Lunenburg County Virginia

People of Color

Paper of E. J. Gregory

This undated paper appears to be a draft of information E. J. Gregory wrote in response to an inquiry by a distantly removed relative who knew the mentioned members before migrating on. The date would have been sometime between Aug. 21, '77 mentioned and the 1910 death of E. J. Gregory.

"Laura S. Duke died Aug. 21, 77. Geo. H. Lee, Jr. July 12th '65. Joe and Davy Gregory living & reside in Mo. The oldest colored men were named Jim & Dennis, old Aunt Fanny was the oldest woman & outlived Mary the house woman. Jane the house girl married Jos. Fowlkes, is a widow & living."

Note: The Lunenburg Co. death register shows Aunt Fanny died March 1862, age 95, old age, registered by Josephus Gregory. I believe the farm diary of Josephus Gregory shows Dennis died in the 1870's. I will add that later. JoLee, 16 Sep 2000.

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