Salem Christian Church

36° 54' 50"N, 78° 28' 14"W

Salem Christian Church, located on road 630 near Fort Mitchell, was founded
on June 29, 1907. Charter members included William Thomas Spencer, A. W.
Ashworth, John A. Spencer, Mary E. Newcomb, Lee A Rutledge, William Asa
Newcomb, Sr., David T. Bigger, J. Ellis Lipscomb, Callie S. Spencer, Julia
E. Spencer, Annie V. Spencer, Edward J. Spencer, Dr. William H. Marable,
George E. Thompson, Addie E. Nichols, Carrie E. Ellis, Fannie R. Driscoll,
John N. Bohannon, Nannie Ashworth, W. Hurbert Spencer, Marshall P. Ashworth,
Mary Spencer Bigger, Delma Spencer Oliver, Nannie M. Spencer, Bayard M.
Spencer, and John Robertson. In recent years Salem has become an
independent Christian Church.- From the files of Anne Hamlett

Copyright 2000 JoLee Gregory Spears