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Will of Matthew Tucker, Senr,

Nottoway County - 1816


Of the Francis Tucker, d 1723, line

In the name of God Amen, I, Matthew Tucker, Senr, of the County of Nottoway do hereby make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following:

Viz - I give to my son Matthew Tucker the land whereupon he now lives and bounded by the land I bought of Bottom Stezall. , including all the land I bought of Charles Anderson and the land laying within a Branch next to his Spring Branch and thence from the head of said Branch on a straight line to Bridgeforths line; but no part of the land I bought from Bottom Stezall is to be included.

I give to my son Lewellen Tucker the sum of Fourth [forty] four pounds Virginia Currency in addition to what I have already advanced for him. 

I lend to my beloved wife during her life or widowhood the best male slave I have, the best horse I have, and the best Feather Bed with the furniture and the privilege of living for the same term of time where I now live and making a reasonable use of my plantation as far as will answer the purpose of supporting her and her property. 

I give to my daughter Dicey one Feather Bed and furniture as good as those give to my other daughters. 

I give to my son Harbert Tucker all the rest of my land subject however to the provision made for my wife. 

I relinquish all claim to the Negro woman Milly that my wife brought with her to my house.

The balance of my estate of every kind I wish to be equally divided between all children and it is my desire that the three Daughters of my Daughter Susannah Clardy be considered as one of my children and entitled to one share to be equally divided between them when they marry or come of lawful age. 

I do hereby appoint my friends Saml Morgan, Richard Epes, Saunders Crenshaw, and my son Harbert Tucker Exars to this my last will and Testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & Ten.

Signed Sealed & acknowledged in the
presence of his
Saml C. Williams ) Matthew    X   Tucker Snr  Seal
Thomas Morgan )
Thomas Fitzgerald ) mark

I Matthew Tucker Senr of the County of Nottoway do make and ordain this Codicil a part of my will, viz.,
Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to take my son Harbert from this world since the within will was made, who has left a widow and five children. I therefore give to those five children all that part of my estate which I had given to their Father in the within will to be equally divided between them reserving at the same time the free use and enjoyment of the same to their mother my said son's widow during her life or widowhood. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed seal this Twenty six day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & sixteen.

Signed Sealed & acknowledged in the
presence of his
William Crenshaw ) Matthew    X   Tucker Snr  Seal
Joseph M Crenshaw)
Thomas Fitzgerald ) mark

Nottoway Co VA Will Book 4:63-65

At a Court held for Nottoway County the 5th day of June 1817 This last will and testament of Matthew Tucker Senr decd with Codicil thereto annexed was exhibited into Court by Samuel Morgan and offered for proof and the same being contested by Edward Eckles and others was continued until the next Court.  And at another Court held for said County the 7th day of August following the same was again offered for proof and being contested as aforesaid sundry witnesses were sworn and examined and the parties fully heard by their counsel and in consideration thereof it is the opinion of the Court that the testator at the time of making and publishing the said will dated the 11th day of January 1810 was of sound and disposing  mind and the memory of Samuel G Williams a subscribing witness to the same having testified in open Court that the testator signed and published the said will in his presence, that he subscribed the same in the presence of the testator and at his request and that the said testator was of sound sense and memory as far as he knew or believed and having also testified that he believes the signature of Thomas Fitzgerald (now deceased) as a witness thereto to be in the proper hand writing of the said Fitzgerald, It is ordered that the said writing be recorded as the last will and testament of the testator .  And the Codicil thereto annexed was proved by the oath of Joseph W. Crenshaw & Samuel Morgan two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and also ordered to be recorded.  And thereupon came Samuel Morgan and Richard Epes names as Executors in the said will and refused to take upon themselves --------- of the Execution thereof.

Examined Teste F Fitzgerald Jr CC

Final Settlement

February 04, 1836
Nottoway Co VA OB 11:285
final settlement of the estate of Matthew Tucker (II)
(part missing in copy)

1/10 - son Lewellyn Tucker
1/10 - daughter Dicey Tucker
1/10 - daughter Letty & husband Abram/Abraham Star, Stow, Stone
1/10 -  8 heirs of daughter Philadelphia Tucker Eckles

  1/8 - daughter Nancy? & husband Kennedy
1/8 - daughter -Olive & husband Spencer Spain
1/8 - son-in-law Thomas Eckles husband of unknown daughter
1/8 - son Paschal T Eckles
1/8 - daughter Nancy? & husband Breedlove
1/8 - son John Eckles
1/8 - daughter Martha A Eckles
1/8 - heirs of son Thomas W Eckles - James A Eckles & Thomas W Eckles

1/10 - 7 heirs of daughter Nancy Tucker Bevill

  1/7 - daughter Tully/Telly & husband John Frish/Troth
1/7 - daughter Mary Beville Hood
1/7 - daughter Nancy Beville Hood
1/7 - daughter unknown & husband Wilkerson/Wilkinson
1/7 - daughter unknown & husband Powell
1/7 - daughter Eliza Bevill
1/7 - daughter Jane Bevill

1/10 - 3 heirs of Susannah Tucker Clardy

  1/3 - daughter Elizabeth & husband Burwell Hudgings
1/3 - daughter Polly & husband Connard
1/3 - daughter Milly & husband Westbrook

1/10 - 4 heirs of Matthew Tucker (III)

  1/4 - son Thomas T Tucker
1/4 - heir of daughter Holly Tucker Clardy - Elizabeth Clardy
1/4 - daughter Martha & husband George Goulder
1/4 - daughter Susan & husband Ellington
[what about heirs of son Joel Tucker?]

1/10 - [daughter Elizabeth Tucker Eckles]
1/10 - [daughter Rachel & husband Carter Hudgins]
1/10 - 4 heirs of Herbert Tucker

  1/4 - daughter Martha & husband Spain
1/4 - son Spencer Tucker
1/4 - son [Matthew] James Tucker
1/4 - son [Joshua] Gilliam Tucker
[what about daughter Elizabeth & husband Charles Wilson?]
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