Green Rives of Dinwiddie County Virginia

Transcribed from book written by John R. T. Rives




Green Rives' third wife was Susan Woodward, m. June 14, 1827 at the home of Balaam Wells of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, the marriage being performed by Rev. John Grammar, Rector of the Episcopal Church of Sapony Parrish. Issue:




II. JAMES MONROE RIVES, b. July 16, 1832.

IV. ROBERT CLAY RIVES, b. March 12, 1837.

V. SUSAN WOODWARD RIVES, b. Sept. 29, 1839.


I. LITTLEBURY WILLIAM RIVES, b. in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, March 14, 1828, and moved with his parents to Petersburg, Lincoln County, Tenn., about 1829. He saw service in the Confederate Army as a Private in Company B, 8th Tenn. Infantry. At the close of the war he moved to Lamar County, Texas, along with other Tenne sseean s, when there were few White people in that County, and where he lived the life of a sturdy Pioneer who settled that State. He was a farmer and cattle-raiser. He married Frances Sharp of Bed- Son of Green Rives ford County, Tennessee, and was the father of seven children. He died at the Confederate Soldiers' Home near Nashville, Tenn., in 1911. Issue:

  (1) JOHN GREEN RIVES, b. March 6, 1856, in Lincoln County, Tenn.
  (2) JOSEPH ANDERSON RIVES, b. July 16, 1858, in Bedford County, Tenn.
  (3) EMMA SUE RIVES, b. 1860, in Lincoln County, Tenn.; d. 1876, in Lamar County, Texas.
  (4) MARGARET RIVES, b. 1862, in Lincoln County, Tenn.; m. William Walker, moved to Fort Worth, Texas.
  (5) MARY VIRGINIA RIVES, b. 1864, Lincoln County, Tenn.; m. Henry Brigance, moved to Cushing, Oklahoma.
  (6) ADA BELLE RIVES, b. in Lamar County, Texas; m. John Cobb, Plainview, Texas. Deceased.
  (7) WILLIE AND FRANK MARION RIVES (twins) , b. Sept. 28, 1874, Lamar County, Texas.

(1) JOHN GREEN RIVES, b. March 6, 1856, in Petersburg, Tenn.; educated in the common schools of Lamar County, Texas; served as Principal of the High School in Anona, Texas and later as Treas. of Red River County, Tex. 1888-1889. He married Mary Elizabeth Rainey, and had one son, Hugh. (Shortly after the birth of his son he went to Oregon and has never been heard of since.)


HUGH RIVES, b. Jan. 3, 1886 at Annona, Red River County, Texas. He w a s educated in t h e common schools of Red River County, Texas. Was a Fireman on the Cotton B elt Railroad, where he became active, as a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, having been elect-ed General Chairman of that organization representing all of the craft on the Cotton Belt Railroad, from January 21, 1915 to June 6, 1947. He was a member of Lewisville Lodge No. 14, A. F. and A.M., Lewisville, Ark., and a member of Scottish Rite Masonry, 32nd degree and of the Sahara Temple, of the Mystic Shrine, Pine Bluff, Ark. He married June 2, 1908 Jennie Adna Farrar. She was the daughter of Britt Tolbert Farrar and wife, Mary (Daniel) Farrar, who lived at Lewisville, Ark. The Farrars lived in Alabama and Britt Farrar was brought to Ark. when he was one month old. The Farrars were early settlers at Elyton, Ala. Farrar Lodge A. F. and A. M. is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Alabama and was named for Thomas W. Farrar who died at Elyton, (Birmingham) at the age of 103. Thomas W. Farrar was the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Alabama, 1821-22. His name is cut on a stone that he cut on Shades Mountain near Birmingham, Ala.


(1) Edna Earle (Rives) Cooper (Hugh) b. July 20, 1909, Pine Bluff, Ark. m. Arch Paul Cooper of Arka delphia, Ark., Sept. 30, 1934, in Little Rock, Ark. She attended grammar school and high school at Pine Bluff, Ark., and two years at Monticello, Ark. A. & M. College and summer school at Washington University. Her husband, b. at Antiono, Ark., July 10, 1908. He attended grammar school and Secondary school at Arkadelphia, Henderson-Brown College at Arkadelphia. University of Arkansas for four years. He is a merchandising representative. Issues:

  (1) Laura Elizabeth Cooper, b. July 7, 1935, Pine Bluff, Ark.
(2) Jeanne Farrar, b. Feb. 14, 1939, Pine Bluff, Ark. Now living with parents. 1232 Blythe St., Alexandria, La.

(1) Laura Elizabeth Cooper attended grammar school, graduated from Bolton High School at Alexandria, La., received a B.S. degree from La. State University and at present is a sophomore at L.S.U. School of Medicine at New Orleans, La.


(2) Jeanne Farrar Cooper will graduate from Bolton High School in 1958 and plans to attend Principia College in St. Louis. Edna Earle (Rives) Cooper is district manager for Field Enterprises; handles World Book Encyclopedia.


(2) HUGH FARRAR RIVES, (Hugh, Sr.) b. Jan. 8, 1913, Pine Bluff, Ark. He was educated at Pine Bluff, Ark., grade school and high school and Marion Military Academy, Marion, Ala. He was appointed to the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and attended Ark. A. & M., graduated B.S. degree; University of Ark. Medical School, 1938, M.D.; University of Minn. Grad. School Mayo Clinic M. S. (Urology) 1945. Taught Urology at Baylor Univ., Houston, Texas, 1945-46. Practiced at Dubuque, Iowa, 1946-51. Ass't Prof. Urology, Univ. of Ark.1951-53. Associated with Travis Clinic, Jacksonville, Texas. Since Jan. 1953. Member of American College of Surgeons, Diplomats of American Board of Urology, Member of American Urological Association. He married Feb. 1, 1939, Frances Pawnee Corbett at Charleston, S. C. She was the daughter of Robert Wilson Gibbs Corbett and his wife, Susan Anna Leland, who lived in Springfield, S. C. Issue:

  (1) Hugh Farrar Rives, Jr., b. June 7, 1941, Troup, Texas.
(2) George Robert Rives, b. Aug. 11, 1947, Dubuque, Iowa.
(3) Susan Frances Rives, b. Dec. 17, 1949.

(2) JOSEPH ANDERSON RIVES (Littlebury), b. July 16, 1858, at Petersburg, Tenn., and moved with his parents to Lamar County, Texas, at the close of the War Between the States. His early life was spent as a farmer and cattle raiser on the plains of Texas. He went to Oklahoma in the Land Rush of 1902 upon the opening of that State, later retiring from farm work and lived in Comanche, Okla., and later at Dallas, Texas. He married Mary Jane Nigh of Paris, Texas, Aug. 3, 1887. Issue:


Bertha Belle Rives, b. April 23, 1889, married N. T. Lancaster, March 7, 1919, who was an electrician by occupation. Bertha Belle Rives was graduated in the schools of Comanche, Oklahoma; later taking a business course and was secretary and stenographer for the Secretary of the Scottish Rite Bodies in Dallas for several years, also Hella Temple of Shrine. She has been helpful in furnishing the family history of Littlebury William Rives.

(2) Lucille Gladys Rives, b. Oct. 22, 1897, m. first Claude L. Giddens. Issue:
  (1) Lowell Rives Giddens, b. May 6, 1915, d. May 12, 1916.
  (2) Randall Harold Giddens, b. Aug. 18, 1.916, m. Mary Louise Price, Dallas, Oct. 30, 1938. Issue:
    (1) Harold Norton, b. Nov. 18, 1940.
(2) Paul Duncan, b. July 11, 1945. Randall Harold Giddens resides 10126 Hedgeway, Dallas, Texas.
(2) Lucille Gladys (Rives) Giddens married second, W. H. Baker, Nov. 8, 1918. Resides, Fort Hancock, Texas. Issue:

 William H. Baker, Jr., b. Nov. 24, 1921, married Helen Dorothy Gray of Philadelphia, Miss., July 8, 1944. Resides 2107 Prather Lane, Austin 4, Texas. Issue

  (1)(2)(3)  Kenneth Edward Baker, b. April 29, 1946.
 Katherine Baker, b. Sept. 12, 1949.
 Paul David Baker, b. March 6, 1954


Raymond Baker, b. Dec. 25, 1923, resides at Fabens, Texas.

Mary Ruth Baker, b. Feb. 19, 1927 in Albany, Texas. Married Nov. 26, 1947 Vivian Edward Dunn. Resides Box 787, Deer Park, Texas (a suburb of Houston). Issue:

  (1) (2) Carolyn Janice Dunn, b. June 3, 1950.
Deborah Mae Dunn, b. Dec. 14, 1954.

FRANCIS MARION RIVES, b. Sept. 28, 1874, near Paris, Texas. Attended school at Pleasant Hill, in Lamar County, also at Oak Grove in Wise County. Was a farmer and rancher. He started to work with the Texas Highway Department in 1929 and retired January 1, 1949. Resides at 325 Beckham Street, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Married, first: Fanny Profit, Dec. 25, 1909; she died June 14, 1911.

Issue: (1) Francis Charles, b. June 14, 1911, d. July 4, 1911.

Married second: Annie Frances Mann May 1918. Issue:

Infant girl, died at birth, June 25, 1922.

Married third: Carrie Cathy Dismukes, Feb. 14, 1943. She was the daughter of John Dismukes and his wife, Annie, of San Antonio, Texas. No children



IX. JAMES MONROE RIVES, born in Lincoln County, Tennessee, July 16, 1832 and died at Bairdstown, near Paris, Lamar County, Texas, Sept. 19, 1876. He was a farmer and carpenter, and during the War Between the States served in the Confederate Army, Hall's Company B, Eighth Tennessee Regiment, from May 14, 1861 to the surrender. Following the War he became a member of the original Ku Klux Klan which drove out the Northern Scalawags from the South and restored White Supremacy in Tennessee and elsewhere. He married Sept. 19, 1865 Martha Jane (Cates) Parker, the widow of Swepson Parker, who was born in Concord, New Hampshire. She was born Sept. 17, 1833 at Shelbyville, Tenn., daughter of John Sykes Cates, who was born Jan. 12, 1808, in Knox County, Tenn., and his wife, Elizabeth Himes who was born DEC. 25, 1809, in Washington County, Maryland, and moved with her parents to Bedford County, Tenn., in 1810, both of their parents were members of families which were early settlers in middle Tennessee. James Monroe Rives and his wife, together with his brother-in-law, Joseph B. Dwyer and his wife, moved to Webster County, Missouri, about 1870, but returned to Bedford County, Tenn., about 1874. In the Summer of 1876, James Monroe Rives went to Lamar County, Texas, to visit his brother, Littlebury William Rives, who had preceded him to Texas, in anticipation of moving his family there. While working as a carpenter on the building of a cotton gin at Bairdtown, Texas, he had a sun stroke and died Sept. 19, 1876. He was initiated in Petersburg Lodge 123, A.F. & A.M. on March 30, 1855. Passed May 4, 1855. Raised August 24, 1855. Withdrew on September 24, 1855. Was in the Confederate Army June 1861 to 1865. Affiliated with Shelbyville Benevolent Lodge No. 122, Bedford County, Tenn., from June 1, 1867 and died in good standing in Lamar County, Texas, September 19, 1876. He was buried under the auspices of the Masons at Shady Grove Church yard, 10 miles from Paris, Texas. Biardstown was ninety miles distant from the nearest railroad station and it was two weeks after his death before the Lodge at Shelbyville notified his widow of his death. Issue of James Monroe and Martha Jane Rives:

  (1) Benjamin Joseph Rives, born July 9, 1866.
(2) John Robert Thomas Rives, born June 13, 1875.

(1) BENJAMIN JOSEPH RIVES (James Monroe) was educated in the public schools of Bedford County, Tennessee, and moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 1884 and was employed, first as a brakeman and later promoted to that of a conductor by the L & N Railroad running between Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama until the Spring of 1899. Engaged in truck gardening and farming until the Fall of 1906, when he opened a moving picture show at Columbia, Tenn. He sold this and moved to Memphis, Tenn. in 1908 and was employed by the Frisco R.R. as a switchman. Later returned to Birmingham where he   was employed as a switchman by the L.&N. R.R. in building the Boyles yard. Later, he was engaged in carpenter work in building family residences. In January, 1917, he was appointed Warden of the County Jail under Sheriff T. J. Batson, of Jefferson County, Alabama, a n d Tom Shirley, his successor, and Chris Harts field, his successor, and James Hawkins, his successor. He died May 30th, 1931 from a heart attack. He was married three times. He married first, June 23, 1887, Addie Arnold of Wartrace, Tenn., died April, 1888 (no issue) ; second, April, 1890, Maude Culley also of Wartrace, Tenn., (who died March 24, 1898); and third, August 10, 1899, Emma Jane Snelling*.

Issue by second wife, Maude (Cully) Rives:
  (1) Harry Monroe Rives, born Oct. 28, 1891.
(2) Ernest Hall Rives, born Dec. 9, 1893.
(3) Herman Hershfield Rives, born April 25, 1897, died 1898.
Issue of Benjamin Joseph Rives and Emma Jane Snelling) Rives:
  (4) Ida May Rives, born July 26, 1901.
(5) George Anderson Rives, born Nov. 26, 1903.
(6) Robert Benjamin Rives, born July 23, 1905.

*She was the daughter of Patton Anderson Snelling and his wife Mary Washington Tuck, daughter of Edmondson Tuck and his wife Jane Washington of Halifax Co., Va.  


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