Deed of Gift

Martin Tucker
S. Peyton Tucker

This Indenture made and entered into this 16th day of April Eighteen hundred and sixteen, between Martin Tucker of the County of Powhatan, and State of Virginia, of the one part and S. Peyton Tucker of the same County and State of the other part Witnesseth that the said Martin Tucker for and in consideration of the affection he bears for the said S. Peyton Tucker, but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of six Shillings to him in hand paid by the said S. Peyton Tucker, the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, hath this day given, granted, bargained, sold and delivered to the said S. Peyton Tucker one certain tract or parcel of land, lying and being in the aforesaid County of Powhatan and State of Virginia, and bounded as follows Viz: Beginning at a fore and aft poplar tree on Beverly Eam's(sic - Elam's) line to the South, thence along said Elam's line west to a corner Oak stump, thence North on said Elam's line to a corner pine tree, and thence a straight line to the beginning; containing by estimation one hundred acres, more or less, with all and singular of the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said S. Peyton Tucker, his heirs and assigns, unto the only proper use and behoof of him the said S. Peyton Tucker his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Martin Tucker the said land and premises against himself, his Heirs and all other persons, unto him, the said S. Peyton Tucker, his heirs and assigns by these presents, shall and will warrant and forever defend. Witness my hand and seal the day and year above written. Signed by Martin Tucker. At a Court of Quarterly Sessions holden for the County of Powhatan on the 17th day of April 1816 This deed of Gift was presented in Court and acknowledged by Martin Tucker, a party thereto, to be his act and deed and thereupon the same was ordered to be recorded.

Deed Book 5, page 438, Powhatan County, Virginia.

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