Will of William Haskins, dated December 22, 1742, recorded May, 1745.

To Fredrick Ford, son of Matthew Ford, the plantation where I live. To William Ford, son of Matthew Ford, negroes. To Mary Grigg, wife of Abner Grigg, a negro. To George Traylor, a negro. To Martha Spain, wife of Thomas Spain, a negro. To Hugh Bragg, a negro and items. To my cousin Mary Tucker, wife of John Tucker, a negro. To my brother William Traylor, 1 shilling. To my brother Edward Traylor, 1 shilling. To Mary Basford, 1 shilling. All the rest to Thomas Spain and George Traylor, equally and they to be executors. Witnesses were William Hamlin, John Spain, and William Spain.

Wills & Deeds 1744-1748, page 21, Henrico County, Virginia