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JoLee Gregory Spears

Deed Abstracts with References to
Meeting Houses and Churches in Early Lunenburg Co., VA

Relevant entries from copyrighted abstracts
Lunenburg County Deed Books reproduced here by
courtesy of June Banks Evans, compiler Bryn Ffyliaid Publications

LDB 16:398

10 Oct 1793 – John Hendrick to David Thompson, £100, 100 ac; Lunenburg Co, from point near meeting house, thence to Pledgers Crk in Williams old line, up creek, up N fork (called the Long branch), adj sd Hendrick to old rolling rd, down mtg hse path to start

LDB 16:424

30 Oct 1793 – John Hendrick & wife Lucy to John Williams of Charlotte Co, £500, 650 ac; Lunenburg Co, both sides pledges fork of Maherrin, adj David Thompson, the
Meeting House line, Josiah Ellington, Thos Parsons, Alexander Bruce

LDB 17:11

4 Mar 1795 – Henry Embry & wife Ann to John Lamkin of Nottoway Co, £700, 648 ac; Lunenburg Co, where sd Embry lives adj Read Crk, Wm Parrott, estate John Neal decd, Tscharner deGraffenreidt, the
Baptist meeting house, Nathaniel Newbill, John Johns, Absolum Tucker, Wm Cockerham, Sharpe Lamkin

LDB 17:177

7 Jan 1796 – Wm Cowan & wife Mary to Obed Clay, . . . 241 ac . . . ; Lunenburg Co, . . . land conveyed by will of Christopher Billups to Cowan’s wife Mary, being part of Huskison tract, adj Pound tract near
old preaching barn at Newbeys; . . . .

LDB 18:56

6 Oct 1797 – Thos Hobby Puckett & wife Mary to Wm Crafton, Seth Farley, Richd Puckett, Wm Ellis, £1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, for use of
Publick Meeting House for worship of the lord without having any particular Religious Sect or profession whatsoever, new cut line at spring branch near where meeting house is to stand

LDB 18:13

7 Feb 1798 – Nathl Newbill & wife Sarah to John G Newbill, £100, 162 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj McClarg at Lamkin, creek, excepting 1 ac belonging to
Degraffenreidt’s Meetinghouse

LDB 18:137

25 Mar 1799 – Wm Ellis of Nottoway Co to Jas Jeffress, Spencer Betts, Thos Jeffress (trustees for
the Baptist Church); Lunenburg Co, 10 shillings, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, S side main rd from Hungary Town to Double Bridges, adj Tab, Ellis

LDB 18:199

24 May 1800 – John Goodwin Sr to the
Baptist Church, love/affection, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj John Pritchett Sr, sd Goodwin

LDB 18:77

11 Oct 1798 – Peter Jones to Henry Stokes, Wm Buford, John Ragsdale, David Street, Christopher Robertson, Edmd P Bacon, Wm Stokes, Jas Smith, Sterling Neblett, John Billips, Covington Hardy, Jas Buford vestry men Cumberland Parish, 5 shillings, 1 ac: Lunenburg Co, conveyed 15 Oct 1773 by Peter Jones Sr to David Garland & Thos Winn church wardens of sd parish,
Reed Crk Church was within sd boundaries; surveyed 28 Jul 1709 by John Billups county surveyor

LDB 18:123

23 Feb 1799 – Wm Burton & wife Lucy to Matthew Dance, Matthew Estes, Abraham Estes, John Ogburn, Chas Ogburn trustees, 5 shillings, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, for erection of
Methodist Episcopal Church, adj Hankins

LDB 19:24

9 Jun 1801 – Ellick Moore to Wm Webb, Chas Irby, Copeland Davis, Joel Blackwell, for divers good causes, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, part of land where sd Moore lives, to erect a house of worship named
Freedom Meeting House

LDB 19:118

14 Oct 1801 – Saml Shelburn & wife Sarah to Robt Love, £200, 226 ac; Lunenburg Co, waters Juniper Crk, adj Jas Shelburn Sr, Robt Rutledge, land called Waugh’s; deed excludes
meeting house erected on sd land

LDB 20:149

10 Dec 1805 – Charly Smithson & wife Lucy to Christopher T Smithson & John Wood, £469, 329¾ ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Ellick Moore’s orphans, Johnson’s rd, Lew Smithson, Mason’s orphans, Jas McLurg, Francis Smithson’s orphans, Billington Dunn, Lew Smithson, spring branch near
Petersfield Meeting House

LDB 20:61

15 Jun 1804 – Laban Coleman to
Tussekiah Baptist Society, $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj land sold by Ward Hudson to sd society; to extend to road

LDB 20:225

9 Jun 1806 – John Christian to John Blackwell, Sterling Neblett, Thos Adams as trustees on behalf
Methodist Episcopal Church, $5, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, on Harpers Rd near Christian’s present residence, on which a meeting house is built; to be free for use as a school when not occupyed by Divine Worship

LDB 21:170

8 Sep 1807 – John Pritchett & wife Averilla to trustees Wm Hammond, John Pritchett, Jno Rash, Jas Barnes, Philip Burnett, Stephen Jones; love for cause of God & religion & $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, whereon
Macedinia Meeting House stands, adj John Rash; Methodist Episcopal Church

LDB 24:40

4 Jan 1816 – Robt Love & wife Mary to Jas Shelburne, £175, 226 ac; Lunenburg Co, near Juniper Crk, adj sd Shelburne, Womack, Sally Ragsdale, et al;
meeting house on sd land excepted

LDB 24:344

25 Aug 1817 – David Hudson to Freeman Hudson, d/gift, 37 ac; Lunenburg Co, where sd David lives, near
Williams’s meeting house, adj Vincent, Callis

LDB 24:408

9 Apr 1818 – John Christian to Robt Thos Blackwell; £3212, 389 ac; Lunenburg Co, flat rock crk, adj Jas Hinton, Robt Hudson, John Williams, John Blackwell, the ac at
Antioch Mtg Hse, John Daly [strikethrough and correction made 6-16-05]

LDB 25:28

17 Nov 1819 – Wm Morgan & wife Polly of Nottoway Co to Eaton Hudson of Pr Edwd Co, £180, 119 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Jas Hudson, Wm Wootton, S prong Gr Nottoway Riv, estate Thos Hudson, Shelton’s rd,
Concord Meeting house, Coleman Jeffress, Richd Bennett, Irby Hudson

LDB 25:293

5 Oct 1820 – Jones Allen, Stephen Brown & wife Elizabeth to Vincent Hardy, Francis Smith, John C Hardy, Henry Hardy, Baxter Ragsdale trustees, $5, 2 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj office rd on Jones Allen’s land, Stephen Brown, for purpose of building house of worship thereon for members of
M E church

LDB 25:444

26 Mar 1822 – Mason Moore & wife Rebecca to Anderson Moore, $330, 75 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj John Pritchett, Danl Reese, Anderson Moore,
Masadonia meeting house spring branch, horse pen crk, Lucey Moore, Jane Peace, Jas Moore

LDB 26:455

10 Jun 1825 – Chas Hardy to Vincent Hardy, Jno C Hardy, Andrew McQuie trustees of
Union Meeting house for Baptist & Presbyterian Societies, $1, 1 ac whereon sd meeting house stands; Lunenburg Co, surrounded by land sd Chas Hardy; to revert to sd Chas Hardy/heirs forever if sd meeting house ceases of utility to the neighborhood

LDB 28:450

12 Oct 1829 – Wm H Taylor to Roger B Atkinson, Sterling Neblett jr, Jones Allen, Wm Bagley, Sylvanus Ingram, Thos Atkinson jr, $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, lower Lunenburg Co, for
Episcopal church, part of land owned by sd Taylor’s father Wm Taylor decd, adj rd by Cralle’s mill

LDB 29:4

15[14] Oct 1829 – Henry Hardy to Vincent Hardy, Joel Blackwell, Baxter Ragsdale, Spencer M Peace, Joshua Featherston, Thos Adams trustees of
Methodist Episcopal Church, $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, where now stands Olive Branch Meeting House, enclosed by lands of Henry Hardy; to continue in use as church but reverts to Hardy

LDB 29:7

14 Dec 1829 – David S Garland to Saml Jefferson, Jno Marshall, Jno Blackwell, Spencer Peace, Vincent Hardy, Henry Hardy, Joel Blackwell, Stephen Dance, Wm Davis trustees of
Methodist Episcopal Church, 2/3 ac; Lunenburg Co, at corner on Edmd Bishop’s line, to rd; to build church thereon

LDB 29:37

8 Feb 1830 – Francis Robertson & wife Elizabeth to Henderson Lee, Gillee M Bacon, John J Boswell, Wm Mcfarland, Andrew J McQuie, Miles Hardy jr, Nicholas E Davis, Anthony W Smith, Josiah B Wilson, Washington Maddux trustees, $1, 2 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Taylor’s line, for uses of
Presbyterian church

LDB 29:250a

30 Jun 1832 – Memo re consecration of
St John’s Church

LDB 30:43

15 Jul 1833 – Sally Evans to Henderson Lee, Miles Hardy jr, Andrew J McQuie, Robt Bagley, Wm G Overton, Garner [illeg], $15, [ac not noted]; Lunenburg Co, at corner on Geo Brown, down branch, across Cox rd, for use of
Presbyterian church

LDB 30:93

13 Mar 1834 – Wm Stokes to Henry N Walker, Asa Duprey, Danl S McCormick trustees for building a
Presbyterian church, $1, 3¾ ac; Lunenburg Co, on Richmond rd, near old shop, to junction of double bridge rd, to Wm R Geer’s line; congregation to be permitted to pass foot to spring lying SE of sd church

LDB 30:322

24 Jul 1835 – John Gregory & wife Elizabeth to Jos F Ellis, David Thompson jr, Roderick R Gregory, Marshall M Keith trustees, $1, 1½ ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Saml A Bruce, John Gregory, including School House Spring and a walk sufficient spacious to & around the same, for erecting a house of worship as
Mt Zion Baptist Ch

LDB 30:364

17 May 1835 – David Street to C C Talliaferro, R B Atkinson, Thos Atkinson jr, Peter Raney, Edmd F Taylor, Wm McGhee, Wm H Taylor, Wm Stokes, David A Street, $1, 3 ac; Lunenburg Co as permanent place for
protestant Episcopal church in Lunenburg Co, being place where St Paul’s church has been erected, E side Courthouse rd to falls of Nottoway, adj Peter Epes’s estate

LDB 30:364

30 Oct 1835 – David Street & Roger B Atkinson church wardens Cumberland Parish to Peter Jones, $30, 3 ac; Lunenburg Co, where old
Reedy Crk Church formerly stood & which Peter Jones Sr of Amelia Co conveyed sd Episcopal Ch, within bounds sd Peter Jones’s lands

LDB 30:401

2 Jan 1837 – David Street & Roger B Atkinson trustees estate Thos Buford the elder decd to Wm Williams, $484, 220 ac; Lunenburg Co, waters Flat rock crk, adj Wm Williams, Jas Craig et al; willed by sd Buford to benefit
protestant Episcopal Church, Cumberland Parish

LDB 31:24

7 Oct 1837 – Richd Bennett & wife Nancy C to John J Fowlkes, Hatcher Clarke trustees for church congregation near Pleasant Grove called
Freedom meeting house; Lunenburg Co, 145 sp poles where sd meeting house is situated; all other christian denominations to have free use

LDB 31:364

27 Jul 1839 – Francis Gill & wife Nancy to Wilson Harriss, Jno A Harriss, Wm A Harriss, Peter Raney jr, Francis Gill, Phillip Gill, Langston Andrews, Green W Crowder, Chas H Ogburn trustees
Methodist E P Church, $1, ½ ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Nomie Andrews, Francis Gill, Saffold’s rd on W

LDB 32:378

3 Mar 1842 – Henderson Lee & wife Susan L to Gillie M Bacon, $180, 35 ac; Lunenburg Co, Cocks rd, adj sd Bacon,
Ebenezer Church lot, Colo John Tucker [called Cabin Point]

LDB 32:57

4 Dec 1840 – Robt B Wilson to Frederick Lester, Wm A Stone, Wm S Wilson elders of
Mount Olivet church worshipping at the Fork Meeting house, good will, [ ] ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Perkins & Hawkins corner at rd

LDB 32:341

9 Oct 1841 – Joel Johns & wife Elizabeth to Gille M Bacon, Wm H Pollard, Martha L Spencer, Sharp Carter trustees for
Presbyterian Church called the old school, for respect & veneration for the Christian Religion, 2 7/8 ac; Lunenburg Co, head waters Dry Crk, part of tract where sd Johns lives, adj Kings rd, Jeffress

LDB 32:444a

29 Jun 1842 – Silvanus Ingram & wife Alice L to Henderson Lee, A W Smith, N A Venable, O M Smith members of
Presbyterian Church, $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, on Bedford rd, adj estate Gill, Ingram

LDB 33:117

14 Mar 1843 – Lew Jones & wife Mary E of Nottoway Co to Wm Williams, Allen L Williams, Thos Adams, Edmd C Winn (members
Methodist Episcopal Church), $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, near Courthouse in Lunenburg Co, on Hungary Town rd, near H May

LDB 33:123

29 Mar 1843 – John A Smith & wife Martha C to Nathl A Venable & Anthony W Smith trustees in behalf the
old School Presbyterian Church, $1, lot at Lunenburg Courthouse; Lunenburg O, near Taylor’s Shop on main st [metes/bounds given]

LDB 33:224

20 Oct 1843 – John Inge & wife Martha members of the Christian Church to Chas J Bishop, Peter w Hawthorn, Jas Epperson, Geo W Potts, Banister Thompson, $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, to erect
Christian Church to be called Chinquapin Grove, at acute angle in SE corner land whereon sd Inges reside, at intersection two/notch road/Asa Moore

LDB 33:236

6 Jan 1844 – Labon Coleman & wife Elizabeth to John A Johns, Drury A Smith, Thos Gee (M), Joel Johns, Thos A Johns, Jas E McCraw, Hatcher Clark, John T Dowdy trustees for Regular or old side Baptists called
Tussekiah Congregation, $1, 156 [poles] 6 perches; Lunenburg Co, by survey John C Stokes, land whereon to erect a church for sd congregation, on ridge div waters Tussekiah/Church Crks at road, adj Labon Coleman, estate L Crymes

LDB 33:276

25 Mar 1844 – Silas Shelburne to Elders (Danl Petty, Jno Arvin, Dr Lucias F Wootton, their successors in the
Christian Church or Deciples of Christ), of church meeting at Cool Spring meeting house, d/gift for cause of Christ and worship of God, 1 ac whereon church now sits; Lunenburg Co, from corner oak on Johnsons rd

LDB 33:276a

23 Apr 1844 – Nathl A Venable & wife Catherine and L E Stainback, d/partition . . . ; Lunenburg Co, (1) from corner near
Rehoboth Mtg Hse, to & down Meherrin Riv to mouth selfs Branch on Wm Wood . . . .

LDB 34:47

11 Mar 1845 – John C Stokes, et al . . . ; Lunenburg Co, head waters Swiss Crk, adj Thos H Staples, Overton, Josiah B Cox, Nancy C Street, the
Forest Church lot

LDB 34:288

14 Aug 1847 – Saml Maddux & wife Martha F to Saml M Peace, Wm C Hamlin, Jno R Jones, John H Williams, Robt B Jones, Thos J Lambert, Geo N Seay, Robt M Williams, Thos Jefferson, Garner Webb trustees, $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, whereon
Cedar Crk Meetinghouse stands, for benefit Baptist denomination

LDB 34:586

30 Nov 1849 – Lewis Hammack to E P Winn, $24, 6 ac; Lunenburg Co, from fork Cedar/Two Notch rd, to and along adj
Providence Meetinghouse, sd Hammack

LDB 35:67

6 Jul 1850 – John N Poultney to Irby Hudson, David Pulley, John B Gauldin, Robt Martin, Henry A Vaughan trustees for
Methodist Episcopal Church South, $1, ca 2 ac; Lunenburg Co, on waters Big Nottoway Riv, adj Shelton’s Rd

LDB 35:68

1 Sep 1848 – Geo N Seay/wife Petronella L to Robt Rash, Thos Jefferson, John C Redd, Garner Webb, Wm Williams, Jesse Brown, Wm Irby trustees , $1, their right in 1½ ac on which to be built house of worship for use
Methodist Episcopal Church South; Lunenburg Co, west side church rd near Mr Lewis Rogers; if any trustee dies, to be replaced by vote of the congregation

LDB 35:166

23 Apr 1851 – Jos W Farmer & Mary B Fowlkes to Reuben H Dejarnett, Richd J Jeffress, Simeon H Wootton, d/gift for love/affection for the Baptist churches, 1 ac; land whereon
Concord Meeting House stands; Lunenburg Co, adj rd from Brydie’s old store to Nottoway Cthse; when not occupied or needed by Baptists, to be open/free to other orderly christian denominations or churches

LDB 35:270

15 Apr 1852 – Election districts:

District #1
, from Whittle’s Mill on Maherrin Riv, road to Cralle’s Mill & John L Cralle’s to fork of Two Notched rd near
Providence mtg house, along sd rd by Martha Dixon’s to Brunswick Co line, along line to/up Maherrin Riv – place of election, Lockleven;

LDB 35:288

9 Jul 1852 – Jesse D Abernathy to Robt W Bragg, $10.50, 1½ ac; Lunenburg Co, near sd Bragg’s overseer’s house, left side rd from his house to
Rehoboth mtg hse

LDB 35:352

4 Sep 1852 – Asa Moore to Norris Stewart, [consideration not noted], 60 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Winkfield [sic] M Moore, Thos Moore, Saml Peace, John Inge,
Perservierance [sic] mtg hse

LDB 35:663

31 Aug 1855 – Irby Hudson & wife Ann B to Robt Martin, John B Gauldin, Henry A Vaughan, Edmd Winn, Wm W Webb trustees & their successors
Methodist Episcopal Church South, $9.81, 1 ac/3 rods/37 poles; Lunenburg Co, Shelton’s rd [metes/bounds]

LDB 35:664

1 Sep 1855 – David Pulley to Robt Martin, John B Gauldin, Henry A Vaughan, Edmd C Winn, Wm W Webb trustees & their successors
Methodist Episcopal Church South (church to be built for congregation residents Lunenburg/Pr Edwd Cos worshiping in sd church), right of way & use of spring on sd Pulley’s land, only as long as sd church be used as place of public worship

LDB 31:364

27 Jul 1839 – Francis Gill & wife Nancy to Wilson Harriss, Jno A Harriss, Wm A Harriss, Peter Raney jr, Francis Gill, Phillip Gill, Langston Andrews, Green W Crowder, Chas H Ogburn trustees Methodist E P Church , $1, ½ ac; Lunenburg Co, adj Nomie Andrews, Francis Gill, Saffold's rd on W
[Note: See Land Tax Book 1847 - John A Harriss & others, taxed for 1 acre, Meherrin, SE12 from Courthouse, noted as "house of worship"]