Notes re locating Robert Saunders Senr dec'd house not showing on Gilmer map. - JoLee Gregory Spears August 5, 2004


Conclusion is that at the time of the Gilmer map, Dr. Wm. E. Dodson had purchased the Hyde Saunders dec'd tract that adjoined the Robert Saunders Senr dec'd tract to the west of the Hyde tract.


Land tax records indicate no building on the Hyde tract until 1872. Thus, it might be supposed Dr. Dodson was leasing the Robert Saunders dec'd home/house.


There seems to be no other reason for the Saunders place not to appear on the Gilmer map.


Dr. Dodson on the Gilmer map might have been the Robert Saunders Senr dec’d dwelling.


In 1850, the land of Hyde Saunders in Lunenburg and Mecklenburg was surveyed to be 814 acres plus 160 poles, adjoining in Lunenburg: Robert Saunders on the west, John Gregory and Mitchell's Creek on the north, and Hepburn on the east [See Section 17]. In Mecklenburg, the land adjoined Tucker and Oliver on the southeast, Oliver on the south, and Robert Saunders again on the west.


Hyde Saunders, unmarried, was deceased by 1858, when his tract of 814 acres was sold to Wm. E. Dodson for $13,197, land bounded by Josephus Gregory, Wm. Couch, Ebernezer  Hepburn], John G. Oliver and the estate of Robert Saunders. (Rec. 11 Feb 1861, Lun. DB 27:24, files of James Lewter).


The Hyde Saunders tract was conveyed to the wife of Dr. Samuel Saunders.
By deed recorded 3 June 1871, George W. Swepson bought the Dodson tract, the amount paid by R. R. Swepson, substitute purchaser. Same date, R. R. Swepson gave the land to his sister, Martha A. Saunders, with consent of Doctor Samuel Saunders. Samuel Saunders, son of Robert, Sr., married Martha A. Swepson on Dec. 19, 1861. [Files of James Lewter] In 1872, Martha A. Saunders was taxed with the 814 acres, and for the first time, building(s) show a value, which was $200. No later records were obtained on this tract of land. It is believed the land came into the hand of an Ellis family.  Need land record. The deed likely would show who owned the Robert Saunders place at that time, which should appear on the west.