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Bristol Parish Register


Drury son of John & Cath: Tucker born 24 sept 1719 bapt octobr 24th 1720.

Anne dau: of Robt & Martha Tucker born Aug: 29th last bapt octobr 9th 1720.

Robt son of Joss: & Martha Tucker born 3d of Octobr Last bapt May 28th 1721.

Amy dau of Francis & Anne Tucker born 12th May last bapt July 9th 1721.

Sara dau of John & Ann Tucker born 12th Jany last bapt May 13th 1722.

Micael son of James & Mary Tucker born 11th July 1721 bap 7th Octobr 1722.

Joseph son of Robt & Martha Tucker born 22th June last bapt 15th Aprill I723.

susanna dau of Wm & Eliz: Tucker born 9th of Aprill 1721 bap 14th feb 1722-3.

Nath: son of Nath: & Katheren Tucker born 20th febr last bapt July 10th 1723.

Fran: son of Fran: & Anne Tucker born 1st Nov last bapt 7th Nov 1723.

Geo S: of Wm and Eliz: Tucker born 4th Septr 1723 bap. 11th octobr 1724.

John son of John & Anne Tucker, born 9th Septr last bap 6th Nov 1724.

Geo: Son of Wm & Eliz: Tucker born 4th sept 1723 bapt 11th octobr 1724.

Dan: of Robt & Martha Tucker born Janr lest bapt May 10th 1725.

John son of Frances and Ann Tucker born 25th June bapt 28th septr 1726.

________ Dat of Jno and Anne Tucker born ________

Daniel Son of William and Eliza Tucker born 29th Janr 1725.

Amy D of John and Mary tucker born 23d August 1726.

francis Son of John and Ann tucker born 3d Janr 1726.

Martha D of Robt and frances Tucker born 10th July 1727.

Tho Son of Tho and Eliza Tucker Born 30th March 1728 Bapt 28th July.

Elizabeth D of Henry & ________ Tucker Born 2d Sepr 1729.

Lucretia D. of James & Mary Tucker Born 5th June 1729.

ann D of francis and ann Tucker Born 19th febr Bapt 19th March 1729.

David Son of Joseph and Martha Tucker Born 24th Dcember 1729 Bapt 31th May 1730.

David Son of John and Mary Tucker Born 25th Sepr 1730.

Nevil Son of Daniel & Eliza Tucker Born 25th aprill 1730.

Hanna D: of George & frances Tucker Born 30th March 1731 Bapt 29th august.

Frances D of Robert & Frances Tucker Born 11th March 1730.

________ D of Henry & Elisabeth Tucker Born 8th May 1731 Bapt 29th august.

Lucretia D of Joseph & Lucretia Tucker Born 15th august 1731 Bapt 10th octber.

Warner son of James & Mary Tucker born 15th April 1732 bapt 1st June 1732.

Martha Dr of Francis & ann Tucker Born 21th febr 1732 Bapt march 3d.

Isham Son of Jno & mary Tucker Born 1th febr 1732 Bapt 3d march.

Joseph Son of John & mary Tucker Born 14th Novr 1732 Bapt Janr 14th.

William Son of Robert & Frances Tucker Born 15th apr 1733 Bapt 3d June 1733.

Frances of Henry & amy Tucker Born 25th apr 1733 Bapt June 3d 1733.

Robert Son of George & frances Tucker Born 3d dcer 1733.

Abraham S. of John and ________ Tucker Born 22d Janry 1734 Bapt. 7th March.

Miles S. of Abram & Helenour Tucker Born Feby 16th 1741-2 & Bapt Mar. 14th 1741-2.

Mary D. of Joseph & Lucretia Tucker born Aprile 3d & baptd May 26th 1745.


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