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Ref Lunenburg DB 30:132
Dat 30 Sept 1834
Rec 8 Oct 1834
Frm Hartwell Marable & Sara B. Marable his wife
To Edward Lee; John Davidson; Richard L. Smithson; Joseph F. Elllis; Josephus Gregory;  Marshall M. Keith; Roderick R. Gregory; Ellison W. Elllis; trustees to build a house of worship for members of the Presbyterian Church
Con $1
Pt A)Beginning at a corner RO on Lee's Road & Hartwell Marable's land
Ln N37E; 15P;
Pt B)Corner black jack on sd Marable's land
Ln S48E; 17P; or 7P
Pt C)Pine on Lee's Rd,then alg sd rd
Ln S89W; 20P; to beginning

Above is formatted for DeedMapping and comes out to a triangular shaped plot.

The deed further sates:  if any of the above trustees shall “die or move or in anywise cease to act as trustees it shall be the duty of the remaining trustees to call a meeting and appoint successors the right whereof …”   Signed: H. Marable, Sarah B. Marable.

Note: Most of the above trustees, with the exception of Edward Lee (owner of Lee’ Mill on Lee’s Road, were subscribers to the formation of Mount Zion Baptist Church, a year later.  I assume there was a meeting held to replace the trustees, but there is no record of it. See Edward Lee trustee for "House of Worship" on Land Tax below:

List of Subscribers to Mount Zion Baptist Church:

Deed to the land for Mount Zion Baptist Church:

That the Presbyterian meeting house was indeed built is attested to by a letter Josephus Gregory of Lunenburg wrote to his brother Jackson in Georgia.  Below is excerpt:

Josephus Gregory to brother Jackson Addressed: Mr. Jackson Gregory, Gwinette County Georgia
Pinckneyville Post Office per mail.
April 2nd 1834 Lunenburg County, Va.

"...We have since you were here built a meeting house in the neighborhood near Richard Smithson. We have been going on to destruction as fast as time could move, for some time. But thanks be to God it appears has opened the eyes of some poor sinners in this neighborhood. God in his kind providence directed one of the most powerful instruments in to warn us of our approaching danger. This instrument was Mr. Daniel Baker. He came to this meeting house I before named and preached six days, during the six days there were seven persons who made a profession of religion. He would preach from 2 to 4 sermons a day. Since he left us the work has been increasing daily. He left us about the last of February. Since that time there has been 14 more who have made a profession of religion, making in all 24. And think but for one moment your connections, some of them are on the road to heaven and whither are you going. Dear Brother I hope I have found the peace of great price which the world cannot give nor take away, that peace which surpasses words to express. Sister Susan and Doctor Keith have both obtained a hope and others of our connections are serious upon the subject of religion..."


Some Land Tax for Edward Lee:

Beginning 1836 Edward Lee was taxed as trustee for House of Worship 1 acre, M. Meherrin, 9 mi SW of the courthouse; most years 12 mi SW courthouse.  The mill was shown as 9mi SW Courthouse, so the church must have been 3 mi further (south) away from the courthouse on Lee's Mill Rd.
- in the general area of: 36.908280,-78.410768
Again 1837
Again 1838
Again 1840
Again 1844
Again 1848
Again 1849 - the last tax list read
Note: bible records indicate Edward Lee died 1843.
Edward Lee’s Est was taxed 1844 – 1848 for "House of Worship."  The house of worship was listed under Edward Lee, est at least through 1849.

I have not found the name of this Presbyterian Church, or anything of it's demise.

Any information welcomed.

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