I Sterling H. Tucker, do make and constitute this to be my Last will and testament, and do hereby cancel and revoke all other wills First I have hereto fore given to my nephew Edward J. Chambers the following Slaves Dick Anderson, Amy and her children & Emeline and her children all of which are in his possession and which I now confirm to him I also give to him my riding horse and two negro girls not to be younger than five years of age to be selected by my executrix and placed in his possession with in the next five years to him and his heirs forever. Secondly I give to William King and Thos. H. Laird one hundred and Sixty acres of land lying in the County of Monroe in the State of Mississippi being the north west quarter of Section thirty one Township eleven range six east of the basis meridian to be divided between them to them & their heirs forever. Thirdly, I give to my brother John E. Tucker as a evidence of my affection a gold watch not to cost less than two hundred dollars, and I give him nothing more as it has been agreed between us as we were both childless that we should will to each other nothing. Fourthly I wish all the slaves and their increase which I now own, which I received under the will of my father John Tucker after his death to be divided in to three lots or parts of equal value and I give one lot or part to my brother Thos. G. Tucker one to my brother Edwd. B. Tucker and the remaining one to my Sister Lucy G. Chambers but the share or part given to my Sister is to be subject to any right claim or interest which any of her children may have to a part of the said slaves under the will of the said Jno. Tucker so as to leave the portions givent to Thos. G. Tucker and Edwd. B. Tucker unencumbered. Fifthly I given all the rest and residue of my estate of every kind and discription (sic) real personal & mixed most of which in in the State of Mississippi but a part of which is in Virginia to my wife Martha R. Tucker to her & her heirs forever. Lastly I nominate & appoint my wife Martha R. Tucker Executrix to this my last will & testament & direct that no security be required of her for the discharge of its Duties but should she decline qualifying as Executrix then I appoint my nephew Edwd. J. Chambers executor to this my Last will and testament and direct no security be required of him. In testimony of all and singular the premises & have hereunto set my hand and seal this first day of March 1852. Signed by Sterling H. Tucker and witnessed by R. P. Johnson, William M. Feild, and Clara F. Wilson.

Brunswick County Court April term 1852. This last will and testament of Sterling H. Tucker decd. was proved by the oath of R. P. Johnson a witness thereto and having been before proved by the oath of Wm. M. Feild also a witness thereto, ordered to be recorded.

Will Book 15, page 657, Brunswick County, Virginia