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JoLee Gregory Spears

This page was updated April 17, 2008

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Woodburn Remembered

The "Store House" at the east end of
the main house was demolished in the 1980's by the present owner of Woodburn, E. Jack Gregory (#2). Walls of the1 1/2-story structure were plastered. The chimney, in the very middle of the house, collapsed into the fireplaces in the 1950's, very much weakening the structure.
Large hollow oak to the front and between the main house and Store House (seen in background). Many friends stood in the hollow to measure for size. Gone. Old pear tree (a favorite) and cedar in front corner of yard next to the road. When the pears fell the dogs would rush to grab one before the bees attacked. Pear tree now gone. The last of the three large oaks I remember in the yard. This was in front, next to the well. To the right of that is/was the walnut tree. The depression of the old ice house was between the big oak and the walnut. In this photo with Joe Gregory are his children and "Dot" the bird dog (abt 1937/38).
Old Gregory family cemetery in the edge of the woods, as seen from the backyard. Between the yard and the cemetery is the "garden" divided by a row of fruit trees and flowers. The trees to the right in the photo mark the row where jonquils still bloom in abundance every spring. Click for other views. Photo taken from then new grave of Ida (Rudd) Gregory-Fore at the Old Gregory Family Cemetery (12 Feb 1945). This photo shows the east end of Wooburn from the back and the location of the old "Store House" relative to it. Also shown is the huge hollow oak tree pictured in row #1. (Bill Gregory collection)

The "Plantation" in the 1930's /40's