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From Dinwiddie Co., Va. Will Book No. 1, 1830-1835


Transcribed and ontributed by Beth Bond

Not having made any Will so as to dispose of my property and two of my Sisters marrying contrary to my wish should I not make one, I wish this instrument to prevent either their husbands from having one cent of my estate, say the husbands of my two sisters Martha Aldridge and Dorothy Aldridge nor either of them one cent, unless they should survive their husbands in that case I leave them say to be paid out of the collection of any my bonds five hundred dollars each. Given under my hand and seal this 27th August 1829.
  Jno. G. Boisseau seal
N B. having been so long in public business my hand writing can easily be proven. ~ J. G. B.
Memorandum to prevent Bennett Aldridge and Burwell Aldridge from ___ring any of my Estate that each might ____ in right of their wives without a Will made by me. J. G. Boisseau 27th August 1829. ~

At a Court held for Dinwiddie County on the 21st day of November 1831. This writing purporting to be the last Will & Testament of John G. Boisseau deceased, was produced in Court in order to be proved, Whereupon Bennett Aldridge and Dorothy P. his wife and Burwell Aldridge and Martha his wife appeared, and entered themselves defendants to oppose the probate of the said Will, and the same is continued till the Next Court.

And at another Court held for the said County on the 16th day of January 1832, the said writing was again produced in Court and there being no subscribing witnesses thereto, Benjamin Harris, Thompson Stewart and James Young Junr. were sworn and severally deposed that they are well acquainted with the Testators hand writing, and verily believe the said writing the name thereto subscribed, and the endorsement thereon to be wholly written by the Testators own hand. Whereupon the said writing is ordered to be recorded:`

And at another Court held for the said County on the 20th day of February 1832, Came Bennett Aldridge with Dorothy P. one of the sisters of the said decendent, and moved the Court to allow him to qualify as adminstrator on the said estate, with the will annexed, which motion was opposed by Elizabeth Hardaway & Sarah P. Boisseau, also sisters of the said decedent: and the said Sarah P. Boisseau submitted a cross motion for leave to qualify as administratrix on the said estate, with the will annexed: On hearing the parties, it is ordered that the motion of the said Bennett Aldridge be overruled, and leave be granted the said Sarah P. Boisseau to qualify: Whereupon she took the oath prescribed by law, and together with Benjamin Boisseau, James H. Boisseau, John G. Dabney, Elizabeth Hardaway, Ann B. Cogbill and William Dabney her securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Forty thousand dollars, conditioned as the law directs

Certificate is granted the said Sarah P. Boisseau for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of the said decedent with his will annexed, in due form. ~


Note by Beth: Will of John Goodwyn Boisseau, son of John Boisseau and Martha Goodwyn. He never married. He was once a deputy-sheriff of the county. Some words I could not read.


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