Know all men by these presents that I Pleasant Tucker of the County of Amherst & state of Virginia, do hereby make, ordain, constitute & appoint Robert H. Coleman of the County of Amherst & state of Virginia & Littleberry & Zachariah Tucker both of the County of Lincoln, & State of Kentucky my lawful agents & Attornies in fact, hereby given and vesting them & each of them with full and complett powers, each of them jointly and severally, to do & transact, all manner and kinds of business for me and in my name, in as full & ample a manner as if the same were done & transacted by me, or in my proper person touching any claims or interests, more particularly I may have or be entitled to the lands tenements or hereditaments, either by discent or purchase, or otherwise in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, all which acts & doings in manner & form aforesaid of whatsoever nature of them or either of them the said Robert H. Coleman of the County & state aforesaid & Littleberry Tucker & Zachariah each of them of the County & state aforesaid I the said Pleasant Tucker do hereby in all things bind myself my heirs, executors administrators & assigns, strickly & religiously to observe and obey in their lawful meaning, extent & latitude, and for which said purpose & to the end that these premises may be fully & completely done & executed, I do by these presents renounce, disannul, to all intents and purposes, revoke all former powers, or priviliges, by one made given or ordained in any manner or way whatsoever In testimony whereof I have to these present signed my name and affixed my seal this 17th day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and four. Signed by Pleasant Tucker.

At a Court held for Amherst County the 17th day of September 1804 This letter of Attorney was acknowledged in open Court by Pleasant Tucker a party thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Deed Book K, page 54, Amherst County, Virginia