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JoLee Gregory Spears

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Section Fourteen
Section 9
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Section 19
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Index of Names in Section Fourteen

  • Corrections and additions to Index of Names needed
  • If you know of present-day exact locations of any of the homesites, please let JoLee Spears know.
— JoLee

Bagley, E.
Beaver Pond Cr. [sections 14,19]This appears to be mislabeled and should read "Crooked Creek."
 Beaver Pond is a fork of Flat Rock Cr. which last named empties into Meherrin River. (Topo) Bishop, A. Bishop, G. C. Bishop, J.? Blackwell Blackwell [part in sect. 15] Bohannan, J. Bowers, P. H. Bragg?, J. O.
Church Rd.[cont'd sect. 9] Cralle Cralle's Mill
Crooked Cr. See Beaver Pond Creek above.
Cox Rd [or Plank Rd.][sections 13,14,18] Davis, G. W. Flat Rock Rd. [sections 14,15] Flat Rock Cr. [sections 14,19] Gee, C. Hite, J. [36/51/25N, 78/05/20W (This is the former land grant of Edwd Pettway, then John Ussery, then Robert Blackwell Jr, then James Land Hite; Oaksville now gone) - June Banks Evans 15 Nov 01]] Jones, L. Jones?, Capt.
Jonesboro Rd. [cont'd sect. 9] Kettlestick Cr. Laffoon [3] Marshall, A. Marshall, Mrs. A. Marshall, Mrs. C? Moore Neblett Neblett, S., Dr. Overby Ragsdale St. John's Ch. Skinner Skinner, Mrs. Skinner, J. Smith Snead, G. W.? Snead, J. Sni______ ?, J. [on Cox Rd] Stoney Cr. Store Vac. Vine? Walker's Qrs. Wilkins, B. Wilkinson Other names not readable

Updated September 13, 2016