An Agreement entered into the twenty eighth day of July One thousand seven hundred and ninety four between Washington Craft of the County of Brunswick of the one part & Sterling Tucker of the said County of the other part Witnesseth that the said Washington Craft hath let the said Tucker have Eleven pounds seven shillings for which the said Tucker doth oblige himself his heirs, exors. and administrators to let the said Washington Craft his heirs, exors. or administrators have the one half of his right at the death of Thos. Craft which he the said Tucker had by Virtue of a bill of sale bearing date on the fifth day of May last from the said Thoms Craft to the said Sterling Tucker for one Negroe Girl called Salley, but nothing in this Wrighting shall be so construed as to entitle the said Washington Craft nor his heirs, exors. or admors. to the labour or profit of any kind whatsoever arising from the said negroe called Salley during the natural life of the sd. Thos. Craft. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal, the day & date above written. Signed by Sterling Tucker and witnessed by Thomas Hardaway and David Tucker.

Brunswick County Court October 27th 1794. This Instrument of writing was acknowledged by Sterling Tucker party thereto to be his act and deed; and ordered to be recorded.

Deed Book 16, page 45, Brunswick County, Virginia