Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Wright Tucker Deceased. . . slaves named include Armstead, Martin, Joe, Nero, Charles, Sam, Jim, Tom (under Complaint), Hilliand (boy), Madison, Amy, Harrett, Eady, Eliza (child), Critty, Pat, Ally and child Caty, Mary, Pleasants, Emelina, Polley, and Nancy . . . various surgical instruments, books, etc. . . Agreeable to an order of the Worshipful Court of Brunswick to us directed bearing date February Court 1815 we have appraised the Estate of Doctor Wright Tucker Decd. as above stated given under our hands this 24th day of April 1815. Signed by Richard Stith, David Meade, and Richard K. Meade.

Inventory returned to Court on April 24, 1815.

Will Book 8, page 149, Brunswick County, Virginia