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JoLee Gregory Spears

This page was updated March 21, 2009

Mecklenburg Co., VA Store Accounts

    Copied from the original by JoLee Gregory Spears
Part 1 Ledger 1808-1809 believed to be "Richard Boyd's Store"
Part 2 Yates & Knight Shop Book   October 1821 & 1822"

     Any information to pin point this old store will be welcomed by
     the submitter.  I believe the store was along the South Fork of the
     Meherrin River, possibly in the vicinity of "Cox's Old Mill" on 
     early maps, or in the area of "Mill Grove"  The establishment's 
     clientele included residents of Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, and some 
     in Charlotte County.
     This old ledger survived for generations in the attic of the
     John Gregory home place in Lunenburg, near Mt. Zion Church.
     It is, I believe, the accounts of "Boyd's Store" mentioned in
     some land boundaries.  The minutes of the Lunenburg Co., VA Meherrin 
     Baptist Church 1771-1844 show the boundary changes from 
     time to time.
     Page 110,111 "1st Saturday in Sept 1809...Bro. Ellis stated to 
     the Church that he had been requested by some of the Reedy Creek 
     Members, to request our Church to deligate some of our members, 
     to attend at their next Meeting for the purpose of regulating 
     the boundery lines between the two Churches, Brethren, Wm. 
     Hatchett, Ro. Saunders, [page 111] and John Brown, 
     delegated for the aforesaid purpose - The Lords Supper administered 
     by Elder Dabbs -
                                     Richd Dabbs Mo    
                                     Tho. B. Ellis Clk,"
     "At a Meeting held for Maherrin Church on Saturday the 30th of 
     Sept 1809. Elder James Shelburn & Brethren Jas. Robertson, John 
     Allin & Wm. Ellis, attended being Deligated for the purpose of agreeing 
     on the dividing lines between the two Churches, It was agreed that 
     from R. Boyds Store (or Coxes old place) That it shall run on Waltons 
     Old Road, till it comes to Ellis's pathway, thence along said path by 
     Wm. Ellis's & so on to Robertsons Mill on Middle Maherrin Thence 
     up said River to Parsons Old Mill where it strikes the same Old 
     Road again, Thence along sd Road to the big Road at Wm. Crenshaws, 
     (formerly a Store kept there by said Crenshaw) thence, the Road 
     leading from that place to Elisha Almonds Thence along the Richmond 
     Road to the boundery line of Mossingford - "

     Further reference to Boyd's Store:
     "Chase City & Its Environs" refers to a Drury Allen Bacon deed 1817/18 as 
     tract that "lay along the road from Christiansville [note: present Chase 
     City/js] to Boyd's Store on Meherrin River; down Finneywood Creek & adj. 
     Widow Jones' dower land."
     One of numerous deeds of John Cox of Finneywood:
     Mecklenburg DB 7:248; 1787 John Cox of Finneywood in Co. of Meck to David Stokes 
     of Mecklenburg 220 a. on branches of Finneywood Creek & S. fork of Meherrin R., 
     part of tract sd John Cox now lives.  Lines: Colo. Burwell, Gregory's line, 
     sd Stokeses line.

     PART 1
Accounts: Pounds, shillings & pences

James Anderson Sen              Oct 1808-Sept 1809          goods
Thomas Anderson                 Oct 1808-Sept 1809          goods
Mason Anderson                  Oct 1808-July 1808          goods
Christopher Anderson            Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Jesse Aistrop                   Oct 1808-Aug 1809           goods
John Allen                      Dec 1808-June 1809          goods
Capt Peter Burton               Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Mrs Elizabeth Burwell           Oct 1808-Sep 1809
Lewis Burwell                   Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Blair Burwell                   Oct 1088-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas Neilson                  Cr by Waggon merchandise
Benjamin Herndon                same
David Vaughan                   same
William Ellis                   same
Ellison Ellis                   same
John Hudson Jnr                 same
Spotswood Burwell               Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
John L. Burwell                 Aug 1809-Oct 1809           goods
William Bragg                   Nov 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Blair Burwell                   Sep 1809-Oct 1809
John Brown                      Oct 1808-Aug 1809           goods
John J. Boswell                 Oct 1808-July 1809          goods
Joseph Boswell                  Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Richard Boyd
George Bing Senr                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
George Bing Jnr                 Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Beasley Kent                    June 1809-Apr 1809
Richard Boyd Store acct
Mrs Mary Bruce                  Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Robert Brummell                 Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Doctor Thomas Brough            Jan & Feb 1809              goods
Jeremiah Brown                  Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas Brown                    Dec 1808-Aug 1809           goods
George L. Bayn                  March 1809-June 1809        goods
James Batte                     Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
William Burton                  Jan 1809-Sep 1809           goods
Miss Ann Brown                  Jan 1809-                   goods
Isham Coley                     Dec 1808-Jul 1809           goods
Thomas Coley                    Oct 1808-June 1809          goods
Samuel Cheatham                 Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Miss Lucy Crenshaw              Oct 1808-Dec 1808           goods
Miss Rachel Crenshaw            Oct 1808-Dec 1808           goods
John S. Ravenscroft
William G. Goode
Richard Boyd        1808
John M. Yates       1808
John J. Boswell     1808
Samuel Douglass     1808
Lewis Toon Sen      1808
George Doggett      1809
Elijah White        1809
Doctor Benjm Lewis  1809
Thomas A. Jones     1809
Benjamin Doggett    1809
John Toon           1809
Thomas Neilson      1809
William Ellis       1809
Blair Burwell       1809
Lewis Toon Snr      1809
Philip Dednam       1809
Maj? Thomas A. Jones 1809
James Batte         1809
Hyde Saunders       1809
Samuel Douglas      1809
John Gregory        1809
John Edmondson      1809
Blair Burwell       1809
L. E. Stanbach      1809
John M. Yates       1809
Thomas Neilson      1809
Lewis B. Whitemore  1809
Philip Dedman       1809
     Accounts continued
Benjamin Clark                  Oct 1808-Mar 1809           goods
Drury Cradle                    Oct 1808-Dec 1808           goods
Jacob Cheves                    Nov 1808-June 1809          goods
Lewis Camp                      Jan 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Walter & Thomas Colquhoun       Nov 1809 - Error in crate
Thomas Cralle                   Nov 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Philip Dedman                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
William Dedman                  torn
Thomas Drumright                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Joel Dunnavant                  Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
William S. Davis Jnr            Oct 1808-Aug 1809           goods
William Davis Snr               Oct 1808-July 1809          goods
Samuel Douglas                  Oct 1808-July 1809          goods
Matthew Dance                   Oct 1808-July 1809          goods
William Daws                    Feb 1809-Sep 1809           goods
George Doggett                  Jan 1809
Thomas Brough
Benjamin Doggett                Jan 1809                    goods
Armistead Ellis                 Nov 1808-Sep 1809
William Ellis                   Nov 1808-Sep 1809
Ellison Ellis                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas B. Ellis                 Nov 1808-June 1809          goods
John J. Ellis                   Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Richard C. Ellis                Dec 1808-June 1809          goods
Estate William Keen             Nov 1808-June 1809          goods
Benjamin Evans Jnr              Oct 1808-Nov 1808           goods
John Edmondson                  Dec 1808-Aug 1809           goods
William Elmore                  Nov 1808                    goods
Estate John Davis               March 1809-July 1809        goods
Thompson Fowlkes                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
David Walker                    Aug 1809                    goods
John Gregory                    Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Colo William W. Green           Dec 1808-Jun 1809           goods
Bolen Dobbins                   Jan 1809-Sep 1809           goods
William G. Goode                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Thoma Goode                     Oct 1808-Feb 1809           goods
William Griffin                 May-Oct 1809
Miss Rebecca Green(orphan)      Jan-May 1809                goods
Miss Sarah Green (orphan)       Feb 1809                    goods
James Garner Jnr?               Jan 1809                    goods
John Gordon                     May-Oct 1808
John Hudson Senr                Nov 1808-Mar 1809           goods
John Hudson Jnr                 Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Charles Hudson                  Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
William Hudson                  Feb 1809-Sep 1809           goods
Richard Hughes                  Dec 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Joseph Hawkes                   Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Hammon Daniel                   Nov 1809 - Bond
     House Expenses Dr
Richard Boyd  1808  Oct 1
Richard Boyd Sundries Jan 9 1809
Drury Cradle        11 Feb 1809
Willis Vaughan      14 Feb 1809
Richard Boyd        14 Mar 1809
Benjm Clark         18 Mar 1809
John S Ravenscroft  27 Mar 1809
Edward Neal         17 Apr 1809
Richard Boyd        30 Sep 1809
Blair Burwell       30 Sep 1809

Samuel Douglas                  Sep 18 1809
William Harrison                Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Leonard Hardwick                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Joseph Hardwick                 Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Mrs Edith Hogan                 Oct 1808-Aug 1809           goods
William Hatchett                Mar to Sep 1809             goods
Thomas Hudson                   Nov 1808-Oct 1808           goods
Joseph Hardwick                 Sep 1809                    goods
John Hicks                      Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Miles Hardy
Young Hudson                    Nov-Dec 1808                goods
John Hepburn                    Dec 1808                    cash
James T. Hayes                  Nov 1808                    goods
Capt Edward Jones               Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
James Johnson                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Majr Thomas A. Jones            Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Samuel Ingram                   Jan 1809-Sep 1809           goods
John Johnson Snr                Feb-Aug 1809                goods
Richard Knott                   Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
William Knott                   Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Joseph Keaton Jnr               Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Joseph Keaton Sen               Oct 1808-Jul 1809           goods
Joseph Keaton (son of John)     Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Leonard Keaton                  Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Colo Abraham Keen               Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
John Knight                     Dec 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Samuel Knight                   Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
George T. Kennon                Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Kennon        Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Doct Benjamin Lewis             Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Robert Love                     Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Henry Lester                    Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
John Loafman                    Feb 1809                    goods
John Lipford                    Mar-Sep 1809                goods
Mrs. Tabitha Marable            Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Hartwell Marable                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
William Marable                 Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Matthew Marable                 Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
William W. Mason                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
     Merchandise Dr
Richard Boyd        1808
George Pegram Jnr   1808
John S. Ravenscroft 1808
James Boyd          1809
Blair Burwell       1809
Richard Boyd        1809
Jacob Stokey?       1809
Hammon & Daniel     1809
William & H. Haxall?1809
John McQuie         1809
Samuel Douglas      1809
     Merchandise Cr
1808 Oct    235.6,7
     Nov    522.6.3
     Dec    367.13.11     1125.6.9
1809 Jan    169.9.4
     Feb    180.11.6
     Mar    249.2.2
     Apr    161.18.2
     May    207.2.6        968.3.8
     June   259.13.5
     July   218.?.2
     Aug    162.18.4
     Sep 123?   30.18.4
     Amount of goods sold this month
        227.2.7        898.12.10
Samuel Major                    Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Silliam Major                   Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
John McQuie                     Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Robert Maitland & 
    Christian                   Sep 1809-Nov 1809           goods
William Minges                  Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Miss Elizabeth McQuie           Oct 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Jordan Mason                    Oct 1808-Jun 1809           goods
Francis M. Neal                 Nov 1808-July 1809          goods
Edward Neal                     Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Mrs. Mary A. Neal               Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
James Neatheary                 Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Major John Nelson Sen           Feb-May 1809                goods
Capt Thomas M. Nelson           Nov 1808-Aug 1809           goods
John Nelson Jnr                 Jan-Aug 1809                goods
Robert Nelson                   Mar-Sep 1809                goods
Thomas Nelson                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Henry Newbill                   Oct 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Maj. James W. Oliver            Oct 1808-Jul 1809           goods
Mrs. Sarah Oliver               Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Christopher Overton             Oct 1808-Nov 1808           goods
William Overton                 Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Moses Overton Senr              Nov 1808-Jul 1809           goods
Mrs Tabitha Marabel             Dec 1808 To George Wood
Thomas Palmer                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
George C. Poindexter            Oct 1808-Sep1809            goods
William Pettus                  Nov 1808-Jul 1809           goods
John Pettus                     Feb 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Mrs Sarah Powell                Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Palmer &/or A? Sullivant        Nov 1808-Jun 1809           goods
Freeman Pettus                  Jan 1809-Mar 1809           goods
Samuel Pettus                   Nov 1809-                   goods
Doct William J. Pattillow       Nov 1808 (tear)             goods
David Pettus                    Dec 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Thomas Neal                     Jan 1809                    goods
Joseph W. Rudd                  Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
John S. Ravenscroft             Oct 1808-Jul 1809           goods
John Robertson                  Jan-Sep 1809                goods
John Robertson (hatter?)        Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas Rudd                     Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Matthew Rowlett                 Feb 1809-Apr 1809           goods
Robert Scott                    Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
John Smithson                   Nov 1808-Oct 1809           goods
David Smithson                  Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Lady Skipwith                   Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Anthony Sydnor                  Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Woodson Sullevant               Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Hyde Saunders                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Robert Saunders                 Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas Smith                    Nov 1808-                   goods
Hamblen F. Stokes               Nov 1808-May 1809           goods
Moses Lire                      Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Robert Scott Snr                Nov 1808-Mar 1809           goods
Thomas Stone                    Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Jacob Stokey                    Dec 1808-May 1809           goods
Asher Stone                     Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
L. E. Stanback                  Mar-Oct 1809                cash
Charles Smithson                Feb-Sep 1809                goods
Nathaniel Smithson              Jan-Sep 1809                goods
Thomas Taylor                   Oct 1808-Feb 1809           goods
Lewis Toon                      Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas Toon                     Jan 1809                    goods
John Toon                       Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Mrs Catherine Tucker            Nov 1808-Jul 1809           goods
Harwood B.(or R) Tucker         Nov 1808-Jul 1809           goods
John Tucker Snr                 Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Worsham Tucker                  Dec 1808-Jun 1809           goods
Lebon Taylor                    Jan-Mar 1809                goods
David Vaughan                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Balaam Vaughan                  Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Willis Vaughan                  Oct 1808-Aug 1809           goods
Robert Vaughan (son of Willis)  Nov 1808-Jul 1809           goods
Robert Vaughan (son of David)   Nov 1808                    goods
Stephen Wood                    Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
James Willson                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Robert Willson                  Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas Westbrook Snr            Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Joshua Westbroos                (tear)                      goods
Bazzell Wagstaff Sen            Oct 1808-(tear)             goods
Britain Wagstaff                Oct 1808 (tear)             goods
Allen Wagstaff                  Feb-June 1809               goods
John Wagstaff Jnr               Jan-Aug 1809                goods
Fortiscue Whittle               Dec 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Carter White                    Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Lewis B. Whitemore              Jan-Aug 1809                goods
Allen Walker                    Nov 1808-Sep 1809           goods
Mrs Lucy Walker                 Nov 1808-May 1809           goods
James Winn                      Oct 1808-Sep 1809           goods
John Williams                   Dec 1808-Sep p1809          goods
James Williams Snr              Jan 1809-Sep 1809           goods
John Williams (son of James)    Mar 1809-Sep 1809           goods
Elijah White                    Oct 1808-Apr 1809           goods
John B. Bott                    Apr 1809    cash
John M. Yates                   Oct 1808-Sep 1809           cash
Doctor James Young              Mar 1809-Aut 1809           goods
George Pegram                   Mar 1809-Oct 1809           cash
Armistead Burwell               Oct 1808                    goods
John Wagstaff                   Nov 1808                    goods
William Brown                   Dec 1808-Jan 1809           goods
James Boyd                      Jan-Oct 1809                Waggon etc
Thomas Bragg Senr               Apr 1809-Sep 1809           goods
Thomas Bragg Jnr                Apr 1809-Aug 1809           goods
Joel Bragg                      Mar 1809-Sep 1809           goods
Richard Boyd Stock Accot 1809 May 31 to John M. Yates 
Peter Robertson (orphan) Mar-Apr 1809   goods
Christopher Robertson (orphan)  Mar-May 1809                goods
Permelia Robertson (orphan)     Mar-Apr 1809                goods
David Crenshaw                  Apr 1809                    goods
Littleberry Winn                Mar-Sep 1809                goods
Estate James Knott              May 1809                    goods
James Williams Jnr              May 1809-Sep 1809           goods
John Johnson                    May 1809                    goods
Absalom Hurt                    May 1809                    goods
John Goode                      May 1809                    goods
Love & Cutter                   Oct 1809                    goods
John V. Wilcox                  Oct 1809                    goods
Scrimshsha Brown                May-June 1809               goods
Norbourn B. Spotswood           Oct 1809                    goods
John Bayn (orphan)              May-Aug 1809                goods
Paul Jeffries                   May-Sep 1809                goods
James Shelburne                 May-Jul 1809                goods
William Hightower               May-Aug 1809                goods
William Scott Jnr               Jun 1809                    goods
Hugh Nelson                     Jun-Sep 1809                goods
Samuel Pettus Jnr               Jun 1809                    goods
William & Henry Flaxall?        Oct 1809                    goods
Benjamin Herndon                Jun 1809                    goods
Miss Peggy Greer                Jun 1809                    goods
John Garrot                     Jun 1809-Jul 1809           goods
Mrs Ann Boyd                    Jun 1809                    goods
William Mason (Shop Joiner)                                 goods
Miss Elizabeth Greer            Jul 1809                    goods
James Garrot                    July 1809                   goods
Mrs Elizabeth Claughbon                                     goods
Benjamin Stone                  Jul-Sep 1809                goods
     (Thos Stone Security)
Stephen Wood                    Sep 1809    Brot fwd
Mason Anderson                  Jul-Sep 1809                goods & sundries
Robert Vaughan (son of Willis)  Jul Sep 1809                goods
William Pettus                  Aug-Sep 1809                goods
John S. Ravenscroft             Aug-Sep 1809                goods
Nelson Hightower                Aug-Sep 1809                goods
Henry Hayly                     Aug 1809                    goods
     (John Knight security)
Henry H. Love                   Aug 1809                    goods
John H. Stout                   Aug 1809                    goods
Richard L. Smithson             Aug-Sep 1809                goods
Lewis B. Whitemore              Aug-Sep 1809                goods
John Edmondson                  Aug-Sep 1809                goods
John Wagstaff                   Sep 1809                    goods
Thomas A. Galispie
Bailey Woods                    Sep 1809                    goods
Samuel Puryear
William Mingea                  Sep 1809                    brt fwd
Philip Dedman                   Sep 1809                    goods
Lewis Toon Snr                  Sep 1809                    brt fwd
      PART II

The back pages of this book were used for a business:
Yates & Knight Shop book for the years 1821 & 1822.

Included here: Index to Yates & Knight Shop Book
(no entries)

Bragg, William
Bailey, Edward
Brown, Noah
Burwell, Peyton R.
Bigger, Doctor John
Bacon, Langston Jr
Bacon, Drury A.
Bing, George (see Estate)

Coutch, Thomas
Crow, Nathaniel
Coley, Richard
Colley, Sherrod G.
Cheatham, Eleazar
Cox, Adamson

DeGraffenried, Terchaner
Dobyn, Boler
Dance, Matthew
Davis, William

Ellis, William
Ellis, Ellison
Estate George Bing
Epps, Capt Peter

Fowlkes, Joel

Gregory, John
Gregory, David
Gregory, Roderick R.
Gee, William

Hardin, Thomas
Hardy, Miles
Hicks, John C.

Jones, James

Knight, Samuel
Keeton, Leonard

Lee, Edward
Lester, Henry
Lee, John

Miller, William
McAlister, William
Marable, Hartwell
McKinney, Adam D.
Miller, Wm jr

Neal, Edward
Neatheary, Richard

Oliver, James W.

Powell, Sarah
Pulliam, George W.
Pettus, David

Richardson, James G.

Smithson, Lew
Sullevant, Woodson
Smithson, Charles
Smithson, Richard L.
Stone, William
Stone, Daniel
Saunders, Hyde
Smith, Peter F.
Smith, Sterling
Smithson, David
Scott, Robert

Thompson, Robert
Tucker, Mr.

Vaughan, David
Vaughan, Ashley
Vaughan, Baalam
Vaughan, Willis
Vaughan, Pleasant

Watson, Joseph A.
Williams David H.
Wilson, James
Winn, James
Wallace, Hugh
Walker, Richard E.
Wagstaff, Mr.

Copyright 2000 JoLee Gregory Spears