Will of Robert Tucker of Southwark Parish, dated December 17, 1769.

To wife [not named] whole estate for widowhood except three feather beds hereafter mentioned. If she marry, whole personal estate to be equally divided among my three daughter, Mary Tucker, Hannah Tucker and Salley Tucker if they agree; if not, estate to be sold and the money divided. To Mary a horse and bed; to Hannah a bed at her freedom or marriage; to Sally a bed at freedom or marriage. Land to be sold at death of my wife, and 40 shillings of the proceeds to be used for the schooling of my grandchild Lucy Barker, and the residue to be equally divided among my four children, Mary Tucker, Elizabeth Barker, Hannah Tucker, Salley Tucker. Executors; wife and son-in-law Leamuel Barker. Witnesses: Dan Ellis, Thos. Jones. Proved April 1770 by one witness and continued.

"Unrecorded Wills of Surry County," Virginia Genealogist, Volume 13, page 55