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JoLee Gregory Spears

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Land and Maps of Waters of South Fork of Meherrin

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North, Middle and South Forks of the Meherrin River
USGS Gnis describes Meherrin River: "Heads at the junction of North Meherrin and South Meherrin Rivers, and flows generally ESE into NC to the Chowan River about 2.5 mi WNW of Winton."
The North Meherrin River, or "North Fork," heads in Charlotte County flowing SE through Lunenburg.
The Middle Meherrin River, or "Middle Fork," heads in Charlotte County, emptying into the South Fork of the Meherrin, west of North Meherrin
The South Meherrin River, or "South Fork," heads in Charlotte County, dividing Lunenburg from Mecklenburg west of the North Meherrin.


Josephus Gregory - USGS map section with comments about land mentioned in his will.
Excerpts from 1851 Land Tax Lunenburg - added 22 June 2000

Deeds Mapped
1755 Hugh Miller 82kb 3604 acres (PBk31:748)(in part) including the 1254 acres granted 1748-above. (840 acres of this tract would be owned by John Gregory in 1813.) As above, includes the 1768 Jesse Saunders tract.
1753 Daniel Williams - Mecklenburg 97kb Pat. 420 acres(PBk31:349), transf. to Henry Williams 1757 (Lun.DB5:52); also 1768/69 deed Susanna Fleming 708 acres to Jesse Saunders, (Lun DB11:269) includes land within the meanders.
1814 Survey - Benjamin Evans estate - Lunenburg, Mecklenburg & Charlotte 97kb Image from Lunenburg order book, both sides South Fork in Lunenburg, Charlotte and Mecklenburg
1858 Hyde Saunders - Lunenburg & Mecklenburg 94kb
Estate land survey mapped in relation to Jesse Saunders' 1768 deed.
1858 image from plat book
Joseph Gregory; John Gregory; & John Bigger, Jesse Saunders 188kb Southside of South Fork (also part of Jesse Saunders north of South Fork).
Thomas Erskine, John Gregory, Jesse Saunders, John Cox, William Evans (part) - Lunenburg 240kb

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