife who was John Nathan. Any info on any of these will be greatly appreciated.

Jan 21, 1999 - 19:44 - From: - Karen Vadnais

BADGER - William H. Badger, whose parents could have been Joseph and Anne Badger was born in Dinwiddle County 4/5/1827, he moved to North Carolina and married Alpha DuVall. I'm trying to find information on Joseph and Anne Badger to confirm if they were William's parents or who was. Thanks Ruby Badger Pruitt

Jan 25, 1999 - 20:28 - From: - Ruby Badger Pruitt

NEWTON, MCLEMORE - Seeking information on Turner NEWTON and his wife Mary MCCLEMORE who were in Petersburg in 1850. They were both from Southampton County, VA. He was born ca. 1800. Both are in Southampton County in 1830 and 1840.

Jan 28, 1999 - 18:30 - From: - Knox Martin

MCKENNEY - Does any one know after whom McKenney, VA is named? (and a litle biographical information about that individual)

Jan 29, 1999 - 10:10 - From: - Patrick McKenney

MAYHUGH, WELLS - Trying to find information about the Joel Wells family who operated a Tavern in Dinwiddie County, Virgina in the late 1700's.

Jan 30, 1999 - 17:18 - From: - Eric Mayhugh

BADGER - I'm looking for the Parents of William H. Badger who was born in 1828. In the 1850 Census shows a William H. Badger, 50 yrs old and his wife Eliza 48 which could be his parents. Thanks for any information. Ruby Badger Pruitt

Feb 1, 1999 - 22:24 - From: - Ruby Badger Pruitt

BUTTS, CLAY - looking for info on Benjamin H. Butts and Ophelia Clay, both of Dinwiddie County.

Feb 2, 1999 - 12:56 - From: - Donna Jacobus

WILLIAMS - I am searching for info about DAVID WILLIAMS, born ca 1787 in Dinwiddie County VA, died ca 1819 in Dinwiddie County. Married Francis (last name ?) in 1808. Their children were: Nancy b 1809, Edward b ? , Louisa Jane b 1814, David James b 1816, Sarah Elizabeth b 1819. Francis and children moved to Missouri ca 1830. Francis returned to Dinwiddie County VA in 1859. She died there. I think all of the children died in MO. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Feb 3, 1999 - 11:02 - From: - Harry Waggener

THORNTON - Searching for information of THORNTON, William. Born circa 1840, enlisted Confederate Army 1861. Relatives in clude. THORTNON, Mary Re., THORNTON E.T., THORNTON, L.A., THORNTON Maude A.

Feb 3, 1999 - 15:38 - From: - Rhonda Kruck

CURTIS - Looking for parents and further information for John CURTIS, b.abt.1706, m.abt.1725 to Ellenor ?, Bristol Parish, Dinwiddie Co., VA. d.abt.1770 in Sussex County, VA.

Feb 5, 1999 - 09:20 - From: - Hope Kyle

PARHAM, GEE - John Parham-Pvt.Revolutionary War d.1807 Dinwiddie Co. m.Mary Rebecca Gee 1779 childern were William, Charles Lewis & 2 girls.Need to prove this.Would like info on this family

Feb 5, 1999 - 17:19 - From: - marcy Tomaselli

HEATH - I am looking for antecedents and any information about the family of Tinsley HEATH, b. ca.1778 in Dinwiddie Co. I don't know his first wife's name, but he married Anna Loyd in 1803 and emigrated to Ohio around 1805 with a group of strong Methodists. Surnames among the emigrants were BONNER, SALE, BUTLER, and DAVIS. I have a pretty complete line of his descendants, but almost no information on his siblings or antecedents.

Feb 6, 1999 - 12:58 - From: - Jim Scharf

FRAZIER - I looking for information on Chesblow Frazier b.3-9-1909 d.11-05-1967 and his wife Ester Louise Johnson b.unknown d.12-06-1950. They had four children ,Veola b3-02-36, Walter b.5-30-37, James b.5-30-39,d.unkonwn., Beulah b.10-15-42. I would like any information i can get on my grandparents.

Feb 10, 1999 - 11:06 - From: - Tammy Ncihele Yates

GARDENHIRE, THOMPSON - JACOB and MARGARET KATHERINE THOMPSON GARDENHIRE Jacob Gardenhire came to Petersburg from Pennsylvania. He entered Washington's Army there in Petersburg and served under him until the end of the Rev. war. He met Margaret Katherine Thompson in Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co., VA. Margaret Katherine was born in Wales and came to America as a little girl and was raised here...I am trying to find out more about both families. Jacob's father was also named Jacob as was his grandfather's. His grandfather came to America around 1705 with his son's Jacob, Mark and Adam. As I mentioned Margaret came to America as a small girl and these are the circumstances...She had an estate which was to desolve on her guardian at her death. In order to get her estate, he sent her on shipboard to Petersburg, Virginia. Here she grew up and married Jacob in 1760. Can anyone help fill in the holes...Surely there were Thompson relatives in Petersburg that raised her...

Feb 14, 1999 - 17:26 - From: - Jamie Gibbons

EVANS - Seek brothers of & sistersBatte Evans. He was born 1758 in Dinwiddie County, VA. Fought in Revolutioon Married Tempie Ellis in 1883. Was in Edgefield District, SC by 1790. He was my ggggrandfather.

Feb 23, 1999 - 20:01 - From: - Earl Evans

PERRYMAN/PERAMON - I am looking for info. on Elisha Peramon[Perryman]. He was born in Dinwiddie Co. in 1769.I don't know who his father was.

Mar 10, 1999 - 21:29 - From: - Ronnie Perryman

BURGE - Burge, Henry I am looking for athe test of a law suit concerning Henry Burge Dinwiddie Co. VA 1789-1790. any help would be greatly appreciated. E-mail to omoranch@aol.com

Mar 11, 1999 - 18:44 - From: - Nancy Jane Dowell


Mar 13, 1999 - 16:33 - From: - BOBBY WILLIAMS

Hall, Abernathy, Major, Toone - Looking for information on the parents of "Thomas Watson Major" and his wife "Mary Elizabeth Hall Major" born 1871 and 1874 respectively, died 1936 and 1955 respectively, buried in Amelia VA. Also need info on "Jackson Major" married to "Anna May Toone Major" born around 1920's. If there is info on "Thomas Abernathy" or his wife "Katherine? Edmonia" Dinwiddie area born mid 1800's. Also area's of Brunswick, Nottoway, Amelia, Blackstone etc...Will gladly share info. Thanks.

Mar 14, 1999 - 00:43 - From: - Sarah Ulmer

COLEMAN, SHORT - John COLEMAN was born in Virginia (perhaps Essex County) and died about 1850 in Dinwiddie County, Va. He married Francis SHORT, daughter of William SHORT, Jr. They had at least three children: (1)John M. COLEMAN, b. Aug 24, 1795 in Dinwiddie County, d. Oct 18, 1881 in Monroe County, Ga.,(2) Nancy COLEMAN b. ? , d. 1861 Kershaw County, SC and (3) Happy COLEMAN b. ?, d ?. I would appreciate any information on John COLEMAN, Francis Short, William Short, JR. and especially Nancy Coleman my ggggm. Thanks in advance for your interest and help. Guerry

Mar 14, 1999 - 15:05 - From: - Guerry

BELCHER - Edmonia BELCHER married Thomas ABERNATHY and they lived in Dinwiddie. They had 7 children John, Henry, ADA, Ernest, Maxey (Mac), Eddie and Bernard. Any info would be helpful, will exchange knowledge about the family.

Mar 16, 1999 - 00:48 - From: - Sarah Ulmer

SMITH - Looking for any information on Jmaes Smith SR and Ann Smith from Petersburg, VA Listed on 1850 Census. Sons William,James JR,Hugh,John Charles, Daughters Janet& Jane. John Charles and James JR Served in the 41st VA Infantry Company E During the Civil War. Any information would be Greatlly Appreciated.

Mar 18, 1999 - 19:18 - From: - Michael Russell

PRUITT - I am trying to find information on Bloomfield, a home in Wilsons VA. Would like to know as much about previous owners, and history. Have only been able to trace owners as far back as the Phelps. I am one of Wallace & Nina Pruitt's children and I am trying to relate historical information to new owners. I know that it is written up in the Dinwiddie Co histroy book from some years past.

Mar 19, 1999 - 18:17 - From: - Rebecca Pruitt Hudson

WRIGHT, ACREE, DEFORD - I am looking for any information on the the following Wright family found in the 1850 Dinwiddie Co.,VA census. Alex Wright age 37 carpenter Sarah "" age 38 Clarinda(?) age 12 Josephine age 10 Robert age 8 Sarah age 6 Julia age 4 Wm age 4/12 Alexander age 4/12 I am especially interested in Josephine. I believe she may be the wife of William Joshua Acree however her tombstone in Blandford Cemetary indicates she was born in 1842, the same year as her husband. Also, there is another tombstone in the same plot with Otelia Wright deFord 1860-1939 that my grandmother says is Josephine's sister.

Mar 24, 1999 - 22:57 - From: - Elizabeth Veserat

BUTTERWORTH, SHIELDS - BUTTERWORTH/SHEILDS Estate of ? Butterworth, listed in Dinwiddie Co, VA on December 19, 1842, which gave 80 ac to Widow's Dower; 69 ac to ROBERT L BUTTERWORTH; 56 ac to JOHN T. SHEILDS in right of wife; & 58 ac. to SUSAN E. H. BUTTERWORTH (Ref: Dinwiddie Co, Va Data 1752-1865 by Thomas P. Hughes Jr., Fairfax Library). My gggrand's name was Susan Elizabeth H. Butterworth, born 1804 in VA, married in Sumner County Tenn to Wiley E. Jones on 23 Jan 1827; lived in Henry County Tenn until the family (13 children) moved to Johnson County, Texas where she died on 14 March 1877 and is buried in the Jones/Keene Cemetery in Johnson County. When she lived in Henry Coutny, Tenn., a JOSEPH AND DOSHIA BUTTERWORTH lived there also and left by the 1860 census. Does anyone know where I could find estate data/records for SUSAN E.H. BUTTERWORTH/ROBERT L. BUTTERWORTH/ROBERT L. SHIELDS. Thank you. Carlan Jones King

Mar 25, 1999 - 18:16 - From: - Carlan Jones King

BUTTERWORTH - BUTTERWORTH family of Dinwiddie (Petersburg) VA: Estate dated December 19, 1842, Butterworth Case 80 ac - widow's dower 69 ac - Robert L. Butterworth 56 ac - John T. Sheilds in right of wife 14 ac - John T. Sheilds in right of wife 58 ac - SUSAN E. H. BUTTERWORTH 14 ac - SUSAN E. H. BUTTERWORTH 18 ac - Robert L. Butterworth Dinwiddie Co VA Data 1752 - 1865 by Thomas P. Hughes Jr. VREF 929.3755 DINW My gggrandmother was Susan E. H. Butterworth, born VA in 1804; she married in Sumner County, Tennessee in 1827 to Wiley E. Jones, Jr.; lived in Henry Coutny Tennessee until 1853 when the entire family (13 children) moved to Johnson County, Texas. She is buried at the Jones/Keene Cemetery south of Ft. Worth (near Cleburne). When the family was in Henry County Tennessee, there was a Joseph and Endotria Butterworth also in the county (1850 census) and they were not there in the 1860 census. The Butterworths did not go to Johnson County with the Jones family. Does this connect with any Butterworths in Dinwiddie County? Any suggestions?? Thanks. Carlan Jones King

Mar 27, 1999 - 01:48 - From: - Carlan Jones King

RITCHEY/RITCHIE - Interested in making contact with anyone researching the Ritchey (Ritchie) family of Dinwiddie County ca. 1730. William Ritchey married a Charity ?

Apr 5, 1999 - 20:06 - From: - Elizabeth Vertz

SHARP - My name is Alison Sharp, I am a grand-daughter of George Walter Dinwiddie, born cir. 1912 (from his marriage to Virginia Larson). It is my understanding that George is a direct descendent of Lt.Gov. Dinwiddie, but think my grandfather's immediate ancestors all came from Indiana. Any information would be greatly appreciated

Apr 6, 1999 - 20:45 - From: - Alison Sharp

VAUGHAN, TUCKER, LEONARD, ROPER, LEDBETTER, HARRISON - Looking for information about Albsalom VAUGHAN and his son Hartwell VAUGHAN who reportedly married a Nancy TUCKER. Hartwell and Nancy had daughters, Rebecca and Martha who married brothers, William H. Leonard and Samuel Leonard. Have information to share about both Leonard Lines.

Apr 11, 1999 - 00:39 - From: - J. Leonard

WATSON - I am looking for any information on a family name Watson. They lived in Va. and moved to Texas.

Apr 13, 1999 - 04:40 - From: - Tim Vandermark

OVERBY - I am looking for information on William Overby, Sr. and William Overby, Jr. who were born in Virginia. William,Sr. was born about 1768 and William,Jr. was born in 1793. These two men are ancestors of my husband. Susan Overby

Apr 14, 1999 - 12:41 - From: - Susan Overby

VAUGHAN - Jordan Y. VAUGHAN b:abt 1802,VA. Married Elizabeth (Betsy) before 1828. Father: Willis VAUGHAN died: aft 7 Jul 1819. Mother,Frances. 1850 US Census record, Dinwiddie Co, VA (Roll 941, p.463, line 5) as HOH. Jordan's relationship to father Willis VAUGHAN in Will of Willis VAUGHAN, VGSQ, Vol 10, 1972, p.13, "Some Wills of Burned Counties". Have land records for Willis VAUGHAN. Looking for further info on Jordan Y. VAUGHAN and for father of Willis VAUGHAN.

Apr 19, 1999 - 16:32 - From: - Karen Parham Foster

TUCKER - David J. TUCKER b: 1802/1803, VA died about 1861, VA. Married Sarah EPPES. Children: Ann E. TUCKER, b:1825/26; David A.A. TUCKER, b:1828; Sarah Eppes TUCKER, b:23 May 1831. His Will: Dinwiddie Co, VA Will Book 7, p. 618. 1850 US Census, Dinwiddie Co, VA, Southern District, with family. Looking for his parents

Apr 19, 1999 - 16:45 - From: - Karen Parham Foster

COLEMAN, HARDIN - I am looking for any information on the Coleman family. John Henry Coleman married Mary Bell Hardin in Dinwiddie County on July 20, 1898. They had at least five boys. The following is in birth order: Irvin W. born 1901; John Willard born 1-26-1903(Husband's Grandfather;Leonard P. born 1911; Edward W. about 1913; and Ernest born 1915. Please e-mail me if anyone is descended from one of these people. Thank you!

Apr 21, 1999 - 14:37 - From: - Terri Maitland

ELDER - I am interested in finding out more about the family of a William Elder who was given a grant for 70 acres (on the south side of Hatchers run)in Dinwiddie Co. VA on 18 Sept 1809.(see Virginia Land Grants on the internet) I am also interested in more information on a Claiborne Elder born in Dinwiddie Co. VA in 1810. I think his father might have been James Elder. I am not sure I am related to these people, but Clayborn seems to be a family name of mine, and I would like to check it out. My Elder family was last documented in Rutherford Co. Tennessee, but it is rumored that they came from Virginia. If you can help me, I'd really appreciate it.

Apr 21, 1999 - 21:31 - From: - Lori C. Judd

BURGESS, TUCKER - Looking for Laura Tucker (1847-1897) maried to Clark Burgess (1847-1908)and son Howard B. Burgess (1868-1951), or any Burgess.

May 2, 1999 - 08:56 - From: - Jack Craver Hostetter

CROWDER - In Lunenburg Deed book 8, in 1762, from Batt Crowder of Lunenburg, to George Crowder of Dinwiddie Co., for 33 pounds, a certain tract of land....etc. Does anybody out there know anything about this George Crowder? I wonder if he might be the father of my ggggrandfather George and his brother Thomas.

May 3, 1999 - 15:34 - From: - Sheila Mahaffy

CROWDER - The following list of Crowders from Dinwiddie County, Virginia and vacinity were gleaned from various censuses. If anyone has any information about any of them, please let me know. If you know of anyone else who might help, please forward. Thanks. John J Mayers 59 Francis Marion Circle Beaufort, SC 29902 843-522-0899 jmayers@hargray.com Name Sex Born About Probable Parent(s) Martha J. Crowder F 1852 Norville Crowder Harriet Crowder Jethro F. Crowder M 1854 Norville Crowder Harriet Crowder Charles R. Crowder M 1856 Norville Crowder Harriet Crowder Elizabeth E. Crowder F 1861 Norville Crowder Harriet Crowder Billie Crowder M 1862 Norville Crowder Harriet Crowder Alice Crowder F 1863 Norville Crowder Harriet Crowder Harriet N Crowder F 1869 Norville Crowder Harriet Crowder Julia Crowder F 1861 John N Crowder Manerva J. Hudson Emma J Crowder F 1858 John N Crowder Manerva J. Hudson Frances Crowder F 1865 John N Crowder Manerva J. Hudson Edward H. Crowder M 1867 John N Crowder Julia A. Hogwood Davis Henrietta Crowder F 1871 John N Crowder Julia A. Hogwood Davis Thomas Crowder M 1872 John N Crowder Julia A. Hogwood Davis Mabel Crowder F 1905 Related to John N Crowder Julia A. Hogwood Davis Marie Crowder F 1898 Related to John N Crowder Julia A. Hogwood Davis Uriah Crowder M 1830 Archer Crowder Nancy Spain Clifford Crowder M 1876 William A Crowder Sarah Mack

May 4, 1999 - 14:01 - From: - John J Mayers

CROWDER, SPAIN - Seeking information on Archer Crowder and Nancy Spain. Archer was born in Dinwiddie County around 1792 and died in Dinwiddie County July 1876. Nancy was born around 1796. Any information about Archer and Nancy, especially their siblings and parents, would be greatly appreciated.

May 4, 1999 - 14:08 - From: - John J Mayers

THWEATT, ANDREWS - Looking for ancestors of Amey Thweatt b. 12-8-1765 in Dinwiddie Co, married Varney Andrews, Sr., died in Meclenburg Co, VA

May 6, 1999 - 14:52 - From: - Lisa Jenkins

LITTLEFIELD, BURROW, CAIN, PARHAM -Looking for parents of Martha LITTLEFIELD b abt 1720 d 1790 Dinwiddie Co. VA. who married Philip BURROW d abt 1715 Pr. Geor Co. VA., d 1778 Dinwiddie Co. VA. Their children were Martha/marr Isham Cain; Jerrell 1740 1740/marr Eleanor----; Philip 1741 Dinwiddie Co. d 1829 Carroll Co. TN/marr Martha----; Mary b abt 1746; and Gray b abt 1750/marr Nancy PARHAM. Reply to rspencer19@hotmail.com

May 16, 1999 - 16:29 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

TUCKER, EPPS - Am looking for Daniel Tucker (2-14-1740) - (4-7-1818) who married Frances Epps (4-4-1750) - (8-6-1825). Also need Frances Epps mother and father. Thanks in advance.

May 16, 1999 - 18:34 - From: - Sheila Gann

WILKINSON - I am trying to find information about the family of William B. Wilkinson born on January 16, 1824 near Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co., Va, to Wyatt and Nancy (Lloyd) Wilkinson, both being natives of Virginia.

May 19, 1999 - 10:14 - From: - David Wilkinson Hickey



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