Green Rives of Dinwiddie County Virginia

Transcribed from book written by John R. T. Rives





SARAH F. RIVES, born Feb. 28, 1842, married Charles B. Metcalf, May 2, 1859 at Petersburg, Tennessee.CHARLES B. METCALF, son of Barnett and Lettia Metcalfe, born Dec. 11, 1836 at Fayetteville, Tennessee, and died at Poplar Bluff, Missouri, June 1896.

He served in the Confederate Army as 1st Corporal, Company (B) , Eighth Tennessee Regiment, Infantry.

Issue of Sarah and Charles Metcalf:

  (1) Infant son born 1860, Petersburg, Tenn.
  (2) Mary Lee Metcalfe, born September 22, 1861, Petersburg, Tenn. Married Will McGee Endsley, Sept. 20, 1887. She died in an asylum in Farrington, Missouri, Jan. 12, 1934. Issue:

(1) Charles B. Endsley, infant son died January 27, 1889, Malden, Missouri.
(2) Curtis Endsley, born Malden, Missouri, April 17, 1890, died Jan. 3, 1893.


Kate H. Metcalfe, born October 8, 1867, Petersburg, Tenn. Married C. E. McGee, Sept. 28, 1890, died July 29, 1896—no children.


Sallie Birdie Metcalfe, born May 2, 1871, Petersburg, Tenn. Married Aug. 4, 1889, Green N. Davis, son of Robert Washington and Susan Green.Sallie B. (Metcalfe) Davis and her husband lived in Poplar Bluff, Mo., for over 50 years.

(Above information furnished by Zelma Heath. a niece now living at Poplar Bluff.)

III. REV. JAMES DANDRIDGE RIVES, SR.,  born March 14, 1844, Lincoln County, Tennessee, married Mary Frances Tucker 1865. He died March 23, 1917 at Holdenville, Oklahoma. His mother died shortly after his birth and he was brought up by an uncle and aunt.

His son, Henry Daniel Rives, furnished the following: James Dand- ridge was attending college at Lynchburg, Virginia. He was seventeen. He and the majority of the student body at Lynchburg withdrew from their classes and all joined the Army; some the Confederate Army and some the Union Army. He traveled overland, back to Tennessee, making speeches as he went,  arousing the young, advising them to join the Confederate Army. Also, arriving in Tennessee he volunteered his services and joined the Confederate Army, enlisting in Company E, First Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, and was immediately sent to Virginia; was mustered into Robert E. Lee's Division, Stonewall Jackson's Brigade. At the close of the war he was mustered out at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, when Lee surrendered."

According to the Archives and History, Nashville, Tennessee, "James D. Rives served as a private in Company E, First Tenn. Infantry (Turney's) ." His life was spent in middle Tennessee as a public school teacher and a Baptist preacher. He was a teacher of unusual ability and, like other members of the family, a forceful and eloquent public speaker.

His wife was the daughter of. Dr. Daniel and Nancy (Higgins) Tucker, of Fayetteville, Tenn.; she died in Holden- Oklahoma, Dec. 1911. Issue, ten children:
(1)   ELMA RIVES (daughter of Rev. James D. Rives) born July 9, 1868, married D. Carlisle, June 8, 1891 at Richmond, Tennessee. She died April 1, 1948. Issue:
  (1)  Dana Carlisle, born March 14, 1892, married J. L. Branch, April 19, 1914. She died May 28, 1947. Issue:
    (1) Daughter, died in infancy.
    (2) Taylor Car- lisle Branch, born Oct. 7, 1916, m. Bea Daley, Sept. 8, 1939. Issue: Dana Melinda Branch, born March 16, 1947.
  (2) Nancy Leigh Carlisle, born May 8, 1893, m. Syd Bartlett, Nov. 5, 1912. Nancy Leigh Bartlett died Nov. 24, 1920. Issue:
    (1) Maxie Jean Bartlett, b. Feb. 8, 1912, m. Cecil Walden Oct. 19, 1935. No issue.
    (2) Charles Raymond Bartlett, b. April 30, 1916, m. Bobby Elam, Jan. 12, 1940. Issue: 1. Mary Leigh Bartlett, b. June 16, 1946. 2. Nancy Jean Bartlett, b. Oct. 9, 1950.
    (3) Doris Bartlett, b. July 23, 1917, m. Marvin Massey, May 29, 1937.Issue: 1. Diane Massey, b. Dec. 18, 1939. 2. Jerry Massey, b. April 8, 1941. 3. Robert Massey, b. Jan. 3, 1944. 4. Sydney Massey, b. Aug. 7, 1952.
  (3) J. Aulden Carlisle, born Jan. 18, 1895, m. Vida Browning, June 24, 1923. Married second, Eulalia Sanford. No issue. They reside at 6126 Gila Drive, El Paso, Texas.
  (4) Alvis Carlisle, born Sept. 14, 1897, m. Virginia Armstrong Sept. 24, 1922. No children.
  (5) Pansy Myrtle Carlisle, born. Sept. 3, 1904, m.Louis F. DeFascia Dec. 2, 1921. Issue:
    (1) Frances DeFascia, born Sept. 17, 1922, m. H. W. Cox, Jr., Feb. 6, 1942. No children.
    Second marriage of Pansy Myrtle Carlisle, to Monte Mullendore, June 23, 1934. Issue:
    (2) Patsy Jean Mullendore, born May 9, 1935, m. Roy Cannon Feb. 7, 1955. Issue: Jeannine Cannon, born Jan. 8, 1955. Rhonda Cannon, born April 23, 1956
  (6) Morris Sheppard Carlisle, born Jan. 6, 1907. Married first to Victor Clark Aug. 1, 1927. Issue:
    (1) Donald Lee Clark, born Dec. 12, 1929, m. Patricia Conway April 30, 1955. Resides at 311 Harding, Matherfield, California.

(2) Darlyne Delores Clark, born Nov.1, 1928, m. William Nevills Seawell, Nov. 4, 1949. Resides at 238 Fox Run, Candlebrook, Bridgeport, Penn. Issue: Matthew William Seawell, born April 28, 1954. Lucinda Lee Seawell, born April 20, 1956.


Morris Sheppard (Carlisle) Clark, married second, A. Edwin Moberly, Sept. 2, 1949. Resides at 1831. Naylor Dallas 28, Texas. (She has been most helpful in furnishing record of her mothers family.)

  (7) Owen Carlisle, born June 20, 1909—unmarried. Died Aug. 23, 1934.

HENRY DANIEL, born March 8, 1867, at Lincoln County, Tenn.; married Ida Carleton, April 1, 1896, at McGee in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) ; she was the daughter of Joe Bratton Carleton and his wife, Sue Moses, who lived at Eastland, Texas, and McGee, Indian Territory.

He was educated in private academies in Tenn. and tutored by his father, James Dandridge Rives, Sr. He graduated in East Central State College, Ada, Oklahoma. He held teaching certificates from Tennessee and Oklahoma and was qualified to teach all subjects offered in Oklahoma before 1914 in many teaching fields. Forty years actual, as Principal and Superintendent; taught in Public Schools in Tenn. and Indian Academies in Oklahoma, and also in many Oklahoma schools, including Ada, Oklahoma. He retired from teaching in 1928. In politics he was a Republican, and religion, a Baptist; Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School teacher and choir director. In fraternities, he was a Woodman of the World. He wrote a short story; "A Ferryman's Daughter", published and sold. Also was writing Oklahoma History—was unfinished at time of his death; was also author of some songs and short stories that were published. Issue 10 children:

    (1) Joe Bratton, born Sept. 28, 1897, married Cecile Keesee, July 25, 1924.
    (2 ) Infant (deceased).
    (3) Hardaway Cabell, born June 10, 1900; unmarried; died Aug., 1931.
    (4) Infant (deceased).
    (5) Hal Rufus, born Sept. 4, 1904; died June 10, 1919.
    (6) Henry Daniel, Jr., born March 7, 1907, died December 6, 1927.
    (7) Pauline Nanna, born March 29, 1909, married Dec. 26, 1933, Lee Freeny, and have one daughter, Martha Ann. They live at 1147 South Florence Place, Tulsa 4, Oklahoma.
    (8) Hortense, born June 28, 1912, married May 3, 1935, Olen Prator. They have one son, Lloyd, born Nov. 11, 1944. They reside at 1928 Alpha Way, Antioch, Calif.
    (9) Amalie, born Nov. 9, 1915, married Oct. 17, 1949, John E. Meier, 8811 Manus, Houston 16, Texas.


(10) Marguerite, born May 26, 1919; married May 23, 1943 Vernon Wedeking; one son, Vernon, Jr., born June 16, 1951; one daughter Donna, born Sept. 27, 1952. Reside 1602 Cheshire Lane, Houston, Texas.

JOE BRATTON RIVES, lives at 1211 So. Florence, Tulsa 4, Oklahoma, born February 28, 1897, at McGee, Indian Territory, County of Pontotoc, Oklahoma. Early education was Frisco Elementary School and Holdenville High School, both in Oklahoma. Attended Central State College and East Central College, with B. S. degree, in 1927; M. A. degree Oklahoma University, 1937, and A. & M. College, 1941-42; did special work in Industrial Arts at University of Tulsa and A. & M. College. Teaching in Elementary Schools o f Oklahoma, 1921 to 1927; Superintendent of Schools 1927 to 1943, and Industrial Arts Teacher in Tulsa 1943 to date. A member of the Oklahoma Educational Association and Tulsa class room teachers. A Democrat in Politics and Baptist Church member. Teacher of Men's Adult Class, ordained Baptist Minister and does supply for churches; a Master Mason, Member of Merrimack Lodge No. 517 AF&AM, Merrimack, Oklahoma. Initiated Nov. 13, 1932, passed Dec. 13, 1932 and raised Jan. 10, 1933. Is Past Master of his lodge. Married Cecile Meda Kessee, July 25, 1924, at Ada, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of Montie Allen Kessee and his wife, Lillie May Keeling, who lived at Lead Hill, Ark., and Wewoka, Oklahoma. Cecile Rives has a degree and is a Tulsa County school teacher. Joe Bratton was Second Class Seaman in the Navy during World War I. Issue of Joe Bratton and Cecile (Kessee) Rives:


I. James Allen Rives, son of Joe. B. Rives, born August 29, 1936, at Cushing, Okla.; finished High School at Tulsa, 1954. Received B. S. degree at Tulsa University in 1957. Made Eagle Rank in Scouting; Majored in College in Music; plays several instruments in Church Choir and active in Sunday School and Church program.


HARDAWAY CABELL RIVES, son of Henry D. Rives, born June 10, 1900, in State of Arkansas; died August, 1931, at Stonewall, Okla. Was never married. He was a Poultryman by profession, a Democrat in Politics, and a member of the Methodist Church.


PAULINE NANNA, born March 29, 1909; mar ried Lee Freeny, December 26, 1933, in Oklahoma City. He was the son of Reuben Freeny and his wife, Martha Layton Freeny, of Bromide, Oklahoma. Reuban Freeny was the son of Robert Freeny and Elizabeth Ellis Freeny of Mississippi. They came west with the removal of the Choctaw Indians from Mississippi, and settled at Boggy Depot, Indian Territory. The Freenys were all Ranchers. Pauline Nana Rives Freeny's early education was at Frisco, Okla., and Stonewall, Okla.; college education as B. S. degree in East Central State College, Ada, Okla., and M. A. degree of Tulsa University. A member of Greek Sorority, Kappa Delta Pi. Received the B. S. degree in 1937 and M. A. degree in 1946. At the end of the school year 1955-56 she had taught thirty years; 17 years in Oklahoma Consolidated schools, one year Assistant Supervisor at Horace Mann Training School, at Ada, Okla.; twelve years in Tulsa, Okla., public schools. She has been very active in educational movements and legislation for same, and has done extensive work in the Tulsa Reading Clinic. She is the Secretary-Treasurer and a Board Member of the Tulsa Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, and also an officer in the Oklahoma Reading Council; a Democrat in Politics, a Baptist in Religion: Teacher of Sunday School, Training Unions and Religious Training Courses. She has written several articles in the field of education that were printed in County, State and National papers and magazines. Pauline Nanna Rives Freeny and Lee Freeny had only one child, a daughter: (Pauline Nanna Rives was the daughter of Henry D. Rives.)


(1) Martha Ann Freeny, born Oct. 3, 1934, married Lon Michael Pickens May 21, 1955, and  lives at 1228 So. Florence Place, Tulsa, Okla. Elementary School record shows an I. Q. of 161. She graduated from Central High School, Tulsa at the age of 15 and was rated the second best student in a class of 888. (The Tulsa Daily World, Friday, May 22, 1953 stated: "Coed Genius at 18 Due T. U. degree.") She was the youngest to ever graduate from Tulsa University. She won a scholarship at Tulsa University and received her A. B. degree at the age of 18. She has worked for the Producers Pipe & Supply Co., of Tulsa, Okla., for the past three years. She is a member of the Kappa Delta Pi Sorority.




James Dandridge Rives, Jr., was born at Hollow Rock, Tennessee, September 12, 1871; son of Rev. James Dandridge Rives, Sr., d. May 12, 1946. He was educated in the Common Schools of Tennessee and was graduated from Terrell College, Dec her d, Tenn., June 16, 1898. For several years he was a teacher in schools and colleges in Tennessee. Later, he made his home at Holdenville, Oklahoma, where he was active in Democratic Politics, having served on various State and County Committees and as Mayor of Holdenville 1918-1925. He married January 1, 1901, Mattie Avant, adopted daughter of Dr. Alvin and Addie Avant of Smithville, Tennessee, by whom they had issue:

    (1) Alvin, b. April 1, 1904, d. July 15, 1928; educated at the University of Oklahoma. Never married.
    (2) Frances Maurine, b. Feb. 1, 1906, d. March 30, 1926, who attended the University of Oklahoma. Never married.
    (3) James Dandridge, III, b. Jan. 21, 1908, m. April 15, 1933, Jessic Bernice Westover. Issue: James Dandridge IV, b. Feb. 1939.
    (4) Edward Carmack, b. July 21, 1910, m, Oct. 4, 1933 to 0llie Wood. issue: (1) Sharon Maurine, b. Jan. 13, 1937, m. Nov. 28, 1952 to Gerald E. Segler. Issue: Deborah Kay, b, Feb. 27, 1955; Mark Allen, b, March 11, 1957. (2) Judith Kay, b. Nov. 4, 1940. Unmarried,
    (5) Hallie Erminie, b April 11, 1914; m. March 14, 1936, to Mancel Brooks. No children.
  (4) ROBERT AULDEN, son of James Dandridge Rives, Sr,, died at the age of 19 years at Richmond, Tenn., and is buried there."



Jack Stone Rives, born April 2, 1876, at Delina, Tenn., son of James Dandridge, Sr. He was educated in the Common Schools of Tenn., and Terrell College at Winchester, Tenn., graduated B. A. 1898: also Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas: University of Texas, Austin, Texas; University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Tenn. Be was the public school administrator. Member of Odd Fellows, W.O.W. and K, of P., member of Elk Lodge and the revived Ku Klux Klan; married Annie Williams, June 7, 1904, at Dallas, Texas; she was the daughter of Venus Houston Williams and his wife, Sarah L, Hays, who lived in Alvarado, Texas; Venus Houston Williams was the son of Lankton Pace Williams of Summer Shade, Kentucky, whose grandfather settled in Kentucky in1800, a descendant of Roger Williams of Rhode Island. Sarah Lou Hays was the daughter of James A. Hays and Julia Ann Harland of the well-known Harland family of Kentucky. Began career in 1898 in Smithville, Tennessee; came to Texas in 1903 as principal of Alvarado High School; also, Jacksonville, Austin, Abiline, Throckmorton, and Sweetwater, Texas and devoted remainder of his career to Texas Public School System. Ordained as minister of the Christian Church 1925 at Jacksonville, Texas; devoted spare time to Church, and in 1947, after retirement from public school service, became full time District Evangelist at Jacksonville, Texas; to Elder for Life of First Christian Church of Jacksonville, Texas. He died November 7th, 1956, at Jacksonville, Texas. Issue:

    (1) Dorothy, b. April 27, 1906; married E. P. Lowe Sept. 29, 1928. Address: Baytown, Tex. Issue: Sara Ann b. July 30, 1932, m. Aug. 31, 1950 Thomas J. Bolieu, resides 5418 Sterling St., Houston, Texas. Issue: Dorothy Susan b. June 1, 1952.
    (2) Mary Ann, b. Aug. 19, 1911, m. Douglas Harrison Dec. 26, 1932. Resides 1517 Caroline, Amarillo, Tex. Issue:
    (1) Douglass Ann, b. Oct. 28, 1933, m. May 3, 1957 to Fred Tankersley, resides 214B West 19th Amarillo,Texas:
(2) Janet, b. Dec. 25, 1935, m. Aug. 22, 1957 to Ensley Lee Kolb; resides at 2203-B Tyler St., Amarillo, Texas; (3) Clifton, b. Oct. 17, 1938.
    (3) Sarah Nell, b. Nov. 27, 1915; married James H. Jones, May 31, 1941; Issue: James H. Jones, Jr., address, 533 Pittman, Richardson, Tex.


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