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JoLee Gregory Spears

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Lewis Henry Knott Senior
African-American Family

The old home site in 2001

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Lewis Henry Knott, Sr. and wife Tempie, African-Americans, both born North Carolina, moved to 
Virginia between 1886 and 1892, according to births of their children listed on 1900 Census.

The Knott property:
In January 1902, L. H. Knott purchased in Lunenburg Co. 141 acres on Mitchell Creek from 
Edwin Griffin and Hannah his wife of Chase City, land on which Knott already dwelled. [DB 
49:28,29]  Griffin had purchased the 141-acre tract in 1887 from Flavius J. Gregory, inheritance in 
the land of his father, Josephus Gregory.  The land adjoined S. Saunders, W. T. Spencer, 
Watkins (the Couch estate) and J. W. Gregory's corner on a bank of Long Branch. [DB 42:597]

The 1900 and 1910 Censuses of Lunenburg, Rehobeth District, show the following family. Note: 
Lewis Henry Knott, Sr. born Oct 1860 NC
Tempie Knott, wife born Sep 1860 NC  
             The 1900 Cen. shows Tempie was mother of 9, 7 living.
             The 1910 Cen. shows Tempie was mother of 11, 8 living.
Phillis Knott, dau. born Oct 1884? NC
Lewis Henry Knott, Jr., son born Oct 1886 NC
Hattie? Knott, dau. born Feb 1892 VA
Rebecca Knott, dau. born Apr 1893 VA
Mamie Knott, dau. born Dec 1895 VA
Ida Knott, dau. born Dec? 1896 VA
Annie Knott, dau. born Dec 1898 VA
Carlie Knott, dau. born ca 1900 (after the 1900 census) VA
Tempie Knott, dau. born ca 1902 VA

Henry Knott, Jr. and his wife Gracie reared their family on the same Henry Sr. property, adjoining 
the old Gregory place.  They and their three sons are buried at Mount Mitchell Church Cemetery 
at Fort Mitchell:
Knott, Lewis Henry Jr.  1885 - 1965
Knott, Gracie Lou 1892 - 1978
Knott, Luther Thomas 1918 - 1988
Knott, James Woodrow 1920 - 1977
Knott, Earnest Lloyd 1924 - 1985 (182)
There were at least four daughters in the family.
I believe: Doris, Christine, Eleanor, and one older sister.

Compiled by Jo Lee Gregory Spears June 2001
Additional information welcomed.

Photo by JoLee Gregory Spears 5-30-2001