This Indenture made this twentyeth day of July 1786, BETWEEN David Tucker Senior of the County of Brunswick and Athaliah Keziah his wife of the one part and Sterling Tucker son of the said David Tucker Senior of the other part . . . for the natural affection love and good will which we have & do bear to our son, as also for an in consideration of the sum of five shillings . . . doth give, grant, bargain, sell, enfeoff & Confirm unto the said Sterling Tucker one certain tract or parcel of Land situate & lying in the County of Brunswick containing three hundred acres . . . & bounded as followeth (to wit) BEGINNING at a Spanish oak a corner tree standing between James Field, Matthew Harris & Thomas Short, Thence running along the said Feild's line to the Beaver Pond Branch and cornering at a stooping white oak, thence down the said Field's line to a tract of land that Short purchased of Washington Craft, thence along the said Short's line to Matthew Evans's line, thence along the said Evans's line to the ready branch, thence down the said Ready Branch to turkey oak corner tree, Thence along a new line to Matthew Harris's line, cornering on a Red oak, Thence up the said Harris's line to the Tree begun at . . . Signed by David Tucker and Athaliah Keziah Tucker (her mark) and witnessed by Wright Tucker, A. Goodwyn, and Hartwell Tucker.

Brunswick County Court the 25th Septr. 1786. This Indenture was acknowledged by David Tucker Senior a party thereto & Ordered to be Recorded.

Deed Book 14, page 217, Brunswick County, Virginia