I Joseph Tucker of the County of Prince Edwd. being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and Ordain this following as my last will & Testament. Item. I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Tucker one hundred and forty one acres of Land Joining the lands of Chris. Watthall Jas. Townes & Abner W______ to him and his heirs forever also one Negro man named Peter and one cow and calf. Item. I give and bequeath to my son Wood Tucker two hundred Acres of land whereon I now live to him and his Heirs forever also one negro woman named Bet and her Increase one feather Bed & furniture two cows & calves and one large Chest and four hoggs; Item. I lend unto my daughter Lucy Mathews one negro woman named Fanny and her Increase that she may herafter have during her life and after he death to be divided amongst her Children and if she should die without an Heir of her body lawfully Begotten then the said Negroe to be Equally Divided amongst my four Daughters Rachal Wills, Susannah Tucker, Mary Tucker & Obedience Watkins? and their Heirs forever; Item. I give to my daughter Mary Tucker one feather Bed and furniture one cow & calf and one Chest. Item I give unto my four Daughters Rachal Wills, Susannah Tucker, Mary Tucker and Obedience Watkins all the remainder part of my negroes to them and their Heirs forever to be Equally divided amongst them share and share alike; Item I give to my daughters above mentioned Lucy Matthews Rachal Wills & Obedience Watkins the remaing part of my Catttle to be Equally divided amongst them. Item. I give to my seven above mentioned Children Joseph Tucker Wood Tucker Lucy Watkins, Rachal Wills, Susannah Tucker and Obedience Mathew all the Remainder part of my Estate be it of what nature or Quality soever to be Equally divided amongst them. Also if there be any debts brought against my estate after my decease for my Seven above mentioned children to pay it of each child to pay a like. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this first day of June One thousand seven hundred and ninety three and I do hereby constitute and appoint my two sons, Joseph and Wood Tucker and Danl. Ellington Executors of this my last will and Testament and my desire is that my Estate shall not be Appraised. Signed by Joseph Tucker and witnessed by Danl. Ellington, Sally Ellington, and John Ellington.

At a Court held for Prince Edward County June 18th 1798. This last Will and Testament of Joseph Tucker Deceased was presented in Court and proved by the oaths of John Ellington a Witness thereto and at a Court held for the said County the 17th of September next following was presented in Court and further proved by the oath of Sally Ellington another Witness thereto and ordred to be recorded. On the motion of the Executors therein named with sufficient security entered into and acknowledged their bond according to Law certificate for obtaining a probat thereof in due form is granted to them.

Will Book 3, page 123, Prince Edward County, Virginia