Amherst 6th Jany. 1779.
Dear Father, The purport of this is to remove every suspicion in you founded on false Reports propagated by dis_g___g person, though not Counten__ed by me (Viz) That I meant to Demand of you a part of your Estate as a promise of Marriage Contract. I do hereby declare and Assure you that whatever promisses or declarations you may have made in my favour I now declare them Void, as I never meant to Claim any thing by Virtue of any promise made heretofore __ I mand to claim nothing in future from you but what as a Father you may thing proper to bestow me, and that in such manner as you may think best. I am Dear Father your Affectionate Son, Wm. Tucker. Witnessed by Gabriel Penn and Aaron Campbell (by his mark).

Addressed to Mr. Drury Tucker, Amherst. At a Court held for Amherst County the fifth Day of July 1790 On the Motion of Drury Tucker this Instrument of Writing being proved by Gabriel Penn a Witness thereto is admitted to Record.

Deed Book F, page 497, Amherst County, Virginia