This Indenture made this the fifth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty four Between Thomas Tucker and his wife Tabitha Tucker of the Parish of Saint Pauls and County of Hanover of the one part and William Row of the aforesaid parish and County of Hanover of the other part Witnesseth that the said Thomas Tucker and his wife Tabitha for and in Consideration of the sum of two pounds Eighteen Shillings to them in hand paid by the said William Row the receipt where of they do herby Acknowledge & that they are therwith fully Satisfied Contented and paid and thereof and therefrom doth exonerate and discharge the said William Row & hath given granted bargained Sold Alien Enfeoofed & Confirmed and doth by these presents given grant Bargain Sell alien Enfeoof and Confirm unto the said William Row one Certain tract Messuage or parcel of Land Containing Seven acres and one Quarter to be the same more or Less & Situate Lying & being in the parish aforesaid and County of Hanover and is bounded as Followeth Viz. Begining at Red oak adjoining John Hollingse's line thence along a straight Course to a Young pine Standing on the side of the main road that Ledes from Bottoms Bridge to Waddys Warehouse thence along the said road to a Corner old Hicory Between David Blackwell & Gideon Tucker from thence along the said Blackwells line to a Corner pine Between William Row & the said Blackwell Together with all and Singular the houses and houses Orchards fences and inclousurs as also all the woods waters and water Courses with all the priviledges and appertances in or upon the premises or therunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and also all the estate Right Title intrest property possession inheritance Claim and Demand Whatsoever of them the said Thomas Tucker and his wife Tabitha or their heirs of in or to the same or to any part or parcel thereof To have and to hold the said seven and Quarter ares of Land more or Less and all and Singular other the primesses before mentioned and every part thereof with all the appertenances apendenances therunto belonging unto him the said William Row his heirs and Assigns forever unto the only proper use and behoof of him the said William Row & to his heirs and assigns forever, and the Reversions and Reversions Remainder and Remaindrs thereof and of every part and parcel thereof And the said Thomas Tucker and his wife Tabitha for themselves their heirs Executors & Administrators doth Covenant promise and agree to and with the said William Rowe his heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns and of every of them by these presents that the said Thomas Tucker & his wife Tabitha at the Sealing and delivering of these presents And Standeth Rightfully and Lawfully Seised and possessed of and in the premises aforesaid of a good sure perfect & indefeisible Estate of inheritance in a fee siimple and hath in themselves a good right & full power and Lawfull authority to sell and Convey the same in manner and form aforesaid and that they will forever warrant and defend the same from themselves their heirs Executors and Administrators and from all and every other person or persons whatsoever and also that he the said William Row his heirs and assignes shall and may from henceforth and at all times forever hereafter Lawfully peacibly and Quietly have hold use Occupy possess and Enjoy all and Singular the said Seven and quarter acres of Land and premises before mentioned & every part and parcel therof with the appertenances freely & Clearly acquited and discharged of and from all estates Bargains sales Mortgages Judgments Executions Extents Dower right of Dower Rents and arrears of Rents and from all manner of Charges and incumbrances whatsoever And moreover they the said Thomas Tucker and his wife Tabitha them and their heirs and Executors shall and will from time to time and all times forever hereafter from the date of these presents at the request Cost and Charge of the said William Row his heirs and assigns make and do Acknowledge Levy Execute and Suffer or cause to be made or done Acknowledged Levied Executed all and every such further and Better Assuring and Surmaking and Conveying of all and Singular the said Lands and premises hereby Granted or any part or parcel thereof, unto the said William Row his heirs and Assigns or his or their Council Learned int he Law shall be Reasonably advis'd devised or Requested In Witness whereof the said Thomas Tucker & his wife Tabitha hath hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year above written.
Signed Sealed & Delivered                                        Thomas Tucker
In the presents of                                                         Tabitha  X  Tucker
Gideon Tucker     Joseph Gathright
John Hollings       John Harris
Geo. Hollings

May 5th 1784 Then Rece'd of Mr. William Row the within sum of two pounds Eighteen Shillings
Test                                                                I say Pme
John Hollings                                                                 Thomas Tucker
Gideon Tucker

At a Court held for Hanover county on the 2d day of September 1784
This Deed indented and the receipt thereon indorsed were proved by the Oaths of George Hollings Joseph Gathright and John Harris witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded.

Hanover County, Virginia