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    Your submissions are welcomed - any Lunenburg County records you have gathered in your research.

    They do not have to be of your own family. The tad of info you submit may be the very thing that will match with another's info. "What goes around, comes around"!

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Records Specific to Lunenburg County


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Post 1865

Type of Record Record Submitted by Date
Lunenburg Co., VA Circuit Court Record - Library of Virginia Lunenburg County (Va.) Register of Colored Persons cohabiting together as Husband and Wife, 1866 Feb   11-Sep-2010
Family web site
Link broken Sep 2016/jgs
Bagley, Reese, etal. of the Kenbridge area Yolanda Brandon 23 Mar 2006
Census 1930 Census Heads of Families in Rehobeth Dist., Plantersville Precinct Only JoLee Gregory Spears 28 Aug 2004

Bridgeforth/Barnes Genealogy

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Link to Family Web Site authored by "Scott J. Banks" <>   Linked
3 Apr 2003
Elam deaths in Josephus Gregory's Farm Journal

Nov 18, 1873 Nancy Elams child died last night
Jan 5, 1874 Died Abednego Elam, col.
Feb 13, 1874 Died Nancy Elam (col)
This seems to be part of the Elam family enumerated on 1870 Census Charlotte Co., VA Wylliesburg P.O.

JoLee Gregory Spears 22 Jul 2014
"Harris and Bright Family Trees" Link to Family Web Site authored by "Dr. Donald L. Harris" <>    
Gregory Papers Clarissa Hepbourn on 1880 Census Lunenburg JoLee Gregory Spears 2 Nov 2001
Farm Journal Josephus Gregory's Farm Journal 1873 - 1880 JoLee Gregory Spears 30 Aug 2001
Family data Knott Family and photo of house JoLee Gregoroy Spears 3 Jun 2001
Photo Plantersville School JoLee Gregory Spears 2 Jun 2001
Gregory papers Lunenburg Schools 1937 Link 15 Mar 2001
Cemetery #182 Mt. Mitchell Church Cemetery, Fort Mitchell, VA: Surnames: Jenkins; Johnson; Kirby; Knight; Knott; Marable; Mitter; Morton; Oliver; Robinson; Roselle; Sheridan; Solomon; Staton; Streat; Watson; Watts; Winn; Wood; Woodson Records of Gerald Reinders 18 Sep 2000
Will Caroline Byrd 1893 Sandra
Gr-Gr-Gr granddaughter
14 Sep 2000

Pre 1865
Type of Record Record Names in Alphabetical Order Submitted by Date
"A list of Free Negroes and Mulattos Registered in the County of Lunenburg, Virginia, from 1815 to 1850"   See list Kay Smith 01 Dec 2001
(completed 13 Dec)
Inventory and Appraisement Lunenburg Co. VA WB 7:24/135 [LVA reel 21]

Inv and appr of est of Thomas L. Garland...
28 Dec 1808: Isaac $400, Milly $300, Siss $66.66, Rose $200, Venus $200.
1809: David Garland purchased Isaac $131, and Milly $98.

Mary Clement Douglass 20 Aug 2016
Will Richard Ward Will, WB1:341 Feb 1762

Annis, Bowser, Dick, Harry, Modesty, Moll
Richard Ward loans to his wife, Mary Johns Ward, six slaves, then to his unborn child, if child survived.

Brenda Reed 26 Sep 2001
Bible Bible of Bryant Lester Charity; Freeman; Garg; Greenhall; Louis; Lucinda; Marg; Molly; Viny Harry Johnson 21 Mar 2001
Will Mary Bruce 1830 Anderson, Archer, Clarissa, Harry, Lander, Paul, Silas, Vzna JoLee Spears 26 Dec 2000
Inv. of Pers. Property & Estate new Jeremiah Gee 1857 Paul, Charles, George, Richmond, Ann & child Henry, Liza & child Louisa, Claiborn, Will, Rosella, Miranda & child John, Elvira, Mary Jane, Mary, Rilla Mary  Kircher Roddy 4 Oct 2016
Paper E. J. Gregory Dennis; Old Aunt Fanny; Jane; Jim; Mary JoLee Spears 16 Sep 2000
Bill of Sale Cornelius Barnes of Charlotte Co. to Josephus Gregory 1834 Salina about 25 years of age and her three children (that is) Allan Legrand her oldest was born the 27th August 1827, Elizabeth Maria born the 20 Sept 1831 and Kitty Reeveley? born 12 April 1834. - Paper in Gregory collection
(Allan Legrand was also spelled "Allen" in the record.)
JoLee Spears 16 Sep 2000
Personal Property Tax , Mecklenburg John Gregory (d. 1832) 1795: Bob, Dick, Fanny, Grace - all over 16
1799: Bob, Dick, Dorcas, Fanny, Grace, Jim - all over 16
1800: Bob, Dick, Dorcas, Fanny, Fanny, Grace, Jim - all over 16
1801: Dick, Dorcas, Fanny, Fanny, Grace, Jim - all over 16
JoLee Spears 28 Dec 2000
Minutes of Meherrin Baptist Ch 1771-1844 LVA John Gregory's slaves Adam, Celia, Little Fanny, Big Fanny, James [appears James died 1823], Ned    
Will John Gregory 1832 Betsy; Edwin; Ephraim; Hannah; Kitty; Linda?; Lucreasy?; Lucy; Mary; Matt; Moriah; Munford; Richard; Spencer; Yelb___; others not named, see inventory JoLee Spears 6 Sep 2000

WB 11:232

John Gregory 1832, rec 1837 Adam 600; Armistead 300; Celia 400; Fanny 100; Fanny 100; Grace 50; Henderson 300; Jane 250; Peter 600; Phillis 200; Rachel considered worth no money 00; Ritter & 2 children Frances & Peter 600 JoLee Spears 23 Dec 2000
John Gregory slaves discussed        
Articles of Agreement William Marable and Matthew Marable 1757 Ben, Jack, Darby, George, Sella, Venus, Nan, Hannah, Bess, Tom, Wilson, Sam, Will, Jamy, Seazar, Peter, Frank Molly JoLee Spears 26 Dec 2000
Will David Vaughan 1825 Daniel, Fanny, Nancy, Peggy, Peter JoLee Spears 26 Dec 2000
Family Register Williams Family Hannah; Jim; Lidda; Sal JoLee Spears 6 Sep 2000

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