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Lunenburg County Information

Lunenburg County Courthouse
Records are fairly complete, and are stored in the Courthouse, as well as microfilm at the Library of Virginia and the Virginia State Archives.

Contact the Circuit Court Clerk's Office to learn which records can be copied. [updated 12 Nov 1999]

    Lunenburg County Circuit Court Clerk
    Lunenburg County Courthouse, VA 23952
    (434) 696-2230


About Lunenburg County, Virginia

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Resident Ancestry as reported on current Federal Census reports.

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Books on Lunenburg County

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  • The Lunenburg Legacy by Gay Neale is a history of the county sponsored by the Lunenburg Historical Society. It will be a hard-cover volume of 300+ pages, with a jacket cover painting by Eldridge Bagley and other illustrations by local artists as well as copious photographs. The book will cover the history of the county with a focus on the past 100 years. It is not a genealogical reference, although people and places will be cited. It is a celebration of a place that has sense of pride; an identity based on independence, strength and humor; and a unique situation in the state of Virginia. The book probably will be priced at $30.00. Those interested in purchasing can put their name on the mailing list of the Lunenburg Historical Society, c/o Mrs. Jackie Clement, P O Box 783, Victoria, VA 23974-0783, or e-mail Gay Neale, at
  • ANTE-BELLUM HOMES OF LUNENBURG by Arvin, Evelyn Ferguson Richmond: Whittet & Shepperson, 1970 Hard Cover. Reprint available from:
    BLACK SWAN BOOKS, INC., 511 N. Meadow Street , Richmond, VA, U.S.A., 23220.

  • Lunenburg County Road Orders, 1746-1764, by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett and Tyler Jefferson Boyd. 394 pages, indexed.

  • June Banks Evans - Bryn Ffyliaid Publications

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Lunenburg County Lookup Volunteers

Volunteers ask that you do not make general requests, such as all of a surname, but give first and last names. It would also be helpful to give the name of the book in the subject line. Thanks.

If you have any books about Lunenburg County and would be willing to do limited lookups for researchers, please contact JoLee Spears

"CUMBERLAND PARISH Lunenburg Co. Va 1746-1816 and Vestry Book 1746-1816" by Landon C. Bell.
Harold Wayne Cochran (address updated 5-15-01) ,
Nancy Wilson (address updated 5-18-09)
Hilton Estes (address updated 12-19-01)

Lunenburg County Va, Deed Books 1-16 (1746-1795)
An Every-name Index Copyright 1992 TLC Genealogy (This lists the book and page # in TLC's abstracted deed books [A-K], not the page # in the actual deed book) The TLC books refer to the recording dates for the following years: A-1746-52, B-1752-57, C-1757-61, D-1761-64, E-1763-64, F-1764-71, G-1771-77, H-1777-84, I-1784-87, J-1787-90, K-1790-95.
Nancy Wilson (address updated 5-18-09)

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Genealogy Home Pages
Relating to Lunenburg Ancestors
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If you have a homepage dedicated to your Lunenburg ancestors, I will add a link here.

  • Bagley, Reese, etal. -no current link 2016
  • Bowen
  • Deupree
  • Drake
  • Edmundson (all spellings)
  • Edwards
  • Gee
  • Hayes -no current link 2016
  • William Henry Powers 
  • Ragsdale, etc -no current link 2016
  • Self -no current link 2016
  • John Williams b. 1679 Wales -no current link 2016
  • Wilson

  • Towns and Communities in Lunenburg County

    Revised 25 Jun 1999

  • Arvins Store
  • Bacons Fork
  • Bagleys Mills
  • Bishops Corner
  • Blevins Corner
  • Dundas
  • Fort Mitchell
  • Gills Corner
  • Kells Corner
  • Kenbridge
  • Lochleven
  • Laurel Hill  
  • Loves Mill
  • Lunenburg
  • Meherrin
  • Moores Corner
  • Non Intervention
  • Nutbush
  • Oral Oaks
  • Plantersville
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Plymouth
  • Reekes Mill
  • Rehoboth
  • Rubermont
  • Simplicity
  • Sneads Corner
  • Stones Mill
  • Victoria
  • Wattsboro
  • Wilburn
  • Woodend
  • Yatesville
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    Rivers, Creeks & Other Streams in Lunenburg

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    Newspapers are valuable tools for researchers. The following newspapers were published in Lunenburg County and some are available on microfilm:

    Lunenburg Press OCLC #32002333. Published weekly from 1936 to 1937 in Kenbridge.
    Originals held by the Library of Virginia

    Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch OCLC #32356692. Published weekly since 1920.
    Originals and microfilm held by the Library of Virginia

    Victoria Dispatch OCLC #31881277. Published weekly since 1912.
    Originals held by the Library of Virginia and The Virginia Historical Society

    The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch

    Founded in 1920, it's published weekly on Thursdays.
    Bound copies (by year) of every issue since about 1910 are available for browsing at the Victoria office.

    Richmond Times-Dispatch

              Obituaries (no longer available - 2016)

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