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Alexander Bruce, Jr. (son of Alexander Bruce Sr. whose will was recorded 
1759 in Nottoway Co. VA,) is said by Bruce researchers to have been born 
about 1758/1759 in Amelia Co., VA and married Mary "Polly" Lipscomb, 
daughter of Uriah Lipscomb, in Nottoway Co., VA.

Minutes of the Meherrin Baptist Church show Polly Bruce moved her 
membership from Nottoway Church in Sep. 1809, and that she was deceased 
July 1830.

Alexander Bruce, Jr. died before 11 Oct. 1810 court when Mary Bruce was 
appointed administrator of Jane C. Bruce, Samuel A. Bruce, Martha Bruce, 
and Harriott Bruce, orphans of Alexander Bruce deceased (indicating they 
were under age 14).  At the same court Branch, Eliza and Milley C. Bruce 
orphans of Alexander Bruce decd came into court and chose David Thompson 
as their guardian (indicating they had reached age 14) [Lunenburg Order 
Book 20:489].

Children of Alexander Bruce, Jr. and Mary, according to the will of Mary 
Bruce: [17 Jul 1830; rec. 8 Aug 1830; Lunenburg. WB 10:70]. 

  Daughter Dolly Bown [Brown] 1 shilling.
  Daughter Eliza Cabiness 1 shilling.
  Daughter Mildred C. Bruce 1 feather bed...,lend 2 negroes and after
    death negroes to go to Samuel A. Bruce.
  Daughter Jane C. Watson 1 shilling.
    [Note: Lun. marriages: Joseph A. Watson m. Jane C. Bruce dau. of
    Mary Bruce, 1 Apr 1817, surety. Mitchell Clay; married 3 Apr 1817 
    by James Shelburne. Moved to Pr. Edward Co. by Aug 1829, per Meherrin 
    Church Minutes p. 186.]
  Daughter Martha Bruce feather bed
    [Note: One Martha Bruce was baptized 1 Apr 1827; Meherrin Church 
    Minutes recap of members shows "now Thompson.]
  Daughter Harriet Fowlkes one large pine chest, pin cushion hoop &
    [Note: Lun Marriages: Liberty B. Fowlkes married Harriet Bruce 11 Jul
    1825, surety Sam'l A. Bruce; married 21 Jul 1825 by Silas Shelburne.]
  Son Samuel A. Bruce slaves stock, feather beds, every estate now
    belonging to me not given above.
    [Note: Samuel A. Bruce married Jamenia J. Bayn, 16 Feb 1831 by Silas
    Shelburne. Samuel Bruce had remarried to Cicily Neal before Jul. 1834 -
    Meherrin Church Minutes, p. 205] 

The Lunenburg land of Alexander Bruce, Jr. and Mary.

See land description of John Gregory and link to map showing John Cox
land patent.
Alexander Bruce of Prince Edward County in 1793 purchased 893 acres from John Cox, Jr., on waters of the South and Middle Meherrin Rivers adjoining William Barry, John Hendrick, David Thompson, Edward Heling, and Lewis Burwell. [Lun. DB 16:388] (It appears the Lewis Burwell tract shown as land bounder was the 840-acre tract purchased in 1813 by John Gregory who would figure later as a landline of the Bruce land.) The 893-acre tract purchased by Alexander Bruce was part of 2410 acres patented by John Cox in 1787. The patented land was described as lying on the southside of the Robinson Fork of Meherrin River and on the head branches of Crupper Run. Alexander Bruce "of county of Nottoway" is shown to have purchased 200 acres in Lunenburg 1797 from William Taylor Barry, land in Lunenburg on Crupper Run (a branch of Middle Meherrin) adjoining David Ellington and Thomas Dunn. Sarah Barry relinquished dower.[Lun. DB 17:358] Son Branch Bruce was deceased by 21 July 1813, when commissioners sold 150 acres, his equal eighth part of the Bruce estate to his sister Eliza Bruce of Lunenburg. This land was described as bounding John Gregory, Mary Bruce's dower, and Erskine's estate. [Lun. DB 24:260] Eliza Bruce subsequently married Asa Cabiness. On 13 Feb. 1822, Asa and Eliza Cabiness, by then of county of Nottoway, sold to John Gregory the 150 acres adjoining land of the said John Gregory, dower land of Mary Bruce and Samuel A. Bruce. [Lun. DB 25:260] It appears this tract contained the 1 1/2 acres in 1835 conveyed by John Gregory for the erection of Mount Zion Baptist Church. The Mount Zion deed: 24 July 1835, John Gregory and Elizabeth his wife of Lunenburg conveyed 1 1/2 acres adjoining said John Gregory and Saml A. Bruce, to Jos. F. Ellis, David Thompson, Roderick R. Gregory and Marshall M. Keith in 1835, trustees in trust to have and hold forever for the purpose of erecting thereon a house of worship for the use of the members of the Mount Zion Baptist church according to the articles of faith's constitution and rules which have been adopted by the members of said church. The deed mentions a spring "usually called the school house spring." [Lun. DB 30:322] Land tax records for 1851 Lunenburg County show Samuel A. Bruce taxed with 450 acres and 133 3/4 acres on Crupper Run, value for building tax was 200.00 on the 450-acre tract. Harritt Bruce estate was taxed 170 acres on Crupper Run, no building value shown. 1850 Census 541 - 541 BRUCE, Samuel A., 45, farmer, $1482, VA George A., 18, VA Elizabeth, 16, VA Elvira, 15, VA Susan, 12, VA [Susan A. on 1860 census] Feb 22, 1871 Lun Deed Index: George A. Bruce admr of Samuel A. Bruce dec'd to Edwin Griffin DB 38:196 Little was learned about the children of Samuel A. Bruce. His son George A. Bruce was attending Richmond College in 1854 [letter to Josephus Gregory]. George A. Bruce served in the Confederate Army with a Charlotte County unit, Staunton Hill Artillery, along with his neighbors Dr. F. J. Gregory and Henry "Cass" Gregory, sons of the above Josephus Gregory. Added 15 July 2001: The will of George A. Bruce of Prince Edward Co., VA was
recorded in Mecklenburg County in 1904, Mecklenburg Will Bk 28:72,73.

Added 18 Nov 2004: Blandford Cemetery Records, Petersburg, VA,show: #3896. In loving remembrance of My Husband George A. Bruce born in Lunenburg
Co., VA April 19, 1832, Died in Petersburg, VA. Oct. 31, 1904. #3895. In loving remembrance of My Mother Martha S. Bruce Born in Prince
Edward Co., VA, April 8, 1830, Died in Petersburg, Va. Dec. 27, 1909.
#3894. Janie C. Bruce Devoted wife of L. C. Crawford Born Mar. 14, 1873,
Died May 23, 1917.[Daughter of George A. Bruce?]
Added 9 Sept. 2003: See Vaughn note showing Josiah Vaughn married Miss Ellen
Bruce, a daughter of Samuel Bruce of the Mt. Zion section of Lunenburg .
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