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Mount Zion School

That Mount Zion School existed as a school in 1890 is evident in a letter to Miss Ida Rudd from Hallie Elder, saying she was glad to hear that she (Miss Rudd) got the Mount Zion School. Miss Rudd, of the Columbian Grove township, roomed and boarded with the Cass Gregory family near Mount Zion Church when she took the school. It was while there that she was courted by the bachelor E. J. Gregory, brother of Cass. Miss Ida and Mr. Jack were married in October 1892, and resided at Woodburn, near Mount Zion Church.

It is not known if the Mount Zion School was held in the church building, or if there was a separate structure on the lot.

The letter referred to from Hallie Elder was written at Shelton, SC, 20 Sep. 1890. It reads as if
Miss Elder was also from the Columbian Grove section of Lunenburg and had gone to Shelton
to teach. "Mr. Jeter" in the Shelton area was mentioned in the letter as if both were acquainted with him.                                       -Jo Lee Gregory Spears

View Ida Lee Rudd's 1892 Teaching Certificate

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