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Section 19 36/48/49 N, 78/05/20W
W Hite

On December 23, 1784, in Sussex County, Julius Hite married Agnes Land, 
a daughter of Robert Land. They settled in Lunenburg County, between
Flat Rock Creek and Stony Creek, along the Meherrin River, and the land
tax list for 1789 shows Julius Hite as a Lunenburg landowner.
Subsequently, his four known children continued in his tradition of
owning land in this part of the county: Nancy S. Hite and her husband
Millington Hines, William Land Hite and his wife Elizabeth Mitchell,
Benjamin W. Hite and his wife Sarah Moore, and Elizabeth W. Hite and
her husband Thomas Callis. For the residence marked on the Gilmer map as W hite, the 1850 census
lists the head of this household as Julius Hite, age 92 and blind. Also
in the household were his grandson William Land Hite, William's wife
Harriet Elizabeth, and their first child, Theodore Arlington Hite.
Elizabeth was a daughter of Thomas Gayle of Mecklenburg County. In 1832, Julius Hite wrote letters from his home Oak Grove Groveland
[mailed from Oak Grove] to the United States Department of War regarding
the status of his pension for military service in the Revolutionary War.
When he wrote his will on February 22, 1851, one of the bequests was to
his grandson William Land Hite: I give to my grandson William L. Hite . . . the tract of land whereon
I now reside beginning at Harper's road on a corner white oak, thence a new chopped line to a corner maypole on the Tarkiln Branch, thence up the branch to William E. Walker's corner white oak, thence south west to Meherrin river, thence up the river to Samuel Ozlin's line, thence along said Ozlin's line to Miss Marietta Blackwell's line, thence to Harper's road, thence along said road to beginning, supposed to contain six hundred acres . . . . Julius Hite died in 1851 and this tract passed to his grandson William Land Hite, as noted on the Gilmer map. Today, at Oak Grove, Groveland
only a single oak tree survives, and although the old house no longer stands, the Hite family graveyard is enclosed and well-maintained in memory of the many family members who are buried there. The site is on Tuscarora Lane, south of Route 611, Hinkle Road. [Abstracted from Kettlestick, Flat Rock, Tar Kiln, and Crooked Run: Using Virginia Land Records in Family History, by June Banks Evans, Bryn Ffyliaid Publications, 2001]



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