Highland County, Virginia
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Highland soldiers in the Revolutionary War

The following list has been gathered from a variety of sources. The persons with starred names were surviving pensioners in 1840, George Rymer, the oldest, being 90 years of age, and Edward Morton, the youngest, 75 years.

Bradshaw, John--served in Yorktown campaign.

Briscoe, Isaac--on Washington's body guard at Yorktown

Campbell, Samuel--officer

Carlile, James--severely wounded at Guilford and taken home by his brother

Curry, Richard

Devericks, Thomas*

Eagle, Michael*

Gillespie, James

Gilmer, Samuel--very severely wounded in the Waxhaw massacre, 1780

Graham, Christopher--in Henry Lee's Legion

Gumm, Isaac--at Yorktown

Gwin, David--Capt.--at Guilford

Hicklin, Thomas--Captain under Maj. John Wilson--conveyed prisoners

   from Yorktown to Winchester.

Jones, Henry

Kincaid, Thomas*

McClintic, William--severely wounded at Guilford

McCoy, Robert--at Guilford

McGlaughlin, John--in garrison under Capt. William Smith at Hinkle's Fort, 1781

Morton, Edward*--at Cowpens when 16 years old

Rymer, George*

Sharp, John

Slaven, John--at Yorktown

Steuart, James--guarded Augusta frontier at Clover Lick, about 1799--marched

   to Jamestown, 1781, under Col. John McCreary and Capt. Peter Hull--

   substitute for James Carlile, 1781

Steuart, Edward--in Capt. Thoma. Hicklin's company--substitute for Joseph

   Beathe, 1778--in garrison at Vance's Fort, Back Cr. to guard frontier

   against Indians--helped convey prisoners from Yorktown

Steuart, John--in Capt. Thos. Hicklin's company--sword wound in hand at Yorktown'

Steuart, William

Toberman, Henry

Wilson, John--Major--conveyed prisoners from Yorktown to Winchester

Wilson, Elibab*

The muster roll now given, which contains Pendleton as well as Highland names, was copied from the original paper in the handwriting of Nicholas Seybert. Muster Roll, Captain Hull's Company, Second Battalion, Augusta Militia, 1779:

Peter Hull--Captain

Nicholas Seybert--First Lieutenant

Henry Fleisher--Second Lieutenant

Jacob Hoover--Ensign


Arbogast, Adam

Arbogast, David

Arbogast, John

Arbogast, Michael

Bennett, Jacob

Bennett, John

Bennett, William

Blizzard, Thomas

Bodkin, Hugh

Bowman, John

Burner, Abraham

Conrad, Ulrich, Jr.

Crummett, Frederick

Duffield, Abraham (under 18)

Eckard, Abraham

Eckard, Philip

Ellsworth, Jacob

Eye, Christopher

Fleisher, Conrad

Graham, Francis

Gum, Isaac

Gum, Jacob

Gum, William

Hammer, Balsor

Harper, Nicholas

Hoff, James

Hogg, John (under 18)

Hoover, Michael

Huffman, George

Hull, Adam

Ingram, Uriah

Jordan, Andrew

Lantz, Conrad

Lantz, Joseph

McQuain, Alexander

Mullenax, John

Mullenax, James (under 18)

Noll, Henry

Peninger, John

Pickle, Christian

Puffenberger, George

Rexrode, George

Sheets, George

Simmons, George

Simmons, John

Simmons, Leonard

Simmons, Mark

Simmons, Michael

Simmons, Peter

Sinder, John

Smith, Mark

Smith, Sepbastian

Stone, Sebastian

Stout, George

Summers, Paul

Summerfield, Thomas

Wagoner, Adam

Wamsley, John

Wamsley, William

Wamsley, James (under 18)

Whiteman, Henry

Wilfong, Jacob

Wimer, Philip

Yeager, John

British service:

A few of the Highland settlers had served in the British army during the Revolution. Among these were Charles Halterman, George Keitz, James Trimble (surrendered at Yorktown), and John White.

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