Peter Talbott
Martin Tucker and John Adams

This Indenture made this 24th day of January in the year 1839 between Peter Talbott of the first part, Martin Tucker and John Adams of the second part and Page Talbott, wife of the said Peter Talbott of the third part Whereas the said Peter Talbott is desirous of making some provision for the support, comfort and maintenance of his said wife and her children, This Indenture therefore witnesseth that the said Peter Talbott for and in consideration of the premises and of the sum of One dollar to him in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of this Indenture the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said Tucker and Adams their heirs and assigns all the estate, right, title and interest whether in law or equity which the said Peter Talbott now has or may hereafter have in or to any property real or personal under the last clause in the Will of Martin Tucker Senr. deceased and which may accrue to the said Peter Talbott as the husband of the said Page by the death of any of the children of the said Martin Tucker Senr. without having had a child. To have and to hold the right title and interest of the said Peter Talbott in and to the property and any part and parcel thereof hereby conveyed unto the said Tucker and Adams their heirs and assigns to their only proper use and behoof forever and that free and clear of all claims and reimbrance? by the said Peter Talbott his heirs and assigns Upon Trust however that the said Tucker and Adams the survivor of them his exor. or admor. shall (whenever the said Peter Talbott shall become entitled under the will of he said M. Tucker Senr. to the possession of any property left by him to any of his children who shall died without having had a child) take into their possession the property so acquired and hold the same and apply the profits and proceeds thereof to the use and maintenance of the said Page Talbott, and her children for and during the natural life of the said Page without being in any manner under the control or liable to the debts of the said Peter and after the death of the said Page the said Tucker and Adams the survivor of them his exors. or admors. shall divide the whole of said property in equal portions among the children of the said Page then living and the children of such as may be dead, such grandchildren taking only the part to which their father or mother would have been entitled if living. In Testimony whereof the parties to these Presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year herein first written. Signed by Peter Talbott. At a Court held for Powhatan County at the Courthouse thereof on Monday the 4th day of February 1839. The foregoing Indenture of Trust was presented in Court and acknowledged by Peter Talbott a party to the same to be his act and deed and ordered to be recorded.

Deed Book 14, page 216, Powhatan County, Virginia.